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Brawl of the Fandraxonians is a fighting game for the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS systems developed by TimeStrike and co-developed by Nintendo.  It was released almost immediately after the release of Crimson el Roserade II: The Silver Knight.  The game features the mascots of their franchises, including but not limited to: BowieQuest, General's Journey, and Crimson el Roserade.  The game is rated "T" by the ESRB and 16 by the PEGI for having violence and for generally disturbing creatures and monsters.

Brawl of the Fandraxonians takes some elements from the Super Smash Bros. franchise and various other fighting franchises, but still holds up well on its own with its own fresh new ideas. The reason for this somewhat unoriginal set up is for players to have a fresh time playing the game without having to go out of their way to learn many "new mechanics".

As of May 19, 2021, the game has been released with Amiibo support.

An inspired project by Brawl of the Fandraxonians, General's War, is set to be created sometime in the future. Its current status is unknown.

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Bowie is shown on paper, leaping out of it in the next four seconds, landing next to Fandro, who gives him an angry stare. The two start bickering when Ethan comes in and punches the ground next to them, flaming pillars rising in the distance. The three start engaging in physical contact when Crimson slashes in and joins the fight, forming a four way battle on a table in a laboratory.

After their intense battle, Ono comes out of nowhere and begins shooting around the room with a miniature gun, interrupted by Ashe who comes in spilling water everywhere, drenching everyone. Flare and Ghasja float in and fire up sparks, causing fights to happen everywhere. A mysterious person gets tired of their fighting and seals them into a game, twelve shadows (revealed as the characters get unlocked) soon attacking them. Bowie jumps out of the gameplay, leading to him twirling the peace sign on the main menu while next to the logo of "Brawl of the Fandraxonians", a press start button being shown below.


Primary Four

Much like the introduction, but the four characters Bowie, Fandro, Ethan and Crimson don't come across those who break into their battle later on. Instead, they keep on fighting, fighting off of the table onto the floor, Fandro shattering Bowie's defense and sending him towards a wall, Crimson backslashing Fandro and Ethan summoning dream lights to burn foes. The logo of the game is shown just after a shadow leaps over Bowie with a long tail.

A Heatwave from Above

Crimson is sweating in a heated atmosphere, Bowie and Fandro having a fierce battle above a lava pit, which spawns a creature from nowhere. Bowie and Fandro are about to fall in when a flaming hand grabs the former's hand, bringing him to the surface. As he is set back to land, the lava hand reveals to show that...

Flare burns the competition!

Flare jumps up, spawning flame pillars on the battlefield, catching Fandro and bringing him back up to the field, but follows up by knocking him into the ground, knocking him out. Gameplay of Flare plus her Hyperdrive is then shown, followed by the logo of BotF.

Fudgebuckets and Ripe are then shown, revealing their position as bosses, a dark shadow of a monkey watching in the distance, psychic powers in hand.

The Fighting March

Flare and Bowie battle off against many shadow creatures, watching as they kill corruption by corruption of human soldiers. Bowie safely knocks one away, which mysteriously blows up seconds later. In the meanwhile, Crimson is fighting these soldiers and is losing the battle when a brown boot skids near him, a human in his place. The shadow covered human fires many bombs, causing the creatures to retreat. He brings his face from the shadows...

General Scotch, ready to assault!

General Scotch bombs Crimson suddenly, damaging him severely, Scotch laughing a bit. Gameplay montage of him is shown, displaying his blades and bombs. Logo is shown after Scotch bombs Bowie. General Scotch skids to the side, a creature towering over him, saying "Expecting someone else?"

Bad Breath

Fandro is shown assaulting an airship, where at the end Bob awaits.

Bob blobs ba-

Bob is simply thrown off the airship, Fandro lunges through the attic of the ship, opening a hatch and seeing King KrunchKake at the end. The two engage in an insult fueled duel, eventually joined by Ethan and Crimson, who followed Fandro upward. The king simply throws back his cloak, opens his mouth, and...

King KrunchKake stinks back!

King KrunchKake uses his bad breath to throw Crimson off the battleship, who is replaced by Scotch, who tries to attack from above, but misses as he is frozen mid air. KrunchKake's gameplay plus hyperdrive is shown, before giving bad breath towards the screen. Logo displays.

Frozen Delight

Crimson is fighting Pierce, who shatters his sword and sends him towards a wall.  Out of anger, Bowie, Fandro and Ethan jump out from hiding and attack the personality holder, who are interrupted by a blast of a purple wind.  Confused, they look in front, who they see a blue rose.  She turns her head, spins around, and throws her arms forward in the form of jabs, punching Pierce's neck and sending the boy flying.  As it turns out...

Frozerade chills out!

Frozerade creates a blast of ice underneath herself, then rides it like a glacier.  After some gameplay footage is shown, she mega evolves and takes on battling from there.  Logo of the game is then shown, with Lord Garchomp staring from the distance, revealing himself to be a boss.

