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Brawl of the Fandraxonians is a fighting game for The V², developed by Goddess Studios in cooperation with Nintendo. It is a remake of the original title for the Wii U and 3DS systems. Like the original title, it features the mascots and other major characters of their series, including but not limited to: Ironworks Pioneers, Crimson the Roserade, and Syi-Fi. The game was rated "T" by the ESRB and 12 by the PEGI for its mild violence and its use of minor swearing, and for its gore imagery.

The fighting style of the game was originally a combination of the Super Smash Bros. series' general elements with other fighting games' styles, but the redux simply makes it more like Street Fighter, utilizing its combo systems but still has its special moves work like how they did from the Smash series. While not very original, it's a nod to how simple the game is intended to be so that all players can enjoy the game while not having to adjust to a completely new gameplay style.

The redux of the game introduces a few new playable characters that weren't included in the original game, such as Syi and Valerie, and has new stages and bosses, alongside a retweaked engine to make it more like the sequel Constellation Warfare.


Unlike with the original Brawl of the Fandraxonians, the redux plays more like Street Fighter, the players competing in matches that consist of three rounds (or more) in which the player must defeat the opponent(s). Matches can be placed on timers; if the timer runs out, the player with more health is the victor. To win a match, a player or team must have won the highest number out of a set (like 2 out of 3, 3 out of 5). Like with Street Fighter, the players mostly attack via throwing combos, but like with Super Smash Bros., players mix up their style with direction-influenced special attacks.

The left thumbstick and direction buttons are used to move, whilst the right thumbstick is used to move between "strategical options". The player utilizes the purple and blue buttons to jump, the red button to form light attacks, and the green button to form heavy attacks. The shoulder buttons activate special attacks, the inner triggers allow the player to roll to avoid attacks, and the bottom triggers allow a player to use a HyperDrive attack once they fill the returning Superpower Bar. This particular energy bar is filled by the amount of damage that one receives and deals to opponents.

By flicking the right thumbstick in different directions, a character's stance will change. If the stick is flicked upward, a player will enter offensive stance and have higher power yet not allow combos, while flicking it downwards makes the player enter a defensive stance where they'll do less damage and have a better guard, allowing for better combos. Flicking it left or right returns the player to a normal stance. Stance Change is sometimes important as some characters hit too hard to use combos and some characters hit too little to really have finisher moves.

Instead of usual items, crates will sometimes descend from the skies, which must be broken with attacks in order to be able to use the items inside. Items often provide its user with an edge over the others, although some items have negative effects that can instead provide a disadvantage instead, which renders them laughable by their foes. Sometimes, a cage with wings will descend from the skies holding an Assisting Character inside. When the cage is broken open, the character inside will nod and assist the character that freed them before leaving the stage.

Each character has different skills and talents, as well as different movesets and statistics, and no two characters are the same. Many of the characters are built off of one's personal preferences, so that everyone who plays the game can find at least one character they can find their style. For example, Bowie is slow and powerful and is meant to cater to players who love playing on the offense, while Scotch's balanced statistics is meant to cater to players who like having no disadvantage yet no real advantage so that everything feels fresh and fair. Some of the characters from the original game have had style changes to be more balanced.


There are a total of thirty playable characters in Brawl of the Fandraxonians, an increase of six from the original roster including downloadable content. There are twelve default characters and eighteen unlockables, retaining the original roster while having six brand-new characters. Characters are divided by class: Offense, Defense, Speed, Technique, "Styled", and Mix.


  • Characters categorized by Offense hit harder than the other characters and aren't really about landing combos as much as others.  Characters in this class include Bowie and Ethan.
  • Characters categorized by Defense are about zoning out opponents and keeping their health in check, and especially punishing.  Characters in this class include Ashe and Crimson.
  • Characters categorized by Speed are about hitting quickly and going in for the kill, as well as rushing down their opponents.  Characters in this class include Bob and Ghasja.
  • Characters categorized by Technique are about setting up traps or about being clever, and don't necessarily rely on combos.  Characters in this class include Flare and Ono.
  • Characters categorized by Styled have their own, distinct fighting styles that are much different from others', like heavy usage of a certain attack.  Characters in this class include Fandro and Syi.
  • Characters categorized by Mix are a blend of every other class, even Styled to some sort of an extension.  Characters in this class include Scotch and Crymsia.


BotF REDUX Icon BowieBotF REDUX Icon AsheBotF REDUX Icon FlareBotF REDUX Icon Ethan
BotF REDUX Icon FandroBotF REDUX Icon BobBotF REDUX Icon OnoBotF REDUX Icon Crimson
BotF REDUX Icon ScotchBotF REDUX Icon GhasjaBotF REDUX Icon SyiBotF REDUX Icon Crymsia

BotF REDUX Icon EndalBotF REDUX Icon BowieBotF REDUX Icon AsheBotF REDUX Icon FlareBotF REDUX Icon EthanBotF REDUX Icon Echeno
BotF REDUX Icon King KrunchKakeBotF REDUX Icon FandroBotF REDUX Icon BobBotF REDUX Icon OnoBotF REDUX Icon CrimsonBotF REDUX Icon Frozerade
BotF REDUX Icon OsheliaBotF REDUX Icon ScotchBotF REDUX Icon GhasjaBotF REDUX Icon SyiBotF REDUX Icon CrymsiaBotF REDUX Icon Silver
BotF REDUX Icon KeilBotF REDUX Icon SyandeBotF REDUX Icon FrinkBotF REDUX Icon PierceBotF REDUX Icon ValerieBotF REDUX Icon Werine
BotF REDUX Icon ZonasBotF REDUX Icon Guinea Pig DuoBotF REDUX Icon FandraxonoBotF REDUX Icon StrikeBotF REDUX Icon XBotF REDUX Icon Zadico


Character Description
BotF REDUX Icon Bowie

Bowie is the sheriff of the Western Forest, and is a formidable leader, his silent and surly attitude making him dangerous to approach by opponents.  He is weirdly strong for a teddy bear, able to blow holes in opponents with rage-filled punches and send them way out into the skies.  He is classed under OFFENSE as a result, using ranged attacks with his ropes to lash at opponents and being able to toss heavy rocks to punish opponents on the battlefield.
See here for Bowie's moveset page.

