Bridge the Gap is the fifth episode of series 2 of Super Mario. It aired on 15th June 2015.



Princess Peach gets mad at Police Guy letting Mini Bowser rob the Mushroom Bank, Tiarer ends up getting fed up of Bobbert stalking her all the time, and Lemon runs away from Rosalina after she grounds him. When Peach, Tiarer and Rosalina decide to have a "girl's night out", Police Guy gets Bobbert and Lemon to help him spy on them to see what they get up to.

Police Guy bumps into Peach by accident. Peach says that he has to stop messing up his game and he has to get back to his usual case. Police Guy then asks Bobbert if he could sneak up on Tiarer and see what she is doing. Tiarer is talking to Berinda in a lounge room. Rievoah is there too, washing Chain Chomp. Bobbert hides behind a couch, but makes a Bob-Omb noise by accident. Because of this, Tiarer demands Bobbert to stop following her, and throws him out of the room, locking the door. Rievoah said it was harsh, but Tiarer says that she is fed up of him stalking her all the time.

Rosalina bumps into Lemon, getting cross at him for running away. Lemon tries to presuade to her that he is just little and won't do it again, but she ignores him. Lemon then goes back to Police Guy and Bobbert, with a frowned face.

Toadette then notices Bowser coming, but finds it trivial and ignores him. He, however, barges open the door. Toadette sneaks behind a staircase and notices him open a door with Peach, Rosalina and Tiarer in it. Bowser grabs Peach and orders the Koopalings to take Tiarer and Rosalina. Mario and Luigi then notices Toadette running into the room to try and save the three. Suddenly, Polce Guy appears and shoots Bowser with a water hose. Bobbert then attacks the Koopalings. Bowser gets back up and tries to take the three, but stops when he spots Lemon. The Koopas then retreat.

Toadette then takes a step back, moonwalking away from the area. Peach forgives Police Guy for his incidents. Tiarer ends up bonding with Bobbert and Lemon gives Rosalina a flower, with her laughing. The next day, Police Guy notices Toadette and Toadokay robbing the bank Mini Bowser robbed earlier in the episode, with him chasing after the two.


  • This is the first time in the series that Princess Peach has been seen getting angry at Police Guy.
  • This is the first time in the series that Bowser has actually attempted to kidnap Peach.

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