A rather powerless character that has incredible defenses. He can defend against high powered attacks easily.
In-game description

Ashe the Teddy Bear
BotF Image Ashe
Icon of Ashe in the game.
Name Ashe
Series BowieQuest
Origin BowieQuest α
Class Defense
Availability Default

Ashe the Teddy Bear, known simply as Ashe, is a default character in Brawl of the Fandraxonians, the bear known for being one of the protagonists in BowieQuest α. In this game, he is a practical shield, taking on many attacks.


Much like Bowie, Ashe originated as a teddy bear that was created in the year 2000, which was given to Crimson as a very young child. Ashe and Bowie have been kept in great care for many years, Crimson thinking about their chances of getting in games, and thought they weren't very high, so he started working on fanon creations.

Ashe's water moves were taken from a Pokémon/Bowie crossover thing that Crimson had around 2011, where each bear was given elements. Ashe was given water to match his pure blue appearance.

Alongside Bowie, Flare (who was known as Samantha at the time), and Endal (Bananas), Ashe was placed on Fantendo as a teddy bear of the original BowieQuest. Like Bowie, he was met with a negative reception but went on to become a better character. To this day he is marked as a rather stupid but capable ally of Bowie.


Ashe is very weak in his attacks, but has a defense so great that even Bowie will have a bit of trouble breaking it. A lot of his attacks are actually quick to preform despise his weight and size. Ashe charges up water over time and can release it in his neutral special.

Ashe's gameplay is based on swordsfighting and water attacks. Here are his special moves.

  • NEUTRAL: Ashe will blast water in front of him, driving away opponents. At full charge, he'll damage his foes and blast in a very wide radius. The full blast does 5%.
  • SIDE: Ashe will lunge forward and auto swing his sword on a foe. If he misses, he'll flip back to where he started. The sword does 7%.
  • UP: Ashe gets into a barrel, then blasts himself upward from it. The barrel explodes upon being exited. The explosion causes 6%.
  • DOWN: Ashe moves his sword into a defense position for two seconds, anyone hitting him getting hit at twice the power. This move is often called a counter.
  • AIR: Ashe throws his hands down, doing 2% but knocking anyone who gets hit straight downward.
  • GROUND: Ashe shrouds himself in a water shield, healing himself. If this shield is hit, Ashe is paralyzed for six seconds or until he gets hit again.
  • TRAP: Ashe traps a foe in a small whirlpool, then knocks them away with high force. The attack does 4%.
  • HYPERDRIVE: Ashe summons a hurricane, and floats in the center of it, letting chaos roam around the body of the hurricane. Anyone under Ashe is guaranteed safe, but the fury outside the center will do incredible damage but will not do launching. The most one can take form this attack is 63%.


  • Neutral: Ashe bloats up in shape, then releases the air from his body.
  • Up: Ashe releases two jets of water from his hands, smiling.
  • Down: Ashe spins around in place, tongue sticking outward.


  • Barrel Ashe: Ashe resembles his looks in BowieQuest III: The Dark Vortex.
  • Red Shirt: Ashe's white shirt turns a red color.
  • Green Shirt: Ashe's shirt turns a green color. Win 5 matches as Ashe to unlock it.
  • Yellow Shirt: Ashe's shirt turns a yellow color. Use Ashe's hyperdrive at least once to unlock it.
  • Purple Shirt: Ashe's shirt turns a purple color, taking on the hue of Windi's skin. To unlock this skin, beat Bowie and Flare as Ashe.
  • Water Soaker: Ashe is covered in bandages that soak up water. Beat Pros' Mode in Solo Quest to unlock it.
  • Unten: The mascot of the Fantendo universe. Get the Ashe amiibo to unlock it.

Victory Poses

  • Ashe slashes his sword forward, landing it on the ground, splashing water out of the ground.
  • Ashe spins around in place, slashing sword outward.
  • Ashe breakdances on the ground, losing his skills eventually and rolling on the ground.

Victory Theme:

Challenge Medals

Medal Objective Name Task Description
BotF CM - CU
Character Usage Medal
BotF CM - CF
Against Character Medal


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