Art of Brickred by YoshiEgg

Brickred is a giant Whomp in the RedYoshi series. It appears as a boss in RedYoshi's Universal Conquest at the Planet Plains Galaxy, in the missions "Brickred's Pounding Rampage" and "Brickred's Speed Run."


To the Galaxies

Brickred made his first appearance as the third boss of the game RedYoshi's Universal Conquest. When it is battled, its only attack falling to the ground like a regular Whomp, instantly killing RedYoshi if he is under it. When Brickred falls, the attack will create a shock wave that inflicts damage on RedYoshi if he is hit by it. While Brickred is on the ground, RedYoshi must ground-pound on the center of its back. After the third hit, Brickred gains a new attack: throwing Brick Blocks at RedYoshi. RedYoshi will be damged if he is hit. After the fifth hit, Brickred uses another new attack: floating in the air directly above RedYoshi, then falling right where he was standing, just like a Thwomp. This new attack has good accuracy, and can be dodged by long-jumping out from under Brickred. After being ground-pounded six times, Brickred is finally defeated, giving RedYoshi a Power Star. If Brickred was more difficult to defeat, it would take less hits to finish him.

Brickred is battled twice in the game. At the second time, it is fought in the same galaxy, but with a time limit. In this battle, RedYoshi only has ground-pound its back four times. It will not use the attack it would use after being hit five times. But it will still start throwing Brick Blocks at RedYoshi after being ground-pounded two times.


  • RedYoshi and Brickred battle in an arena-like area, where many Whimps watch their fight.

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