A defense and speed based character with many wide array moves. A distant fighter type.
In-game description

General Scotch
BotF Image Scotch
Icon of Scotch in the game.
Name General Scotch
Series General's Journey
Origin General's March
Class Power
Availability Unlockable

General Scotch is an unlockable character in Brawl of the Fandraxonians, being the main representative of General's Journey. He is a power character with a wide assault of weapons.

To unlock this character, win a match with every default character.


General Scotch originated as a character for Hamclub13's deleted Fantendo End game, but was quickly reformed into his own character and received a game (The Adventures of General Scotch) which later became a fan fiction instead (General's Journey). There isn't much backstory to the character but behind the scenes Neon the Spelunker, Kirbymariomega and Atomic1upchickia helped with Scotch's personality to some degree.


General Scotch is a very powerful character that has high range moves. While having some speed and defense, he has no magic and has almost no special defense.

Here are his special moves.

  • NEUTRAL: Scotch fires a gun, dealing a quarter of a percent with every bullet. It makes quick work of his enemies, but must reload after 30 bullets.
  • SIDE: Scotch ejects a needle from his gun, poisoning foes. While not something he would normally do, this move is a callback to a scrapped DLC character, Leah Needlenam. The move deals 6%.
  • UP: Scotch fires a grappling hook, taking himself upward. The move has a very long reach.
  • DOWN: Scotch disappears into the ground, then comes back up with a rising uppercut. The move deals 9%.
  • AIR: Scotch swings his dark blade around, paralyzing anyone who touches him. After the blade swing however, he is defenseless until he hits the ground. The blade deals 5%.
  • GROUND: Scotch fires an array of bombs, each one dealing 3%. Scotch must recharge.
  • TRAP: Scotch will use his grappling hook to take an enemy, kick them, then blast them away.
  • HYPERDRIVE: Scotch goes into the background and fires a storm of grenades, each one creating a fire pillar that deals 2% to those who touch it. There are 36 grenades in all.


  • Neutral: Scotch holds out a bomb, yelling with triumph "It's over now!"
  • Up: Scotch front flips, taunting.
  • Down: Scotch disappears into the ground and then rises upward.


  • Plush Scotch: A skin that gives Scotch a...plush feeling.
  • Army Suit: Gives Scotch a more realistic general suit.
  • Admiral Scotch: A skin that shows what would happen if Scotch was more in control of his army. To unlock, play as Scotch fifteen times.
  • Muscle Scotch: A skin that shows Scotch shirtless. To unlock, win as Scotch ten times.
  • Adult Scotch: A skin that displays Scotch as an adult. To unlock, play every General's Journey stage five times.
  • Christmas Suit: A skin that gives Scotch a Christmas outfit. To unlock, play the game on Christmas.
  • Paper Form: A skin that gives Scotch a paper look. Use the Scotch amiibo to use.

Victory Poses

  • General Scotch throws a bomb in the air, catches it, and gives a slight grin at the player.
  • General Scotch jumps up into the air, descending from it by kicking into the ground, remarking "That was quite the match."
  • General Scotch runs on the ground, slips, then slides, getting back up and wiggling the index finger on his right hand around.

Victory Theme:

Challenge Medals

Medal Objective Name Task Description
BotF CM - CU
Character Usage Medal
BotF CM - CF
Against Character Medal


  • The finger wiggling in Scotch's victory pose is strikingly similar to that of Sonic the Hedgehog's iconic finger twitch in the famous Sonic the Hedgehog Sega Genesis title of 1991.

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