Bretwine is an original IP by Hammy Games Inc., starring a large cast of characters unwillingly taking part in an underground tournament.


Bretwine is a fighting / action game taking place in an expansive 3D environment. The primary goal is to defeat an opponent by attacking their Bretwine (the gem accompanying them at all times) to make them lose health, though the goal may vary in different modes. While attacking the Bretwine is the simplest method, you can attack them straight on, though this does little damage.

Upon starting, each team spawns in their own base above the battlefield. Here there are some items such as bombs that can be used in the battle below, an area to switch your current Bretwine and a preview of the map below. You can enter the battle almost immediately via a portal, or wait to be teleported automatically. It is near impossible to get back in, though some characters can do it thanks to tricky manoeuvres and well-timed use of attacks and items. The lock-on system lets projectiles hit precisely, but some characters have less accurate aiming. This also depends on the distance and size of the target. Characters have at least two playstyles to choose from at their base, each with their own special moves.

Game Modes


Story & Setting




Character Description Ability Status

Aster is the main protagonist of Bretwine, holding strong powers over plantlife. She was a young girl who ran away from her home. On her travels, she stumbled upon the Bretwine tournament. She likes to look on the bright side of things, but agrees that the concept seems messed up. She’s a relatively balanced character with good speed.

Her first style has her using her dagger. With this she can perform short-range attacks quickly. This also has the most defensive options.

Her second style has her using a baton to enhance her natural abilities. This is by far her most ranged style and has her controlling the plants around her in various unique ways.

Her final style involves a whip made of thorns, with a rose at the end. This weapon is good for stealthy approaches and can deal heavy damage if you hit your foe’s Bretwine precisely.

Her attacks will affect nearby plantlife (causing trees to lose leaves, etc.) Default
TBA Her attacks may freeze objects Default
Celeste Bretwine
TBA Her attacks can leave sparkles in the air Default
Sierra Bretwine
TBA Her attacks cover the ground in snow Default
Emma Bretwine
TBA TBA Default
Reyna Bretwine
TBA Her attacks leave a red aura in the air Unlockable
Imara Bretwine
TBA Her attacks leave a green aura in the air Unlockable







  • Bretwine originally consisted of solely abandoned characters from Hammy Games Inc.
  • Previous titles for this game included Rose Orbs, Crystal Hearts and Star Blossom

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