Two amazing guinea pigs who are of speed and power, but mostly defense. They make for a formidable duo.
In-game description

Guinea Pig Duo
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Icon of EP in the game.
Name Elvis and Pecan
Series Human Devastation
Origin Cage Warriors
Class Defense
Availability DLC

Elvis and Pecan, known ingame as the Guinea Pig Duo, are a DLC fighter in Brawl of the Fandraxonians. They are of the defense class and guard each other with various different moves.


Elvis and Pecan are two real guinea pigs received as extremely early Christmas gifts in August 2014 for the creator and his brothers. The growing bond between the owners and the guinea pigs has led to the creation of Cage Warriors and later Human Devastation.


Elvis and Pecan are able to be switched between each other. Elvis when in control is about speed, Pecan when in control is about power. Regardless, they are of the defense class and protect each other very well. The guinea pigs have separate health...Pecan having 60% while Elvis having 40%. The guinea pigs can form barriers around themselves to prevent getting hit by weak attacks.

Here are their special moves.

  • NEUTRAL: The guinea pigs curl up together as a ball and ram straight into an opponent for 16%. Every use of this attack after that deceases by half, to 8%, to 4%, to 2%, and to 1%. If only one of the guinea pigs is up, then the attack changes a bit. If Elvis is alone, the ball is faster but hits weaker, and he hits at 12%, cutting down to 8%, 6%, 3% and 1%. If Pecan is alone, the ball is slower but hits harder, and he hits at 20%, cutting down to 12%, 8%, 4%, 1%.
  • SIDE: The guinea pigs shoot forward. If Pecan is in the lead, 8% damage. If Elvis is in the lead, 6% damage.
  • UP: The guinea pigs shoot themselves upward with a balloon. If Elvis is in the lead, the balloon rises straight up. If Pecan is in the lead, the balloon rises straight diagonally.
  • DOWN: The guinea pigs switch between who's the leader.
  • AIR: Elvis homes towards an opponent if he's in the lead, but if Pecan is in the lead he goes towards an opponent and bites them. The home attack deals 4% but the bite does 8%.
  • GROUND: Elvis and Pecan hurl each other (depending on who's in the lead) ahead. If Pecan is the thrown target, he flies slower and deals 5% on impact. If Elvis is the thrown target, he flies faster and deals 3% on impact.
  • TRAP: The guinea pigs latch onto an opponent with their teeth, draining them of health in seconds. After eight seconds (12%), the opponent breaks free by default.
  • HYPERDRIVE: The guinea pigs let out a huge squeal, dealing only 16%, but if one of the guinea pigs is alone, they deal 32%.


  • Neutral: The leading guinea pig lets out a happy squeal.
  • Up: The leading guinea pig stands on their hind legs.
  • Down: The two guinea pigs spin around together in place.


  • Officer: The guinea pigs wear officer equipment.
  • Doctor: The guinea pigs wear doctor equipment.
  • Thief: The guinea pigs wear thief equipment. To unlock it, play as Elvis and Pecan three times.
  • Teacher: The guinea pigs wear teacher equipment. To unlock it, play as Elvis and Pecan six times.
  • Karate: The guinea pigs wear karate equipment. To unlock it, win as Elvis and Pecan five times.
  • Crimcko and Alpha: Crimcko and Alpha replace Elvis and Pecan. To unlock them, win as Elvis and Pecan fifteen times.
  • Angel Elvis and Demon Pecan: Elvis looks like an angel with this skin with a halo and Pecan gets devil horns and a devil's tail. To use it, use the Elvis and Pecan amiibo.

Victory Poses

  • The guinea pigs look at each other, then squeal happily, eating a large carrot.
  • Elvis jumps atop Pecan, then the two have difficulty balancing themselves, but make it through all right.
  • Elvis and Pecan hide in a small glass hut, "giggling" at their victory.

Victory Theme:


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