Drill Mario

The Breakable Ocean Floor is the third level of World 1 in Super Mario Pirate Adventure. It also has the first appearance of the Spin Drill item.


Power Stars

Digs for Ocager

Any character is good for this mission. It also includes the introduction of the Spin Drill, an item that lets you dig from one part of the ocean floor to another. In this galaxy, there are many Spin Goombas, which can spin from one side of the planet to the other. Follow their pattern, as they can help you get to Ocager.

Ocager is a big blue robot who has many Spin Goombas in his tank, and Power Star #7 You must spin to defeat him. Spin on the glass holding the power star, and when you are completed, you can complete.

Silver Stars Beneath the Ocean Floor

This level is simple. Right from the start, there will be a spin drill. Grab it, and head in the hole with an arrow in it. You are now beneath the ocean floor! Now, using your Spin Drill, collect the Silver Stars. Power Star #8 will then reveal itself!

Ocager's Daredevil Run

For this daredevil run, you start out immediately with Ocager. You can use any character. Just grab the spin drill and do the same thing you did before. Just watch out for the Spin Goombas, as you only have one wedge of health! After you defeat Ocager, you will reveal Power Star #9!

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