A true stinker in battle, but can prove to be a very powerful magic user. He uses non hygienic things to attack his opponents.
In-game description

King KrunchKake Kake Krunch
BotF Image KrunchKake
Icon of KrunchKake in the game.
Name King KrunchKake
Series Fandro RPG
Origin Fandro RPG: The War Against KrunchKake
Class Magic
Availability Unlockable

King KrunchKake Kake Krunch is an unlockable character in Brawl of the Fandraxonians, being the main antagonist of the Fandro RPG franchise. Much like Fandro, he is of the magic class but is slightly more powerful than him at it and has worse speed.


When the creator of Fandraxonian Enterprises took over Indigo's "Fandro Funny" comic strip, he introduced new characters. One of them was King KrunchKake, who was intended to be nothing more than a dumb villain but had a role that expanded to being serious but also not actually serious at the same time.

It was the strategy of using toothpaste to defeat King KrunchKake that led to his notable trait of having bad hygiene.


King KrunchKake is an even better magic user than Fandro, but has a more poor defense and is even slower. His attacks are slower but he is capable of teleporting around the field and using status aliments to attack. King KrunchKake's attacks drain small bits of health from foes.

Here are his special moves.

  • NEUTRAL: KrunchKake will fire a burst of bad breath, paralyzing anyone in front of him and lowering their defenses. The more this is used in a row, the less likely it'll paralyze.
  • SIDE: KrunchKake fires a blast of magic, freezing anyone in front of him for 6%, lowering their offense.
  • UP: KrunchKake will teleport upward, leaving a gas cloud where he was, the cloud exploding after he teleports, causing 12% to those that are close to it.
  • DOWN: KrunchKake will toss a toilet, lowering the speed of those who are hit by it. The toilet does 5%.
  • AIR: KrunchKake fires a wave of fire, lowering the magic of those who touch it. It also deals 5% damage.
  • GROUND: KrunchKake spins around in his cape, taking those nearby into it and throwing them outward.
  • TRAP: KrunchKake takes a foe in his mouth, then spits them out for 12%.
  • HYPERDRIVE: KrunchKake will release an enormous burst of bad breath, dealing no damage but makes it extremely difficult for anyone to see but KrunchKake himself. He can then attack however way he wants for twelve seconds.


  • Neutral: KrunchKake shows off his bad breath, laughing.
  • Up: KrunchKake ascends a bit upwards, mocking the player.
  • Down: KrunchKake breaks a toilet in half.


  • Red Skin: A skin that turns KrunchKake's cape red.
  • Blue Skin: A skin that turns KrunchKake's cape blue.
  • Black Skin: A skin that turns KrunchKake's skin black, unlocked by playing as KrunchKake five times.
  • Vampire Skin: A skin that turns KrunchKake into a vampire like beast, use KrunchKake's black skin at least three times to unlock.
  • Monster Skin: A skin that makes KrunchKake look terrifying, to unlock defeat Oshian as KrunchKake.
  • Arcana: A skin that turns KrunchKake into Arcana. To unlock, play as KrunchKake 30 times.
  • Overlord: A skin that makes KrunchKake look like an empire ruler. To unlock, use the KrunchKake amiibo.

Victory Poses

  • King KrunchKake remarks, "I'm the cleanest fighter!"
  • King KrunchKake throws his wand into the air, followed by an aircraft taking it away by accident, causing him to go into a rage.
  • King KrunchKake laughs evilly, before being chased by a giant penguin for whatever reason.

Victory Theme:

Challenge Medals

Medal Objective Name Task Description
BotF CM - CU
Character Usage Medal
BotF CM - CF
Against Character Medal


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