A young boy who attacks with his several personalities. While a great magic user, he is not amazing in power or speed.
In-game description

Pierce Hazel
BotF Image Pierce Hazel
Icon of Pierce Hazel in the game.
Name Pierce Hazel
Series Split Personality
Origin Split Personality
Class Magic
Availability Unlockable

Pierce Hazel is an unlockable character in Brawl of the Fandraxonians, being the main representative of Split Personality. He is a magic user who attacks with his various personalities.

To unlock this character, play each default stage at least once.


Originally, the creator of Pierce was shoveling snow but found the shovel as a Smash like weapon. He swung it around a bit and found it a great idea to form a game revolving around a character who has twenty nine clones of himself who attack with different weapons. However, it was turned into a dark fan fiction to attempt to outclass older fan fictions such as General's Journey.

Pierce's name originated from an older username the creator had.


Pierce Hazel is a magic based character who attacks with his various personalities. He can summon them outward and attack with massive strength and power. He can also use telekinesis to roam the battlefield, but if his telekinesis bar empties he can't use it. Once he lands back on the ground, it'll recharge.

Here are his special moves.

  • NEUTRAL: Pierce summons Magma, who attacks with a burst of rage, dealing 5% to anyone he comes across. It takes a while to use this quick move again.
  • SIDE: Pierce summons Cpt. Courageous, who gives Pierce a large burst of speed and boosts his jump for a short time.
  • UP: Pierce summons Sunny, who gives Pierce courage to jump in the air. At the peak of his high jump, he goes downward extremely quickly.
  • DOWN: Pierce summons River, who cries and surrounds herself in tears. Anyone who touches the tears slips and takes 4%.
  • AIR: Pierce summons Heart, who fires a love bomb at the ground, causing those who hit it become dizzy and confused for a short period of time.
  • GROUND: Pierce summons Angel, who grants him the ability to counter. Envio will appear if Pierce is attacked and reflect damage at 1.5x the amount.
  • TRAP: Pierce takes an opponent into his cape and sends the opponent out flying at high speeds, causing 3% damage.
  • HYPERDRIVE: Pierce wraps an opponent in his cape, then gets all his personalities to fire lasers at the opponents, greatly wounding them. Then Pierce goes upward and fires his blade at the least damaged foe, causing immense damage.


  • Neutral: Pierce flips a coin, yelling "It's all up to luck!..."
  • Up: Pierce floats upward in the air, then teleports down, smirking.
  • Down: Pierce fazes out into the distance, then reappears.


  • Mechanical Skin: Gives Pierce a metallic coating similar to FDX's design.
  • Red Cape: Gives Pierce a red cape.
  • Blue Cape: Gives Pierce a blue cape. Play 5 matches with Pierce to unlock this costume.
  • Yellow Cape: Gives Pierce a yellow cape. To unlock, play 10 matches with Pierce.
  • Green Cape: Gives Pierce a green cape. To unlock, win 5 matches with Pierce.
  • Black Cape: Gives Pierce a black cape and gives him a Fandraxono-esque appearance. To unlock, win 15 matches with Pierce.
  • Vampire: Gives Pierce vampire features. Use the Pierce amiibo to get this costume.

Victory Poses

  • Pierce creates darkness in his hands, then spreads it all around, sighing.
  • Pierce launches himself upward, then bursts forward in the air, giving a stern expression.
  • Pierce and FDX high five, then give intimidating looks at the screen.

Victory Theme:

Challenge Medals

Medal Objective Name Task Description
BotF CM - CU
Character Usage Medal
BotF CM - CF
Against Character Medal


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