The most powerful player in the game. While his defense and speed are unimaginably terrible, his attack power is so great that one of his moves overcomes a few certain hyperdrives!
In-game description

Ethan Slaaz
BotF Image Ethan
Icon of Ethan in the game.
Name Ethan
Series The Realm of Dreams
Origin The Realm of Dreams
Class Power
Availability Default

Ethan Slaaz, known simply as Ethan, is a default character in Brawl of the Fandraxonians, being the main representative of the The Realm of Dreams franchise. He is extremely powerful, unable to be stopped during his attacks, but lacks severely in defense and speed.

While Ethan's appearance in this game is not his current one, his anime appearance still appears as an unlockable costume. The original concept of Ethan was used to represent the fighting atmosphere that Brawl of the Fandraxonians presents.


Ethan as well as the concept of The Realm of Dreams began as simple ideas that Crimson came up with. The game was based on an old fan fiction made by the creator himself on Facebook that was really weird and dumb. The Realm of Dreams rebooted that concept and made it into a much more serious game.

While the game has been noted to be generic at first by Jake (thumbs up icon), it turned out to be more or less more original than thought out to be. Ethan as well as a friend, a cousin, and his three brothers are starred in the game fighting a demon known as the Echeno, who turns out to be playable in Brawl of the Fandraxonians as well.


Ethan's gameplay is based upon pure power and strength. His speed and defense are low, so you have to use your powers very carefully. Ethan's capable of picking up tiles of the stage and tossing them at opponents.

Here are his special moves.

  • NEUTRAL: Ethan thrusts a punch forward, doing 38% at max. The attack can be easily broken though.
  • SIDE: Ethan rolls along the ground, breakdancing along the ground. He does 8%.
  • UP: Ethan springs upward, catching a yo yo. Once he grabs the yo-yo, he descends.
  • DOWN: Ethan tosses a light along the ground, flinging opponents upward at 10%. It takes a while to recharge the light, though.
  • AIR: Ethan bounces forward, fists forward. It deals 18%, but Ethan needs to recover after landing.
  • GROUND: Ethan picks up a piece of ground, able to toss it at opponents for 7% damage. Opponents can pick up these blocks and carry them around too. Only three blocks can be out at a time.
  • TRAP: Ethan traps a foe under his foot, then kicks them high, causing 12% damage. Ethan then goes up and kicks them to the ground for 14% damage. He needs time to recover if he does the air kick attack.
  • HYPERDRIVE: Ethan will summon a shrine, then twelve lights will shine around the battlefield, each one flashing down four times, each flash dealing 1% damage.


  • Neutral: Ethan beats his hands against his chest, roaring like a gorilla.
  • Up: Ethan raises a fist in the air, taunting.
  • Down: Ethan places his hands forward and gives a fighting pose.


  • Asher: Ethan's younger sibling.
  • Anime Skin: Ethan's normal appearance from the Realm of Dreams.
  • Aidan: Ethan's other younger sibling, unlocked by playing as Ethan ten times.
  • Ziegs: Ethan's friend as well as crush. You can unlock it by winning as Ethan ten times.
  • Cupcake Skin: A costume that looks like a cupcake. To unlock it use the Ziegs skin five times.
  • Muffin Skin: A costume that looks like a muffin. To unlock it, use the Cupcake skin five times.
  • Crystal forme: A form of Ethan not seen in any other game. Use the Ethan amiibo to receive it.

Victory Poses

  • Ethan throws a hand up into the air, shouting "Victory!"
  • Ethan gives a chuckle, then throws his hands up into the air like a
  • Ethan is shown eating a muffin, enjoying it until Asher comes along and smacks it out of his hands, angering Ethan and causing him to chase his younger brother.

Victory Theme:

Challenge Medals

Medal Objective Name Task Description
BotF CM - CU
Character Usage Medal
BotF CM - CF
Against Character Medal


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