A challenging power character with tough hitting attacks. While she can rack up enormous combos and smash down her foes quickly, her defense is very easy to shatter and some characters can beat her to a bloody pulp in no time.
In-game description

BotF Image Keil
Icon of Keil in the game.
Name Keil
Series General's Journey
Origin General's March
Class Power
Availability DLC

Keil is a DLC character in Brawl of the Fandraxonians, being a representative of General's Journey. To fit with the power based Scotch, Keil is also a power character and actually boasts more power than him.


Keil was developed by means of the creator of General's Journey asking one of his friends to join him in General's Journey related adventures. She accepted and developed Keil as a humorous comedy character that makes for some awkward turns in the franchise.


Keil is a very powerful character with not only great fists, but also a wide assortment of weapons, similar to Scotch. Her attacks are more powerful and fly faster than Scotch's, but it is easy to break her attack movement and she is tall enough to receive beatings easily. Keil's special ability is using Snickers in combat. When Keil is in the field, a mechanical copy of Snickers takes place as Snickers' assist position.

Here are her special moves.

  • NEUTRAL: Keil will fire a large bomb, causing 10%. Keil must wait a bit before throwing another bomb, otherwise she won't be able to heave the next bomb and she might damage herself instead.
  • SIDE: Keil picks up a wooden toy of Snickers out of nowhere and uses it as a battering ram, dealing 5% to every person she hits with it.
  • UP: Keil bounces upward quickly using a jetpack.
  • DOWN: Keil fires a small gadget on the ground, creating a burst of fire heaving opponents upward for 12%. The obstacle will remain there and cause 2% to everyone it hits. This can prove to be a trap for even Keil if used improperly.
  • AIR: Keil spins Snickers around herself as a shield.
  • GROUND: Keil stomps on the ground, forming a quake, dropping foes into the crack. Keil can use this opportunity to beat up her buried opponents.
  • TRAP: Keil wraps an opponent close to her, then kisses their cheek, paralyzing them, then smacks them away with a baseball bat for a total of 15%.
  • HYPERDRIVE: Keil will get an enormous cannon out, then fire one large bomb, dealing 18%, a larger bomb, dealing 24%, and then Snickers to shatter through enemies at 10%.


  • Neutral: Keil stands up at least a foot taller, intimidating her foes whom are all shorter than her.
  • Up: Keil spins around, then awkwardly bows.
  • Down: Keil blows a raspberry, impatiently tapping her feet in the process.


  • Scotch: Keil wears Scotch's clothing to mock him.
  • Fighter: Keil sports fighting equipment for combat.
  • Cargo: Keil wears heavy duty attire. To unlock this costume, play five matches as Keil.
  • Camouflage: Keil wears a suit titled after camouflage. It can actually camouflage into the background sometimes. To unlock this costume, play twelve matches as Keil.
  • Bomber Man: A costume inspired by that of the famous Bomber Man character. To unlock, win six matches as Keil.
  • Shadow: A costume inspired by that of Shadow the Hedgehog. To unlock, win a match against Scotch and Oshian as a team.
  • Army: Keil covers herself in bombs, grenades and more. To obtain this costume, use the Keil amiibo.

Victory Poses

  • Keil preforms a series of martial arts moves, then ends it by blowing a raspberry.
  • Keil claps her hands and holds a sign above her, saying "10", then says lowly "ten", following up by laughing at her supposedly weak opponents.
  • Keil spins around with Snickers, then tosses him away awkwardly, tripping Mega as well.
  • Keil flexes in the most mocking way possible.

Victory Theme:


  • Mega was going to be downloadable content instead, but due to the fact that he was already an assisting character, he was replaced by Keil.
  • Keil was actually developed by Amy rather than Crimson.  Same case follows for Oshian whom was developed by Neon and Ono whom was developed by Mirai.
    • Keil's art and costumes were also made by Amy.
  • Keil is the only character with four victory poses.

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