The master of pure power and speed. He suffers from an extremely weak defense but can counter this in many ways. He can damage his partners by accident, too...
In-game description

BotF Image Fandraxono
Icon of Fandraxono in the game.
Name Fandraxono
Series Split Personality
Origin Split Personality
Class Power
Availability Unlockable

Fandraxono is an unlockable character in Brawl of the Fandraxonians, him being the primary demon of Zaxina. He is a very quick power character with very frail defenses.

To unlock this character, beat him in story mode via the full power form.


Fandraxono was built upon Crimson the Fandraxonian's negative personality and thoughts and represented the twisted reality of his mind. A common thought in his mind is that those that the creator friends die soon, which was implanted into Fandraxono's personality. His human form was also developed to look like the creator when he was younger, but his demon personality's form origins are unknown.


Fandraxono is a mix of pure speed and pure power, although classified as speed. His attacks are toxic and have large range, but he has lots of lag between attacks and can damage his teammates. The longer Fandraxono is alive, the stronger his "static" ability is. The static ability paralyzes those who stand close to Fandraxono for more than five seconds.

Here are his special moves.

  • NEUTRAL: Fandraxono will grab his opponent and slam them into the ground, then knock them away with a powerful strike, dealing 10% and 12% respectively. The move has a lot of lag between startup and actually attacking.
  • SIDE: Fandraxono screws into his opponent at a high speed, dealing 10%. Fandraxono is shortly paralyzed.
  • UP: Fandraxono throws his dark hands upwards, trying to reach the platforms, but if he grabs an opponent he'll toss the foe down and jump off of it, hopefully making it back on stage. The knock down deals 6%.
  • DOWN: Fandraxono bites his opponent, not letting go until the opponent struggles free. For every second the opponent is trapped, they take 2% damage.
  • AIR: Fandraxono roars, knocking opponents away for no damage.
  • GROUND: Fandraxono teleports to the other side of the stage, although needs to take five seconds to get back up after teleporting.
  • TRAP: Fandraxono traps an opponent towards his chest, then absorbs them into darkness, evening out their health.
  • HYPERDRIVE: Fandraxono turns into his strongest form, and takes foes into a dark void, where they hallucinate of nightmares and Fandraxono himself, then are hit with a heavy bash of arm strength, taking 50% each.


  • Neutral: Fandraxono moans for help, dark hands stretching outward.
  • Up: Fandraxono looks into the air, wings spread out.
  • Down: Fandraxono bends down to the ground and screeches, intimidating opponents.


Fandraxono is a bit different from others as he has no skins, but his appearance can be customized. The player can customize him with different colored hair, eyes, wings, shorts, etc. While the default appearance colors and colors such as yellow and blue are there, colors such as green and purple and dark red must be unlocked.

Victory Poses

  • Fandraxono breaks down to the floor, wings spread out, crying a bit.
  • Fandraxono gives an evil grin, then his limbs fall apart.
  • Fandraxono fazes out of existence, leaving behind a malicious spirit.

Victory Theme:

Big Ben strikes 12 (Good quality sound)

Big Ben strikes 12 (Good quality sound)

Challenge Medals

Medal Objective Name Task Description
BotF CM - CU
Character Usage Medal
BotF CM - CF
Against Character Medal


  • Crimson the Fandraxonian's previous name was Fandraxono.