In the distance, a shadow, revealed to be the Silver Knight, raises his sword.

The Second Splash

A flashback to Super Smash Bros. 4 is shown, where Greninja was introduced. In a tree, a shadow stands, Ashe breaking out from it. I guess you could say that...

Ashe makes a splash!!

Ashe creates a pillar of water under himself, rising his fat body into the air. He lands next to Bowie and Flare and weakens their bodies, showing that he is clearly stronger. He pulls out his sword, leading into gameplay montage. The logo is shown directly afterwards, an evil laugh appearing behind the three bears before the screen blacks out.

In the distance, Vortexaine appears from Dark Melody, chanting a dark curse, while Sabeuxo drops down, revealed to be an assist card.

Split Apart

Crimson and Ethan are thrown towards a wall, Ashe and Flare shown weakened on the floor.  Ashe struggles to get up, but is stepped on by a black boot.  A red figurine comes in and kicks the blue bear around, followed by a yellow figurine who hurls it away.  Crimson gets up, sword out, when a boy wrapped in black mass comes near.  The black mass fades away, revealing a purple shirt and black pants.  The colored figures mimic the boy's movements, and everyone prepares to back away as...

Pierce tears the battlefield!

Pierce's personalities jump around and start attacking the weakened figures, then gameplay montage is shown.  After Pierce's main gameplay is shown, Flare is flung towards a wall, where Pierce prepares to unleash a flash of light, interrupted by a black screen with the logo of the game.

Syi and FDX shake hands, then attack those who tried to attack Pierce.  Pierce smiles in delight.

Ghost Terror

Scotch and Ashe walk into the woods together, met by a ghostly whisper. The two start running, slashing through trees, and while Ashe jumps a river Scotch misses and the screen blacks out just before he hits, him screaming. Scotch's deceased body is then shown lifting in the air, chasing Ashe in an attempt to fight him. A ghost races out of the general's body, mocking him and with a great passion...

Ghasja takes flight!

Ghasja takes control of Ashe and messes with him for a while. Gameplay montage of Ghasja is shown, showing how he plays as well as his potentials with controlling other characters. Logo is shown, but not before it shows Ghasja sitting in a tree, remarking: "Did you think I wasn't gonna come back?"

Ghasja stands perfectly still while a large beeping sound can be heard, brown boots being shown on the floor.

To Dream or Not to Dream

Ethan is fighting in Hell, a red demon fighting him, although he cannot be clearly seen. After a great battle of arm clashing, the mighty creature reveals himself...

The Echeno bites the battle!

The creature swallows Ethan whole, then jumps into gameplay, revealing his hyperdrive alongside his many grabbing moves. After this, he flings Ghasja, Pierce and KrunchKake towards a wall, then prepares to eat them, the logo being shown.

Psychic Battle

A monkey wrapped in black fights what seems to be Fandro. However, closer examination reveals this blob to be none other than Fandro's assumed girlfriend...

Ono poofs in!

Ono defeats the monkey and joins Fandro who rages. The two are shown in gameplay together, displaying their moves. Eventually, Ono sends the monkey towards a wall and fires a laser, the logo for the game being shown afterwards.

Taco Rain

Pierce and Fandro are sitting together, watching in anger as tacos fall from the sky.  A lean mass flies overhead, wings spread out and flapping, while shouting a random name.  Fandro eventually gets upset and fires a rock at the figure, sending him down towards the ground.  Coming closer, the ground was shown to have a green streak, which gets up and meets Fandro and Pierce eye to eye.  With a jump, explosion and laugh...

Bob annoys the competitors!

Bob is then shown in gameplay, displaying his Hyperdrive as well, then a laser is fired from Bob's mouth, hitting all, the screen turning black and displaying the game's logo.  Bob then high fives George, then has a mech follow him and knock away opponents, revealing George as an assisting card.


Crimson and a mysterious young girl are shown fighting.  Already, as she stares towards the screen...

Crymsia disrupts the competition??

Crymsia jumps out of Crimson's way and kicks him, triggering Scotch who comes out of the shadows and tries to attack her, although she retaliates by knocking his bombs back into him.  Gameplay montage is shown and she falls from the sky, landing perfectly on the ground and goes forward, logo shown.

Nightlight and Ludro descend from the sky and begin fighting, Crymsia knocking Ludro away, who reveals himself to be a boss, and Crymsia hugs Nightlight, who heals her from injuries.

The Final Splash

Bowie, Ashe, and Flare jump from battle locations, and gather the other players, then encounter a shadow that is standing on a piece of machinery. With a laugh and a giggle, she leaps down to the ground, revealing that...

Oshelia wanders in?!

Oshelia jumps down from the machinery, then immediately hits the three bears with mass water powers, continuing with everyone else. After some gameplay montage, Scotch is thrown towards the ceiling, falling down in the arms of a black being, strangled by them.  Logo is shown.

Commander Alien then stands over Scotch and Oshelia, giving off an evil laugh, while Snickers watches, grinning.

