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Full Name Brimm
Current Age 22
Date of Birth March 10
Gender Male
Species Beorn
Location none
Current Status Alive
Class Savage
The Prodigal Children
Main Weapon(s) Palm Naginata
Ability/ies Incredibly strong
Savage and ruthless
Vulnerable To Socially incompetent
First Appearance N/A
Latest Appearance N/A
Yeah, I killed your friend. What are you gonna do about it, WUSS?!
Brimm to Sia, on the subject of Boare

Brimm is a nomadic Beorn and one of Unten’s counterparts from another universe. He's widely considered to be among the most skilled (and the least noble) of any of the Prodigies.


Brimm, being a Beorn, looks quite similar to a bear, and has the usual eyes with star-like pupils and hands comparable to paws. However, while the majority of Beorn eyes are black with white pupils, his are stone-gray with black pupils. His fur is a somewhat bleached shade of gray, and is almost always wild and ungroomed. Like Boare, his hands and feet end in long black claws.

Brimm’s sense of fashion tends towards the macabre in an attempt to gain a psychological advantage in battle by unsettling his enemies, and he frequently draws inspiration from ancient barbarians. Most noteworthy is his cloak, which is a patchwork of various animal pelts, including a hood which looks disturbingly similar to a Beorn’s head, no matter how often Brimm states that it isn't. The whole of the cloak is dyed blue. He also wears a small collection of skulls on a chain around his neck.


Brimm has several screws loose. This is mostly thanks to his rough upbringing and an abundance of time spent without the company of others. He has developed a severe case of paranoia, and can easily convince himself that others are plotting his demise, when in actuality they're just unnerved by his unrefined social skills. He greatly values power, but is smart enough to know that power comes in many forms. Normally, this would make him “wise,” but his incredibly competitive nature has combined with this to create an insatiable desire to be the most powerful in every field imaginable, from weapons combat to war tactics. He's also impatient and short-fused.

Though by this point Brimm sounds like an unstoppable wall of rage and an outspoken brute, this only comes out when he's by himself or gets fed up with trying to be socially acceptable. In the presence of those that he actually wants to be allies with, he’s like a bull in a china shop when it comes to speaking. He rarely has a concrete idea of how to say what he wants to say without unnerving others, which results in him spending more time stammering and second-guessing himself than actually talking. Those that know him better usually describe him as a really big and well-educated toddler; he’ll abuse his strength when he knows that he can get away with it, but is helpless and awkward as soon as he realizes he can't get away with it. He follows a strictly carnivorous diet, loves all contests of physical and mental strength, and cannot understand why others listen to music.


Though he's skilled with a multitude of weapons, Brimm tends to stick with the Palm Cutter, which he took from Sia and modified to create a lance-like weapon which he calls the Palm Naginata. It's also frequently hinted that he's one of the few Prodigal Children to have been accepted by his timeline’s version of Imperium, and that he trusts it more than anyone he's ever met, but he rarely uses the blade for reasons that he rarely shares. Unlike other Prodigies, though, he does not have access to natural elemental abilities, and must consume a Blump to unlock this power. In his case, he gains dominion over lava and magma.

Though Brimm is talented in multiple fields - most notably tactics, martial arts, sewing, and opera - he has had almost no practice with social interaction. He is terrible at bartering and persuasion, and his choice in garb rarely helps. He also has no patience with himself, and if he can't get his point across through words (a more frequent occurrence than others may think), it's likely that he'll totally abandon words in general and switch to the one language he understands; namely, strength.


Prodigy series

Though Brimm never appears in any of the games in the Prodigy series, his nature as an alternate Unten means that he has experienced the same events that Unten experienced during his adventures, albeit with some very obvious differences, such as killing Boare and Sia to prove that he was clearly the hero of prophecy. Okay, honestly, pretty much all of the major differences involved Brimm killing off important characters, but he had the safety of Zeon in mind the entire time. Mostly.


Unten and Untina

Brimm sees the Prime Prodigies as wusses due to their overabundance of mercy, and openly calls them out on this whenever he gets the chance. Secretly, though, Brimm is actually pretty jealous of the two for their exceptional leadership skills and abundance of allies, and being around them is almost enough to make him regret killing everyone of importance on Zeon in his timeline. Almost.


Oddly, Mynis and Brimm actually get along really well. They see each other as kindred spirits of sorts - Beorns that aspire to be the best at what they do, and will never surrender until they achieve that goal. To achieve this, the two have agreed to train each other in their weakest fields, with Brimm working to improve Mynis’ fighting skills and Mynis tutoring Brimm on the finer points of society.



  • Brimm’s basic concept was inspired by the idea of a “Genocide Run” Unten.

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