A defensive swordsman that has great attacks and a variety of moves to accompany them. He is very dangerous to come across, let alone fight.
In-game description

BotF Image Crimson
Icon of Crimson in the game.
Name Crimson Glace
Series Crimson el Roserade
Origin Lucha del Roserade
Class Defense
Availability Default

Crimson Glace the Third, known simply as Crimson, is a default character in Brawl of the Fandraxonians, being the main representative of the Crimson el Roserade franchise. Despite his appearance as a swordsman, he's a very defensive character.


Crimson started out when the creator of him (named Crimson after the character actually) was obsessed with the Pokémon known as Roserade. Lucario and the Five Thieves, if memory serves, was inspiration for the Crimson el Roserade series, which formed Lucha del Roserade, spawning two sequels afterwards.

People more or less began liking Crimson and his games and thought of him as a great character despite his status as a "fan character" and basis combination between Roserade and the character Lucina from Fire Emblem.

The design of Crimson was found on deviantArt, known as "Mega Roserade" and was created by locomotive111. Right now Crimson as in the user wants to make a new design, but in the meantime he is crediting that artist with all he can.


Crimson's gameplay is all about defensive swordsplay. He's rather difficult to control and doesn't have great power or magic, but he is great in defense and has nice speed. His special ability allows him to leech energy to himself per attack, leading to his defensive tribute more easily.

Here are his special moves.

  • NEUTRAL: Crimson lunges forward, giving a mighty slash with his sword. If he misses, he jumps again at a high speed, although he doesn't do as much damage. The intended slash does 8%, the make up slash doing 5%.
  • SIDE: Crimson uses Leaf Blade, doing 7% damage. It takes him a while to recover from this quick side dash, however.
  • UP: Crimson goes up, then dashes at a wall with his sword. He can bounce up this sword and land back onto the battlefield.
  • DOWN: Crimson rolls along the ground, dropping a sludge bomb. It deals 10% damage and can damage Crimson as well if he's too close.
  • AIR: Crimson uses aromatherapy, healing by 1% per second for ten seconds. It can't be used again afterwards for the rest of the fight, though.
  • GROUND: Crimson slashes along the ground, bringing up roots and causing 5% damage. Crimson will then chase the foe in the air and slash them, dealing 2% damage.
  • TRAP: Crimson takes a foe within his cape, then gives them a powerful slash, forcing them far away. The slash deals 10% but leaves Crimson open to attacks.
  • HYPERDRIVE: Crimson will strike his sword into the ground, bringing up vines that trap foes. If successful at catching someone, in the next ten seconds, he will go forward and slash the foes at 30% each.


  • Neutral: Crimson slashes forward playfully, grunting.
  • Up: Crimson strikes a pose, his cape stretching outward.
  • Down: Crimson flips his sword hand, remarking "No victory is there for you in the end."


  • Unmasked Crimson: Displays Crimson without his signature mask.
  • Shadow Skin: Displays darker, worn clothing, resembling Lord Garchomp's army Roserade members.
  • Blue Skin: A skin based upon Frozerade, unlocked by playing as Frozerade three times.
  • Red Skin: A skin that makes Crimson's clothes red, unlocked by winning five battles at Eterna Forest.
  • Prince Skin: A skin that depicts Crimson as being close to a king, unlocked by winning as Crimson alone against Endal and KrunchKake.
  • Silver Knight: A skin based upon his rival from II: The Silver Knight. To unlock it, you must defeat the Silver Knight boss at least once.
  • Florence: A skin that makes Crimson look a lot more nature like. Use the Crimson amiibo to unlock it.

Victory Poses

  • Crimson slashes forward with his lance, then stands on his left leg with his right, showcasing his strength.
  • Crimson slashes forward multiple times, before shouting "You are completely incompetent of battle!"
  • Crimson kicks his right leg forward, then slashes his sword forward, remarking "Incapable of taking on the swordsman. What a disgrace."

Victory Theme:

Challenge Medals

Medal Objective Name Task Description
BotF CM - CU
Character Usage Medal
BotF CM - CF
Against Character Medal


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