The list of bosses from the Brick 'n' Block series.

Brick 'n' Block 1


The boss of World 1. He is drawn by Raymond to fight you, but all he can do is charge at you, so you just have to jump on his head 3 times.


The boss of World 2. She is drawn by Raymond to fight you, and is much stronger than Doodles. She can jump on you too, but if you're Brickerton or Bitsy, this won't do damage. This time you have to jump on her 5 times.


The boss of World 3. She is a sphere, but unlike Ronda, she's evil. She can shrink you and/or grow herself. However, eventually, she will get tired and accidently shrink herself and grow you. Then, you can just smash her.


The boss of World 4. He's a crescent, and also is evil. He uses himself as a boomerang annd throws himself at you, similarly to Spike, but he comes back to the place he was. The best way to defeat him is to grab him as Brickerton or Bitsy and throw him, hoping he hits a wall.


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