A small defense character with speed and power that work wonders. Known for being a trap master.
In-game description

BotF Image Crymsia
Icon of Crymsia in the game.
Name Crymsia
Series The Adventures of White / Nature Warrior
Origin Nature Warrior
Class Defense
Availability Unlockable

Crymsia is an unlockable character in Brawl of the Fandraxonians, being the main representative of Nature Warrior. She is a powerful defense character with high speed and momentum.

To unlock this character, beat Pros' mode with Crimson and Frozerade.


When the creator wanted to begin roleplaying on the Zolaran Archives with White the Popopo, he had no idea what to do as he had very few characters that mattered to him. When he told White this, he offered to make an art of a new character and the creator said that he was thinking of a Roserade and Lucina combination, which resulted in her appearance and existence as a character.


Crymsia is a wonderful defense character who has plenty of self healing attacks but also has powerful offense moves of her own. Every time Crymsia comes into contact with a wall, she'll bounce off it, preventing a crash landing.

Here are her special moves.

  • NEUTRAL: Crymsia will release two vines from her sides and attack at high speeds. The vines deal 1% per hit.
  • SIDE: Crymsia slides across the ground in a spiky shield, breaking the shield apart upon stopping.
  • UP: Crymsia floats upward, spiraling with her blade upward, dealing 6% to those she hits.
  • DOWN: Crymsia lifts her blade above her, then strikes it downward, dealing 16% to those who are in her way.
  • AIR: Crymsia heals her health by 10%, but cannot use the healing for a while afterwards.
  • GROUND: Crymsia heals by 40%, but suffers a lot in speed and power for half a minute.
  • TRAP: Crymsia will lunge her hands forward, grab the opponent and slam them away with vines. The vines deal 8%.
  • HYPERDRIVE: Crymsia transforms into Symirac, then attacks at 1.5x the power for ten seconds before detransforming.


  • Neutral: Crymsia giggles in place, spinning, blade raised.
  • Up: Crymsia tosses her blade upward, then catches it, slyly saying "You want more?"
  • Down: Crymsia snaps a hand forward, remarking "Not afraid of your own powers as you should be afraid of mine."


  • Red Leaves: A skin that turns Crymsia's leaves red.
  • Blue Leaves: A skin that turns Crymsia's leaves blue, to match up with Strike's appearance.
  • Golden Leaves: A skin that turns Crymsia's leaves gold. To unlock, win a match as Crymsia.
  • Purple Leaves: A skin that turns Crymsia's leaves purple, to match up with Nightlight's appearance. To unlock, win five matches as Crymsia.
  • DNA Leaves: A skin that turns Crymsia's leaves into DNA structures, matching up with Astri's appearance. To unlock, play as Crymsia fifteen times.
  • Decayed: A skin that turns Crymsia's leaves rotten and screws up her appearance. To unlock, win against any boss with Crymsia.
  • Princess: A skin that gives Crymsia an appearance that matches up to her old days. Use the Crymsia amiibo to use this.

Victory Poses

  • Crymsia tosses her blade upwards, then mocks the opponents.
  • Crymsia spins around in place, then swings her blade around, taunting the opponents.
  • Crymsia jumps up in the air, then descends downwards, spreading flower seeds all over the ground.

Victory Theme:

Challenge Medals

Medal Objective Name Task Description
BotF CM - CU
Character Usage Medal
BotF CM - CF
Against Character Medal


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