The lovely girlfriend of Crimson who has solid defenses and an overall poison based moveset, complete with icy style.
In-game description

BotF Image Frozerade
Icon of Frozerade in the game.
Name Frozerade
Series Crimson el Roserade
Origin Lucha del Roserade
Class Defense
Availability Unlockable

Frozerade is an unlockable character in Brawl of the Fandraxonians, being a representative of the Crimson el Roserade franchise. Like her boyfriend Crimson, she is a defensive player.


Frozerade actually debuted before Crimson the Roserade himself. She was designed as a custom "waifu" for the creator of the series before he felt uncomfortable with the idea and instead turned her into a playable character for a new franchise. However, at the time the creator was enjoying a swordsman Roserade picture on deviantArt and turned it into an actual character, crediting the original artist first of course.


Frozerade is a wonderful defense and magic user, able to use ice as a defense and poison and etc to gain her an advantage on the field. However her physical offense is rather awful. Frozerade's special ability is to turn any piece of land she steps on into ice for two seconds, allowing opponents to slip easily.

Here are her special moves.

  • NEUTRAL: Frozerade fires a blast of ice, dealing 10%, eventually whittling down by half per use until it's just 1%. It takes a while to recharge.
  • SIDE: Frozerade places up a thin sheet of ice, absorbing any attack with it, but the shield breaks easily. However if the attack goes through the ice and touches Frozerade, it'll rebound off at twice the amount of damage, although Frozerade herself will still take damage regardless.
  • UP: Frozerade lays a sludge bomb underneath herself, using the explosion to propel herself to new heights. The bomb when touched deals 6%.
  • DOWN: Frozerade uses ice ball, which deals only 2% but knocks an opponent far away.
  • AIR: Frozerade uses rest, restoring 30%, but she is open to attacks for ten seconds. If she is attacked in this state, she'll return to normal gameplay. Any attack that hits her in the sleeping phase is twice as powerful as normal.
  • GROUND: Frozerade creates a thick layer of ice and swings it around. The layer of ice deals 9% and breaks apart upon coming in contact with something.
  • TRAP: Frozerade uses sweet kiss on a foe, causing them to go into a dizzy phase. No damage is done but the opponent is left paralyzed momentarily.
  • HYPERDRIVE: Frozerade summons a blizzard, pushing foes to the left and right with wind. The hailstorm deals 30% overall and there's no way to avoid the damage.


  • Neutral: Frozerade places her hands forward, then stretches them upward, dropping icicles.
  • Up: Frozerade whistles, giggling.
  • Down: Frozerade somersaults forward, then backwards, taunting.


  • Angel forme: A skin that gives Frozerade angelic wings while turning her skin a white color.
  • Demon forme: A skin that gives Frozerade devil horns and a devil tail while turning her skin a black color.
  • Frozen Queen forme: A skin that displays Frozerade as a queen. To unlock this skin, play as Frozerade ten times.
  • Crystalline forme: A skin that crystallizes Frozerade's body, resembling her mega form. To unlock, play as Frozerade in Eterna Forest at least twice.
  • Crimson suit: A skin that places Frozerade in a dark red version of Crimson's armor. To unlock it, team up Crimson and Frozerade and beat the Lord Garchomp boss.
  • Floral forme: A skin that turns Frozerade's skin green and removes her icy touch but has no effect on gameplay. Unlock it by playing as Crimson and Frozerade five times each.
  • Mega forme: A skin that makes Frozerade go into her mega form for the entire battle. Use the Frozerade amiibo to use it.

Victory Poses

  • Frozerade does a small dance through the air, before giving a hearty laugh and hugging Crimson, who blushes.
  • Frozerade dances around in place before creating a blizzard, which covers up the field she's on.
  • Frozerade turns the field into ice, then skates across it, whistling in the process.

Victory Theme:

Victory! (Dark Pit) - Super Smash Bros

Victory! (Dark Pit) - Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Music

Challenge Medals

Medal Objective Name Task Description
BotF CM - CU
Character Usage Medal
BotF CM - CF
Against Character Medal