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Brawling Rivals
Get ready to Brawl!
Developer(s) NinRMAXlogo
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
Early 2017
Genre(s) Fighting

Brawling Rivals, (Knockout Bros in EU) is a upcoming Nintendo 3DS figthing game. The game is a upgraded verioson of Ultra Fighters, but it is not a speual to it. Brawling Rivals is going to be developed by NinRMAX and published by Fantendo.


Let's go back when everything was just 8-bit sprites, You may remember when you got your tiny hands on the NES controller. Remember the icon of gaming? Remember the fellow Bounty Hunter? Or what about that pink puffball, hmmm? Well, Gaming today is the future, but it has just begun. So our story starts off with a 14 year old boy, looking around at a retro game store. He feels just like a 4 year old kid, when he got his hands on the Game-Boy and the NES. The 14 year old guy gets out his wallet and buys a NES Action Pack, just for memories. He soon gets home, runs up to his room, and plugs up the 1985 gaming console. The next thing he knew, he was playing Super Mario Bros. Then, the boy could hear some thunder. and then lightning. the NES crashes. but then, Mario jumps out of the screen, as well as Link, Donkey Kong, Zelda, Pikmin, and lots more gaming characters. He wonders what the little characters could be doing. so he went off just playing with his Nintendo figures.

Now let's see what the Nintendo guys are doing, shall we?

Mario chooses his team and gets ready for a epic Brawl, a big "BOOM" and a "POOWW" could be heard. Now this, my friend, is a Brawling day, of Brawling Rivals.



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