Hello! Thanks for coming to mah shop I just looove visitors! Would you like to buy this new potion? I made it myself!

Brianna is a female Human who lives in Smartsville appearing in the David series. She owns a store and sells potions, she also has a brother named Josh who helps her make all the potions and can combine potions in case of help. She is rumored to be in David's Galactic Adventure as she give outs the latest news to David about his adventure. Brianna's Potion Shop is located in her treehouse.


General Information

Personality and Traits

Brianna is a well kind-hearted female and treats many people nicely especially the ones who enter her shop. Brianna always gives a warm welcome to costumers and treats them with new potions she and her brother Josh made. She always takes the costumers the time they need so they can decide on which potion to buy. Brianna does get sad/mad whenever someone leaves her shop without buying anything.

Brianna can get lonley at times due to not many people entering her shop, but she is very useful whenever health is low or a potion is needed for a sidequest.

Physical Appearence

Brianna apperance is that she has orange hair, a baby blue shirt, and a sweater that's a mixture of blue, whte, and black. She normally doesn't wear make-up except for het lip gloss and she always has her phone on her pocket.


You are exiting my shop without buying?!?! NOOOOOOOOOO-I mean have fun with you journey!

Thanks for buying at my shop, hope you come again.

Welcome to my shop take all the time you need.

Oh, Mrs. Castillo's child is sick? Oh that's sad don't worry, I'll make a potion that can make the child healthy again!

Oh my gosh you also know about the secret of Dead Man Damien's Treasure?


  • Brianna's appearence in David's Galactic Adventure is the only game where she doesn't make the potions while her brothers does.
  • A Blueprint can be shown in Brianna's room in her home and it shows on how to make her shop to fly.
  • She is one of the only few people who know about the Legendary Tresaure of Dead Man Damien.

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