BotF REDUX Icon Ashe
Classified as Bowie's "son", Ashe is the defender for the Western Forest when Bowie ain't home, and he's a remarkable swordsman.  He is a very benevolent man that always takes sidequests to try and help as many people as possible, but gets grouchy if he doesn't get any rewards.  DEFENSE is his class, considering that he can bloat up fat to take less damage from attacks and the fact that he is extremely good at getting into a counter stance.
See here for Ashe's moveset page.
BotF REDUX Icon Flare
Maybe less weird than a child of a teddy bear, Flare is Bowie's wife and often stays home and protects her children and also owns a shop whereas she sells goods.  She can be fairly hotheaded, but tends to keep herself under control most of the time and loves to be insulted as it gives her good reason to hit people.  TECHNIQUE is recognized as her style, as she can set up flames and hit foes from afar or use them to power herself up in offense.
See here for Flare's moveset page.
BotF REDUX Icon Ethan
There are rarely humans alive as aged as Ethan, an optimist with a great passion for burgers and fast food places.  Ethan is extremely strong and is one of the most powerful beings alive in the Zaxinian Lifts, and has God-like strength.  He tends to fall into sadness or guilt often, though.  Because of his ability to shatter opponents' defenses quickly and the fact that he can outright one-hit KO certain foes if special combos are used, it should be no surprise that he is classified under OFFENSE.
See here for Ethan's moveset page.
BotF REDUX Icon Fandro
Anger and misery are the two defining traits to Fandro, the maddest person alive.  A blob emerging from an extremely poor land, he suffers from various anger issues and doesn't like anyone, except his questionably existing friend Fred.  You may be thinking he'd be classified under offense, but he is actually under STYLED instead.  Fandro has his own fighting style, being able to split apart material from his body to make himself lighter or make himself grow heavier to resist attacks.
See here for Fandro's moveset page.
BotF REDUX Icon Bob
Bob is perhaps one of the most annoying things that has ever lived.  He doesn't even try to annoy people, Bob is very brainless and incapable of doing most things right.  Fandro, his brother, can never ever get along with him properly, and Bob seems set on "trying to make him happy".  Bob is a SPEED type, capable of dashing around the stages at absurd paces while being able to annihilate his opponents with genuine ease.  He can eat tacos to heal himself.
See here for Bob's moveset page.
BotF REDUX Icon Ono
A medic character with amazing abilities to heal and use magic attacks, Ono is a cute and caring blob that actually tends to think properly, unlike others.  She travels alongside Fandro, attempting to find a way to remedy his cruel and heartless personality, but often fails because of Bob.  She is a TECHNIQUE type, being able to cast magic spells on her opponents and heal herself greatly, and can move very fast despite her somewhat heavy weight.
See here for Ono's moveset page.
BotF REDUX Icon Crimson
It is difficult to say whether or not Crimson means well, as he is a very hostile swordsman that always gets up regardless of what's being placed on him.  Despite his aggressiveness, he loves and cares for nature and his species, and will protect them by any means.  While he does play for offensive measures, he is actually a DEFENSE character, but has severely harsh strategies for being a defense character and can outright frustrate opponents.
See here for Crimson's moveset page.
BotF REDUX Icon Scotch
He may not look the type, but Scotch is a war general who's very good at laying out offensive tactics.  A rather benevolent person who would rather play in the meadow with his friends, he was taken up by Admiral Twix to attack a bunch of aliens even if it meant cutting his life off.  Scotch is a MIX character, having a variety of styles such as good offense in his weapons, great defense in an army shield, and his bombs make for a good technique style.  He suffers in speed, however.
See here for Scotch's moveset page.
BotF REDUX Icon Ghasja
Ghasja is a ghost, well to be more specific, a "Heztic".  He is silent and only follows his own orders, and likes to spook people when they're not being cautious of their surroundings.  Ghasja is a clever person and loves to strategize how to take people by surprise.  He is a SPEED character, able to turn invisible and speed right through his opponents, and can attack faster than almost everyone else in the entire game.  The cookie hanging from his chest can curse a foe...
See here for Ghasja's moveset page.
BotF REDUX Icon Syi
Harvester of sorrow, Syi is a sadistic and frightened scarecrow who has abandoned her place of birth in seek of answers and a life much better than her old one, but seems to be stopped by all of the worst people there is.  She loves nature and enjoys being by its side, although even that can betray her.  Syi is a STYLED character, who uses both high-powered range attacks with vines and can dig them into the ground to absorb nutrients to heal herself or even boost her stats.
See here for Syi's moveset.
BotF REDUX Icon Crymsia
Both a princess and a warrior, Crymsia is a gentle lady that has a somewhat stubborn yet friendly personality.  Trying to defend what little remains of the Floral Kingdom, Crymsia doesn't trust most people and prefers to fight alone to prevent others from getting hurt.  Despite that, her relationship is with a dark mage.  She is a MIX character, fighting with quick and powerful strikes with her Rose Blade and has decent speed and defense.  She kind of fights like Marth.
See here for Crymsia's moveset.


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