Bread Soldiers
Developer(s) Icy Cold Gaming Industries
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
March 9th, 2015
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) First-Person Shooter
Series Bread Soldiers
Predecessor None
Successor Bread Soldiers: Rise Of The Monster Loafs
"Bread Soldiers" is a first-person shooter game for Nintendo's newest console, the Wii U. While published by Nintendo, the game was actually developed by a company known as Icy Cold Gaming Industries, and released on March 9 worldwide in 2015. The game is rated PG-13, and while it uses guns and death, there is no REAL blood, swearing, bullets, or sexual themes.


The gameplay is played out like any first-person shooter, but with major difference. First, the bullets and guns are replaced with toothpicks and smaller bread loafs. You can play as 9 types of soldiers: Swift, Brute, Smarty, Supplier, Commander, Smasher, Swordfighter, Grenade, and Launcher. All of these have special functions that seperate them from one another. For instance, the Swift is the fastest one of the bunch, and the Commander can sometimes drive a plane made of veggies.


It is the year 2049 on the planet, Cafiterioum. A disease has spread all over the planet, turning food into horrible monsters. However, there are two versions of the disease. One turns food into intelligent, human-like beings with emotions and thoughts. The other kind turns the one it goes into horrible beasts. Luckily, the good version of the disease lands in an abandoned bread shop, and an army of bread, donuts, pastries, and sandwiches come to life. Out of the baking room comes an army of moldy bread monsters, and the good bread decide to go into an all-out war with the monsters, grabbing items such as toothpicks to attack the moldy bread beasts.

Once all of the moldy bread monsters are defeated, the Bread Soldiers look outside and see the other food monsters are attacking. Gathering their courage, the Bread Soldiers go out to do stop the army of food beasts.

Later, after defeating most of the monsters, it's revealed that spores are flying down from the Knowledge Facility, which is really just an old school that's been placed upon the peak of the mountain by the monsters. Once the soldiers make it into the building, they find what's been releasing all the spores: a bowl of mushroom soup being controlled by a human-like figure made of licorice. The final fight begins as you must attack the mushrooms falling into the soup, and then Licorice Man.

Once beaten, the spores stop flying as more intelligent beings come to life. The Bread Soldiers seem to have won the war, and we zoom out on them. However, as we do, we see a sign labeled "KEEP EARTH CLEAN," only to then fall off onto the ground.

Playable Characters

Image Power Description


Commander Roll

Can drive a plane made of veggies and can bomb monsters.

The leader of the Bread Soldiers. Commander can command the troops, or attack like the rest of them.

Tier Ranking: 2


Swift Loaf

Can move faster than any other soldier.

Swift, sly and fast! Swift's weapon of choice is a bread-roll gun which shoots tooth picks.

Tier Ranking: 1


Brute Donut

Is stronger than any other soldier.

The Brute puts smarts in the back and muscle in the front! Beware, food monsters!

Tier Ranking: 8


Smarty Baguette

Can repair broken weapons.

Smarty is pretty weak, but her technical know-how and olive brain make up for it.

Tier Ranking: 4


Supplier Bagel

If Smarty isn't there, gives you new weapon.

His strengh is pretty decent, but if Smarty is present, your broken weapons will be replaced, thanks to him!

Tier Ranking: 9


Smasher Hardtack

Can smash through cracked walls and doors.

Smasher is the second strongest character in the game! Even with that trait, he uses a less-powerful breadzooka.

Tier Ranking: 7


Swordfighter Muffin

Is the only soldier who can use a sword.

A soldier obsessed with knights, since her ancestors were served to knights. She uses a sword. Duh.

Tier Ranking: 5


Grenade Pizza

Can use up to 10 grenades, then needs to refill.

Grenade has one thing on his new mind: grenades, grenades, GRENADES!!! It's obvious what he uses.

Tier Ranking: 3


Laucnher Sandwich

Can launch missiles.

While pretty fast, he's slowed down by the missile launcher implanted in his back.

Tier Ranking: 6

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