A pirate with a passion to seek and destroy. His attacks revolve around water, darkness, and wind.
In-game description

Strike Stormalong
BotF Image Strike
Icon of Strike in the game.
Name Strike
Series Nature Warrior
Origin Nature Warrior
Class Power
Availability DLC

Strike is a DLC fighter in Brawl of the Fandraxonians and a speedy power type. He is one of two DLC fighters without trailers, the other being Zadico. He represents the Nature Warrior franchise alongside Crymsia.


Strike was created as a sandbox character on the Zolaran Archives. Later on, he moved out from the sandbox and was made as an actual character. His design was inspired by famous pirates, pirate movies, and definitely Hook from Peter Pan, although his personality was more or less inspired by Mr. Krabs from Spongebob Squarepants, with way less emphasis on treasure.


Strike can use water moves to attack and use the darkness and wind to his advantage. Strike's hooks build up vengeance power as Strike takes more and more damage, and when he has 10% of his health left, his hooks double up in power.

Here are his special moves.

  • NEUTRAL: Strike slashes forward, dealing 8% with both hooks. At the start of the move, if the button is held down longer, he will charge up speed, and when the button is released he'll go quite a distance forward.
  • SIDE: Strike will slash the ground, bounce, then slash forward with another tap of the button. Both slashes deal 6%, but the first slash can bury opponents.
  • UP: Strike gets on a small floating raft and goes upward.
  • DOWN: Strike forms a dark whirlpool around himself, bringing in foes. If the attack button is pressed again, the dark whirlpool will dissipate via explosion, damaging anyone in contact with the whirlpool except Strike himself. The explosion deals 10%.
  • AIR: Strike spins around with his hooks in the air. Anyone caught with one of the hooks is slammed into the ground for 4%.
  • GROUND: Strike uses the power of the wind to throw himself forward. Anyone caught in his way is slashed immediately for 5% before Strike bounces off.
  • TRAP: Strike traps a foe in his hooks, then takes a bite out of them, dealing 15%. This is the only move not affected by Strike's special ability.
  • HYPERDRIVE: Strike sends in a barrage of ships, each one tossing a cannonball that deals 6% to those it lands on. There are six ships total.


  • Neutral: Strike slashes his hooks around himself, muttering "Aye."
  • Up: Strike laughs in a pirate like fashion, feeling around his eyepatch.
  • Down: Strike says with intimidation, placing his hooks around his body "Yer goin' down mate."


  • Red Vest: Strike wears a change of clothes, gaining red robes.
  • Green Vest: Strike wears a change of clothes, gaining green robes.
  • Purple Vest: Strike wears a change of clothes, gaining purple robes. To unlock it, play as Strike six times.
  • Gold Vest: Strike wears a change of clothes, gaining golden robes. To unlock it, win as Strike four times.
  • Dark Vest: Strike wears a change of clothes, gaining black robes. To unlock it, win as Strike and Crymsia five times each.
  • Captain: Strike gains new attire to look more like a captain than a pirate. To unlock it, win as Strike against every character.
  • Beast: Strike changes shape to look like his beast form. To use it, use the Strike amiibo.

Victory Poses

  • Strike spins around several times, then shouts with a passion "Yer down, mate. Care ter try again?"
  • Strike drinks a small cup of coffee, spinning his hooks around, then says lowly "I think ye need a lot more practice, weaklin'."
  • Strike slashes forward multiple times, ending with a powerful strike towards the screen.

Victory Theme:


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