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Bowie's lookalike who attacks quite similarly to him but has more of an emphasis in speed and grabs. Not to be underestimated.
In-game description

BotF Image X
Icon of X in the game.
Name X
Series BowieQuest
Origin BowieQuest α
Class Speed
Availability Unlockable

X is a speed based semi clone of Bowie as well as an unlockable character in Brawl of the Fandraxonians, his role in the BowieQuest franchise being a big time villain. Unlike the power based Bowie, X is based more on speed.

To unlock X, win twenty matches as Endal, King KrunchKake and the Echeno.


X originally was known as Metal Bowie, based upon the concept of the Sonic franchise's Metal Sonic. However, when BowieQuest was rebooted, X was no longer there as Metal Bowie and wasn't present in the now deleted Origins. When the series was rebooted a second time, however, X was back, but had a much deeper backstory and was less based on the idea of Metal Sonic.


Just like Bowie, X is a character that lacks in defense and has difficult stopping moves. He does not retrain the same special ability or the lack in speed, though. X's gameplay revolves around a jet in his back that charges his speed when he's on the ground, able to be used in bursts. If the jets empty of smoke, however, X goes very slow until he's back on the ground where he can quickly recharge.

Here are his special moves.

  • NEUTRAL: X will place his hands in the ground and produce a metal ball. It will deal 12% to those it hits but it can prove to be difficult to throw.
  • SIDE: X slides along the ground in a dark shield, harming those who touch him at 4%.
  • UP: X turns his speed fuel into a rocket boost, bringing him upwards at a high speed. However, he cannot move well at all. If he comes across anyone, he'll grab them and then meteor them downward.
  • DOWN: X will fire a laser along the ground, pressing the attack button will make the end of the laser explode, causing those to take 10%. The laser does not damage.
  • AIR: X will release three bombs away from him in random directions, causing 7% to those they hit.
  • GROUND: X will charge forward in an electric, self harming burst, causing 15% to those he hits with 1/3 of that damage to himself as well.
  • TRAP: X will take a foe close, then give them a large bite, causing 9%.
  • HYPERDRIVE: X will go into the background and turn into an oversized being, then attack with his large arms, causing 8% to those they hit. After seven seconds, he'll fire a large eye laser that causes 20% to those it hits, then detransforms and comes back onto the battlefield.


  • Neutral: X's eyes turn red and his arms turn around, as if to bring him to focus.
  • Up: X's core peeks out of his body before going back inside him.
  • Down: X gives out a loud screech to intimidate foes.


  • Ashe skin: A skin that turns X's skin blue to match Ashe.
  • Flare skin: A skin that turns X's skin pink to match Flare.
  • Windi skin: A skin that turns X's skin purple to match Windi. To be able to use this skin, win every BowieQuest stage with X at least once.
  • Sabeuxo skin: A skin that turns X's skin yellow to match Sabeuxo. To be able to use this skin, beat any boss with X.
  • Malvio skin: A skin that turns X's skin red to match Malvio. To use this skin, use all the preceding skins at least once.
  • Dark X: A skin that turns X into a dark edgy black color. Win twenty matches with X to unlock it.
  • X Beast: A skin that turns X's body bits sharp and gives him the impression of a real beast. Use the X amiibo to use.

Victory Poses

  • X floats upward in the air, crossing his arms.
  • X reveals his inner core, then exhausts smoke from his mouth.
  • X explodes jets of fire from his hands, kneeling on the ground.

Victory Theme:

Challenge Medals

Medal Objective Name Task Description
BotF CM - CU
Character Usage Medal
BotF CM - CF
Against Character Medal


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