A speedy fire user that can burst through enemies with great force. She can banish foes from attacking properly, too.
In-game description

Flare the Teddy Bear
BotF Image Samantha
Icon of Samantha in the game.
Name Flare
Series BowieQuest
Origin BowieQuest α
Class Speed
Availability Default

Flare the Teddy Bear, known simply as Flare, is a default character in Brawl of the Fandraxonians, being a representative BowieQuest franchise. She is of the Speed category in this game.


Flare's origins are a bit different from Bowie and Ashe's. She debuted in 2011 via a grandmother who paid Crimson's family a visit, and she came along with Endal, known as Bananas at the time. Crimson received a pink bear, which was Samantha (named Flare now).

Flare's type was immediately fire due to her body color; pink/red, like fire. She was also associated with speed due to that element as well.

Later on, Flare was introduced in BowieQuest alongside Bowie and Ashe and didn't receive any reception due to focus being placed upon Bowie, Ashe and Bananas who were negatively looked at. Just like the other bears she became an actual character and was written out a bit better.


Flare is a very quick character that lacks in power and defense but has most of her moves deal "paralysis" and "player freezing". Her attacks execute quickly and she functions well as a character as a result. The more fire that's used at a time though, the weaker it gets. The player must allow it to go back to full power.

Flare's gameplay is based upon fire and arrows. Here are her special moves.

  • NEUTRAL: Flare will burst forward in a flaming vortex, stopping anyone who's currently moving. The attack does 6% damage. Despite this speed and power, she can easily fly off the edge and it can be difficult to get back.
  • SIDE: Flare will fire an arrow. This move can be charged to make it go further. The best this move can do is 10%.
  • UP: Flare will burst upward, then burst either left or right depending on what the player chooses. If Flare finishes her second burst, she'll plummet downward.
  • DOWN: Flare burns up in an inferno, damaging anyone nearby. While the burn does 15% to those close and 5% to those within the burning range, she takes some damage herself over time.
  • AIR: Flare bursts into the air, spreading fire along the ground that do 4% damage.
  • GROUND: Flare charges up speed and power, the flames on her body growing more and more intense. Over time, the stats drain back to normal power.
  • TRAP: Flare takes an opponent, then shoots them away with a large arrow, causing 10%.
  • HYPERDRIVE: Flare will fire many flaming arrows into the sky (24), letting them fall on the battlefield. Anyone caught by an arrow is paralyzed for 2 seconds, taking 3%.


  • Neutral: Flare burns up in flames, before releasing them.
  • Up: Flare tosses an arrow upward, then catches it, saying "Mmm hmm."
  • Down: Flare spins around on the ground, then extends her arms and legs, saying "Truly not a match for me."


  • Exoskeleton Flare: Flare wears an exoskeleton suit, resembling her appearance in BowieQuest III.
  • Maid Outfit: Flare wears a typical maid outfit.
  • Princess Outfit (beat Fudgebuckets and Ripe as Flare)
  • Goddess Outfit (wipe out three foes with Flare's hyperdrive)
  • Bride Outfit (team Bowie and Flare up and win a match)
  • Angel Flare (play Midnight Ruins at least 5 times)
  • Dark Flare: A suit in style of Vortexaine. Use the Flare amiibo to get it.

Victory Poses

  • Flare shoots an arrow forward, followed by another, then laughs upon her victory screen showing, then tosses an arrow at the screen, shattering it.
  • Flare gives a good laugh, then covers herself up in flames and disappears.
  • Flare and Windi high five, then dance in place, laughing.

Victory Theme:

Monkey Fight 2 - Win - Super Monkey Ball 2 Music

Monkey Fight 2 - Win - Super Monkey Ball 2 Music

Challenge Medals

Medal Objective Name Task Description
BotF CM - CU
Character Usage Medal
BotF CM - CF
Against Character Medal