A powerful, shield piercing fighter with powers of earth. His moderate paced movement makes him a challenging opponent but he lacks in defenses, making him easy to break apart.
In-game description

Bowie the Teddy Bear
BotF Image Bowie
Icon of Bowie in the game.
Name Bowie
Series BowieQuest
Origin BowieQuest α
Class Power
Availability Default

Bowie the Teddy Bear, known simply as Bowie, is a default character in Brawl of the Fandraxonians, being the main representative of the BowieQuest franchise. In this game, he is a fighter built upon sheer force, earning him the category of "power".


Bowie originated as a teddy bear that was created in the year 2000, which was given to Crimson as a very young child. Throughout the years, especially the later ones, Crimson has spent a lot of time with this particular teddy bear, him going through various names such as Fred before it was named Bowie after David Bowie.

The origins of Bowie's rock moves are rather strange. At the time it was thought of, Crimson was deeply interested in the Pokémon franchise and wanted to enact battles from that franchise using the teddy bears, so Bowie was given rock powers as an advantage over fire power Flare and wind user Windi while he could be defeated easily by Ashe who had water.

Bowie was introduced on Fantendo after Crimson wanted to showcase one of his ideas. While Bowie has been met with very negative reception, his constant improvement as a character allowed him time to become better. The series started out with the bears' old names Samantha, Paul, etc and Endal was known as Bananas. The plots were about as simple as Mario kidnapping the princess, basically. However, Crimson revamped the series to fit new standards, even though they were a bit...edgy.


Like said before, Bowie is a powerful, decent moving character that lacks mostly in defense. His rock attacks are really slow to preform, but they're rather difficult to stop and they hit with intense power. When Bowie jumps, he'll come back down to the ground with a quake, temporarily knocking down foes near him.

Bowie's gameplay is mostly based upon his fists, earth powers, and cape. Here are his special moves.

  • NEUTRAL: Bowie will place his hands in the ground and pull up a rock. The attack can be charged, and the longer the charge the larger the rock will be when it's pulled out of the ground. Bowie can hurl this rock onto foes for massive damage, although there will be some difficulty doing so if the rock is huge. The smallest rock will do 6%, the biggest possible doing 17%.
  • SIDE: Bowie will flip forward in the air, punching anyone he lands on with massive force, bouncing off of them. It won't cause too much damage but the opponent will be flung away a fair distance. The attack does 9%.
  • UP: Bowie will drop a rock under him, which will explode, bouncing Bowie far into the air. The explosion will do 13%.
  • DOWN: Bowie will go into a rock ball and roll along the floor quickly, then bounce out of it at a rather high speed. The ball does 4% per hit.
  • AIR: Bowie tosses rocks in three random directions, each doing 3%.
  • GROUND: Bowie causes a small quake on the ground, doing 1% to 20%, depending how close opponents are to him. The attack takes a long while to recharge.
  • TRAP: Bowie will lock the foe in his cape, then hit them with a brutally powerful punch, sending them flying with 13% damage.
  • HYPERDRIVE: Bowie will summon a giant boulder, then go into the distance and carry it in an evolved form. Bowie will throw the boulder after five seconds, tossing it into the air. Anyone caught under the boulder will lose 40% of their health.


  • Neutral: Bowie does a handstand, smirking, saying "Tough as rock."
  • Up: Bowie places his hands in the air, striking a pose.
  • Down: Bowie breakdances in place, muttering "You can't defeat me."


  • Ragged Bowie: A skin that resembles Bowie's "edgy" appearance from the old BowieQuest franchise.
  • Cowboy Bowie: A concept of Bowie used in another reincarnation of the BowieQuest franchise.
  • Vampire Bowie: A concept of Bowie that the user Dark made on Halloween. To unlock it, play ten matches as Bowie.
  • Metal Bowie: A boss from the original Bowie game that was reincarnated as X. To unlock it, play twenty matches as Bowie.
  • Demon Bowie: Bowie's transformation from Rise of the Monkey Gods. Play as Endal, King KrunchKake and the Echeno ten times each.
  • Shadow Bowie: A mysterious, dark form of Bowie with an unknown purpose. Beat the DLC pack to unlock it.
  • RL Texture: Bowie's realistic skin from the real world. It's auto unlocked by using the Bowie amiibo.

Victory PosesEdit

  • Bowie dances happily, then shouts out "Hooray!"
  • Bowie is shown patching up his body from the fight, then he gets up and says "All right!"
  • Bowie covers himself in rock, then shatters it, remarking "Tough as rock!"

Victory Theme:

Challenge MedalsEdit

Medal Objective Name Task Description
BotF CM - CU
Character Usage Medal
Rock Combo Form all of Bowie's rock attacks into a combo.
Quake Trip Trip an opponent off the ledge of a level using Bowie's ground move.
Backwards Stomp Special Bounce off an opponent with Bowie's side move, then jump as far back as possible with the air move and up move, going over a ledge, then trick an opponent by using his down move to plunge them into darkness, ending the match.
BotF CM - CF
Against Character Medal
Rock Reflector Bounce Bowie's neutral move back onto him with a hard hitting attack.
Boulder Defense Dodge Bowie's hyperdrive move, then bash upon the sides of the boulder to break it apart, then pick up a part of the boulder as a shield.
Mirror, Mirror, in the Air... Reflect Bowie's aerial moves towards him, then lead him far away enough from the stage so that he can't save his own life and allow him to plunge into darkness.


  • Bowie's abilities from this game are a mix between all of his incarnations. It's said to give every impression of Bowie a feel in this game.