Bride Render
Bride in DWIII
Full Name Bride
Current Age  ???
Gender Female
Species Zombie
Location Dark Woods
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Engagement Ring of Frost
Ability/ies Ice, enhanced speed, ultra-sound
First Appearance Dark Woods III: The Plague Returns

Bride is a character appearing in the Dark Woods series. She makes her first and only appearance in Dark Woods III: The Plague Returns only as a secret boss.

Dark Woods III: The Plague Returns

After clearing the fortress in the Dark Woods one can revisit the place and enter Lamia's workplace, which is behind the place where the boss of that level took place. Upon opening the pod in which Bride resides she comes out screaming. She freezes the wall next to her, breaks it, and enters through it. The battle begins when following her through the hole and arriving in the rose garden of the fortress. They decide to put her down because of her insanity.

After defeating her, the Engagement Ring of Frost slips off her finger and breaks in front of her. The frost is released from the ring and she turns into an iced statue which they then place on the fountain. After defeating her Rai obtains the Frozen Icicles as claw weapons.

Powers & Abilities

Bride uses the Engagement Ring of Frost in her battle against Hein and the others. The ring grants her the ability to manipulate and conjure ice at will. Her attack paterns include throwing icicles at the opponent, which can easily be avoided or deflected. She can create a blizzard that freezes anyone near her. When such a thing happens she simply slashes the player with her icicle nails. She also may slash with her icicle nails when getting too close to her. She can summon chunks of icicles above the player, which then hover and follow the player for a short time before eventually dropping. At a point during the battle she will freeze the entire garden and make the ground very slippery to move on. However this can be returned to normal by attacking the fountain to release the water.



  • In Dark Woods II there were two pods in Lamia's workplace of which one was empty. In the trailer that revealed Stein, the pod next to Stein's now also had condense on it, meaning there might be someone inside as well. Upon further investigation it was concluded that the label read: 'Bride'.

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