The strangest speed character ever. He attacks with tacos and quick jabs.
In-game description

Bob the Blob
BotF Image Bob
Icon of Bob in the game.
Name Bob
Series Fandro RPG
Origin Fandro RPG: The War Against KrunchKake
Class Speed
Availability Unlockable

Bob is an unlockable character in Brawl of the Fandraxonians, being a representative of the Fandro RPG franchise.

To unlock this character, win twenty matches as Fandro and Ono each.


Bob originated in a comic strip that Fandro was in, looking exactly like Fandro. When the creator took over the comics that Indigo made, Bob was redesigned to look different, having a french fry appearance with slits for eyes.

Bob was made completely stupid for the sake of angering the main character, Fandro. This was a concept that Indigo made so that his comics could have punch lines (even if they were bad).


Bob is a speed character that is remarkable for having solid defense. A lot of his moves revolve around the use of projectiles, which is unusual for a speed character. Bob can push away opponents who simply get too close to him.

Here are his special moves.

  • NEUTRAL: Bob fires a flame from his gun, burning anyone who gets caught. It deals 4%.
  • SIDE: Bob throws a taco, knocking away opponents. Bob can pick up the taco and heal by 2%.
  • UP: Bob shoots upward like a missile. He doesn't go up too far but can knock anyone high into the air for 9% damage.
  • DOWN: Bob shouts his own name, which literally comes out of his mouth and pushes opponents far away, dealing 12%.
  • AIR: Bob rains three tacos on the battlefield, dealing 4% to those who get hit. Unlike Bob's side special, the tacos disappear after landing.
  • GROUND: Bob will eat a big taco, restoring 5%.
  • TRAP: Bob will capture an opponent, then step on them, causing 6% damage.
  • HYPERDRIVE: Bob will rain dark tacos all over the battlefield, shouting his name various times, the shouts becoming solid objects and roaming the battlefield, hitting players. Each dark taco causes 2% damage while the solid "BOB" objects cause 4%.


  • Neutral: Bob shouts the word "BOB!".
  • Up: Bob floats upward a bit, laughing.
  • Down: Bob eats a taco. It actually heals Bob by 2%.


  • Red Skin: A skin that turns Bob a red color.
  • Blue Skin: A skin that turns Bob a blue color.
  • Exorcist Skin: A skin that makes Bob look intimidating. To unlock, play ten matches as Bob.
  • Metal Skin: A skin that replaces Bob's skin with metal. To unlock, win ten matches as Bob.
  • Yellow Skin: A skin that makes Bob look like a french fry. To unlock, complete Pros' Mode with Bob.
  • Evil Bob: A skin that makes Bob look evil. To unlock, play ten matches with both Bob and KrunchKake.
  • "Hyper": A skin that makes Bob look much more powerful. To unlock, use the Bob amiibo.

Victory PosesEdit

  • Bob summons nine more of himself before they all shout "BOB!"
  • Bob summons Fandro, saying he has something important to say, and when he comes Bob says that he had nothing important to say, resulting in Fandro chasing Bob.
  • Bob expands his body, then blowing up, eventually followed by him coming back somehow and shouting "BOB!"

Victory Theme:

Boss Stage Clear - Sonic Colors OST

Boss Stage Clear - Sonic Colors OST

Challenge MedalsEdit

Medal Objective Name Task Description
BotF CM - CU
Character Usage Medal
BotF CM - CF
Against Character Medal