A crazed psychic monkey that attacks with powerful PSI moves and various speed based attacks. He's rather frail in defense but is an excellent fighter.
In-game description

Endal the Monkey
BotF Image Endal
Icon of Endal in the game.
Name Endal
Series BowieQuest
Origin BowieQuest α
Class Speed
Availability Unlockable

Endal the Monkey, known simply as Endal, is an unlockable character in Brawl of the Fandraxonians, him being known as the main antagonist of the BowieQuest franchise. Just like in the games, Endal is a psychic fighter that has many speed based moves.

Endal can be challenged by winning ten matches with Bowie, Ashe and Flare.  Beating him in combat allows the player to play as him any time.


Endal's origins began as a stuffed monkey given to Crimson's brother Indigo by their grandmother. The monkey was immediately named Bananas and stayed that way for a long time. As Crimson was planning to make game related things with the bears, he made Endal an antagonist as he "stood out" and had an evil look about him.

Along with the bears, he debuted in the original BowieQuest as an antagonist. He was met with negative reception due to his name and generic goals, leading to his rename in the first reboot "Origins". Crimson picked out the name Endal, which means "to end all". His status as a major villain led to his playability in Brawl of the Fandraxonians.


Endal's gameplay is based around speed and psychic powers. His attacks are the second quickest in the game, only beaten by Oshian. Endal is capable of charging two different bars, reminiscent of the Hero and Dark bars from Shadow the Hedgehog. If he pulls enough physical attacks, he'll release his energy as a powerful tail swipe. If he pulls enough special attacks, he'll release his energy as an electrifying blast.

Here are his special moves.

  • NEUTRAL: Endal will stand in place and charge a large orb. He can fire this at any time, but at full charge it goes immediately. The orb is slow but very powerful, damaging for 17% at full charge.
  • SIDE: Endal will toss a bomb on the ground, flip forward in the air, land on the ground and jump, avoiding the explosion. The explosion deals 10%.
  • UP: Endal will use psychic energy and move freely around. If the psychic bar is empty or runs out, Endal plummets downward.
  • DOWN: Endal's tail becomes a gun, allowing him to fire bullets that deal 1% each.
  • AIR: Endal uses psychic energy to pick up an enemy, then he can toss them anywhere he wants. If an opponent hits any physical surface, they lose anywhere from 3% to 8% depending on the throwing speed.
  • GROUND: Endal allows energy to flow around him, deflecting any attacks that try to hit him. However, he cannot attack during this stage.
  • TRAP: Endal will trap a foe in his cape, then headbash them and swing them far away with his tail. Each headbash deals 3%.
  • HYPERDRIVE: Endal will fly high in the air and hold a giant gun. He'll fly in the background and fire three large shots with it. Each shot deals 27%.


  • Neutral: Endal laughs maniacally, throwing his hands forward out of desperation.
  • Up: Endal's neck twists a bit, revealing his insanity. He gives a very high pitched laugh, then places his neck together.
  • Down: Endal reveals his mechanical insides by spreading out his skin, roaring loudly.


  • Original design: A skin that removes all of Endal's clothing to the point where he's just a bare monkey.
  • Father "Smaranas": A skin that makes Endal as his father, Smaranas. Smaranas has his own voice and announcement, but is a clone of Endal still.
  • Insane Endal: A skin that shows Endal as a crazy mad scientist. To unlock, play as Smaranas skin three times.
  • Bloodshed Skin: A skin that gives Endal an edgy, torn appearance. To unlock, play in Endal's Headquarters three times with Endal.
  • Bear Skin: A skin that places Endal in a Bowie-like skin. Win 25 matches with Endal to unlock this.
  • Sheriff Endal: A skin of Endal as a sheriff, matching up with Bowie's cowboy skin easily. Play 50 matches with Endal to unlock this.
  • Primal form: A design of Endal designed by Exotoro. To use it, use the Endal amiibo.

Victory PosesEdit

  • Endal floats up in the air, then slashes his tail about, following up by saying "And you thought that I was weak."
  • Endal gives a crazed laugh, then spreads out his arms and legs, generating psychic power in the process.
  • Endal smirks, turns his back on the viewer and says "I expected more from a wimp like you", referring to his opponents.

Victory Theme:

Victory! (Bowser and Bowser Jr.) - Super Smash Bros

Victory! (Bowser and Bowser Jr.) - Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Music

Challenge MedalsEdit

Medal Objective Name Task Description
BotF CM - CU
Character Usage Medal
BotF CM - CF
Against Character Medal


  • The ability to charge up two different bars references "Bananas: The Final Gambit" and "Shadow the Hedgehog".