The dark semi clone of Fandro who takes more emphasis in speed and defense compared to the real deal.
In-game description

BotF Image Zadico
Icon of Zadico in the game.
Name Zadico
Series Fandro RPG
Origin Fandro RPG: Stray By Me
Class Magic
Availability DLC

Zadico is a DLC character in Brawl of the Fandraxonians, being the rival of Fandro from the Fandro RPG franchise. He is a semi clone of his magical rival, having more boosts into defense and speed and having less basis on pure attacking.


Zadico's origins are unknown.


Much like Fandro, Zadico is a slow character but he has faster and has much more defense, although comes with a lack of magic power. His attacks preform quickly and hit with relative ease. His speed compliments well with this and it allows for fast hitting and unstoppable combos, although he's lighter than his rival and can be knocked out of the field easier.

Here are his special moves.

  • NEUTRAL: Zadico will fire a dark spell, damaging all opponents in the way. It's quick to fire and does 3% damage. Unlike Fandro's bazooka, it does not do less damage over time.
  • SIDE: Zadico will create a small dark vortex, holding an enemy in space. The enemy will take slight damage before being released.
  • UP: Zadico will go in a loop and fly upward. At max height, he will begin gliding. While gliding, he can dive towards the ground in the form of an attack, doing 3% damage.
  • DOWN: Zadico will shoot out small bombs, each dealing 1% damage.
  • AIR: Zadico immediately goes upward, then dives downward diagonally at a very quick rate. The dive will do 5%.
  • GROUND: Zadico tosses a dark orb of energy, dealing 8% damage.
  • TRAP: Zadico will trap the foe in a rope, causing them to trip. Zadico will then float over to the foe and swing his hands into them for 8% damage.
  • HYPERDRIVE: Zadico will create a black hole, then absorb enemies into it easily. It deals a total of 30% damage, and all opponents taken into the black hole will respawn in a random location on the stage.


  • Neutral: Zadico will screech loudly, then do silent taunts.
  • Up: Zadico flies a bit in place before unfolding his wings.
  • Down: Zadico places a wing forward, muttering "Unwise challenger."


  • Green Eye Skin: Zadico's eye becomes a green color.
  • Silver Eye Skin: Zadico's eye becomes a silver color.
  • Indigo Eye Skin: Zadico's eye becomes an indigo color to flashback to "Fandro RPG: Stray By Me", whereas Bob (known as Indigo) had an indigo color. To unlock this skin, beat Ghasja as Zadico.
  • Crimson Eye Skin: Zadico's eye becomes a crimson color to refer to his creator's name. To unlock the skin, beat Fandro as Zadico.
  • Gold Eye Skin: Zadico's eye becomes a solid gold color. To unlock it, use the silver skin at least three times.
  • Fancy Zadico: A fancy form of Zadico with a hat and crystal wings. Win ten matches as Zadico to unlock it.
  • Demon Zadico: This form of Zadico gains him a demonic tail, a dark red skin, and a fully black eye. It's achieved by using the Zadico amiibo.

Victory Poses

  • Zadico gives an angry glare, then screeches, forming an omega symbol with his eye.
  • Zadico will fly around ten times, then come back onto the victory platform, grinning faintly.
  • Zadico will spin around in place, then offer a rose.

Victory Theme:

Sonic Advance 3 (Remastered) - Final Boss Clear

Sonic Advance 3 (Remastered) - Final Boss Clear