A silent, slow ghost who has many stat changing abilities. He can possess foes and take on any character safely.
In-game description

BotF Image Ghasja
Icon of Ghasja in the game.
Name Ghasja
Series Ghasja's Quest
Origin Ghasja's Quest
Class Magic
Availability Default

Ghasja is a default character in Brawl of the Fandraxonians, being one of two out of place characters, the other being Frink. He is an extremely intelligent fighter, able to use many strange method changing moves.


Ghasja's origins are for the most part unknown, but he might have been part of a project inspired by games such as Super Monkey Ball and Slenderman. Ghasja's design was just said to be a random creation.


Ghasja's gameplay is based upon strategy changing. He's very quick and nimble and has great magical power. He is very poor with defense but can guard when invisible.

Here are his special moves.

  • NEUTRAL: Ghasja goes between Power, Defense, and Speed. If at Power, he glows a red aura and has 1.5x the power to his attacks. If at Defense, he glows a blue aura and has 1.5x defense. If at Speed, he glows a green aura and has 1.5x speed. Each stat lowers one to 0.5x - Power lowers Defense, Defense lowers Speed, and Speed lowers Power.
  • SIDE: Ghasja glows a large black aura, weakening attacks to 0.75x for a short period of time. This includes his own.
  • UP: Ghasja teleports upward, then to the left or right depending on the player's decision. If Ghasja bursts into anyone he does 8%.
  • DOWN: Ghasja turns invisible, then possesses any foe that comes into contact with him.  The mimic will last three seconds, and Ghasja cannot move while not in mimic process.  
  • AIR: Ghasja clones himself, lowering his attack power to 0.5x. The clone will mimic your movements as if it were a mirror. If the clone receives enough damage it disappears.
  • GROUND: Ghasja lowers a foe's stat and increases another by random. Use it to try and gain an advantage.
  • TRAP: Ghasja turns invisible, then chomps on a foe for 13%.
  • HYPERDRIVE: Ghasja will summon a bunch of zombies from the underworld, then make them attack foes. He laughs as they chomp down on his foes' flesh and bones. Each zombie attack deals 8%.


  • Neutral: Ghasja turns invisible, then turns visible, grunting.
  • Up: Ghasja teleports upwards, then comes back down to the ground, laughing.
  • Down: Ghasja screams, body floating a bit upwards in the air.


  • Red Cloak: Ghasja's cloak becomes a red color.
  • Blue Cloak: Ghasja's cloak becomes a blue color.
  • Bronze Cloak: Ghasja's cloak becomes a bronze color. To unlock it play as Ghasja five times.
  • Silver Cloak: Ghasja's cloak becomes a silver color. To unlock it win as Ghasja five times.
  • Gold Cloak: Ghasja's cloak becomes a gold color. To unlock it play as Ghasja ten times and win ten times with said character.
  • Revensko Skin: Ghasja's cloak resembles the colors of his former enemy Revensko. To unlock it, win as Ghasja twenty times.
  • Demon's Cloak: A cloak that makes Ghasja look actually frightening. To use it, use the Ghasja amiibo.

Victory Poses

  • Ghasja shows himself bleeding a bit, then repairing his wounds by magic.
  • Ghasja "beheads" himself, disappearing from the screen. You can clearly hear his laughter.
  • Ghasja turns his head 180 degrees, before giving a giggle.

Victory Theme:

Challenge Medals

Medal Objective Name Task Description
BotF CM - CU
Character Usage Medal
BotF CM - CF
Against Character Medal


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