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Full Name Britt Tranter
Current Age 20
Date of Birth June 30, 1996
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Gender Male
Species New Human
Location Isola, Ziama Prime
Align Lawful Good
Current Status Alive
Class Hero
Main Weapon(s) None
Height 6'4"
First Appearance Diamond Days
Latest Appearance DESPAIR
Family and Relations
Liana (Friends)
Saskia (Friends)
Hattie (Friends)
Aiden (Friends)
Britt is an upcoming character who makes his début in Diamond Days. He is a university student who has always enjoyed his time in education. While not being the smartest person in the world, he is very serious and enjoys spending time with other people, no matter who they are. He is liked by everyone who he has ever met, because he simply doesn't have any negative qualities. He joined the "Diamond Days" course because he thought something related to Science and Law would sound good in future job interviews.



Britt is your typical party animal. He loves to be around other people and to have a good time, no matter who the person is. He is generally liked by most people he meets, as he supposedly has zero negative qualities, that he shows to others anyways. He isn't the smartest guy around, and counts on his friends to help him through the studying and examination parts in the Diamond Days course at university. 



Diamond Days

Britt appears in Diamond Days as a university student who has signed up to a mysterious course titled "Diamond Days".








To be added.




PROJECTS: Ziama Prime
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