Final Trailer

It repeats the intro of the game, but adds Scotch, Oshelia, Bob, KrunchKake, Echeno, Pierce, Crymsia and Frozerade into the game's silhouettes, while keeping the other four completely invisible.

Downloadable Content Reveal: General's Nemesis

General Scotch and Oshelia are battling Commander Alien and are ultimately losing to him.  To aid them, General Snickers jumps out from hiding and prepares to punch the commander in the face when his hand is stopped by a completely different one overall.  Snickers shudders, then looks slowly to his right, revealing a very tall human figure.  She simply smiles, then kicks the Alien away, causing Snickers to heavily blush but can't release herself from the lady's grip.  She swings a bomb around, spins, holding the boy in the tightest grip, then makes her DLC debut.

Keil surges in!

Keil then lifts up Snickers, then rams him into Scotch as a battering ram. Gameplay of Keil is shown where she not only abuses a doll of Snickers as her side B, but uses her own set of weapons to beat up various opponents, including Bob, Crymsia, Oshelia, and Pierce. She ends the trailer by slamming Snickers' face into the screen with the other characters looking rather displeased. In the distance, a figure with a hook rises out from the ground, glaring. ...Strike.

Downloadable Content Reveal: Squeal to Fight

Bowie and Ghasja are fighting face to face with Vortexaine when two squeals are heard in the distance. A bystanding Ashe laughs at this, but is suddenly taken down and chewed upon by an orange guinea pig. A black guinea pig goes up to Vortexaine and knocks her away, the two guinea pigs placing their paws together for a high five. With another squeal, they jump into the screen...

The Guinea Pig Duo squeals the deal!...

The guinea pigs smile, then their gameplay is shown, beating up Keil, Scotch, Oshelia, Flare, and King KrunchKake, with them ending their trailer with a squeal that knocks away foes. The logo is shown afterwards. A dark clone of Fandro zips across the screen, changing its name to "ZADICO".


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The Advance


The Advance is the story mode of Brawl of the Fandraxonians starring the mysterious "Draxan" and Fandraxono. It is a rather short story mode that only has thirteen levels overall but it is rather difficult to complete, let alone master. The story is unlocked upon unlocking everyone besides Fandraxono.

The levels are Western Forest, Gear Gates, Papaya Plains, Pretzel Plant, Wafer Works, Dragon's Grotto, Midnight Ruins, Knight's Road, Regal Gardens, Dark Melody, Alien Hideout, Broken and Sorrow Temple. The levels are played by Bowie, Fandro, Ethan, Bob, Ashe, Frozerade, Flare, Crimson, Crymsia, Endal, General Scotch, Pierce and Bowie again, respectively.


Brawl of the Fandraxonians

When gameplay starts, two players (or four players if going all out or if there are teams) start off on the opposite sides of an arena, and then begin duking it out.  Players can move around using the left analog stick, and use the A button to jump.  The B and C buttons serve as attacking buttons; B is a physical move launcher while C is a special attack launcher.  When B and C are pressed together at maximum Superpower, the Hyperdrive attack is released.

Ingame, there are rounds.  If you win a certain set of rounds (this can be set up in options), you are the winner of the whole match.  In tournaments, there are only two rounds for each character you fight.  A round is over when one of the opposing teams is knocked out.  For every player who wins a round, they gain 100 points.  If you were knocked out last, you gain 50 points.  If you were knocked out second, you gain 25.  If you were the first to become knocked out, you don't gain anything.

In hunger game matches, you still fight, but you fight to survive.  If you're hit twice, you're out.  The objective is to collect food to keep your hunger meter from depleting and to be the last one standing on a competition.  If your hunger meter depletes or if you are hit twice, you're out of the match and you lose.

Items can be found in matches and can be used for your own advantage, unless its a negative item, which likely will give you a disadvantage.  Some items are more rare than others, and rare items are often powerful or give you a huge advantage.

In gameplay, there are three statistic bars on each corner of the screen.  Player 1's are on the top left, Player 2's are on the top right, 3's are on the bottom left and 4's are on the bottom right.  The bars are Health, Special and Superpower.  The health meter keeps track of your health.  The special bar, when full, strengthens your attack power by 1.2x until the meter runs out.  It needs five seconds of recharging afterwards.  The Superpower bar, when full, allows you to do your strongest move, the Hyperdrive.  That particular bar is filled by the amount of damage that you have taken from your opponent along with attack combos that you have done.

All characters have different movesets and different statistics, so finding the characters that best match your playstyle is the key.  For example, Bowie is a slow but powerful character, which is good for patient people, and General Scotch is perfect for those who want to have balanced stats but have somewhat of a good advantage.

Every character has six challenge medals, each awarded for doing a specific task involving fighting that character or using the character.  Over time, the medals unlock a secret.


There are twenty five characters in the game, eight default, twelve unlockable, and five DLC.  Each character comes from a franchise made by the company.  All characters are in a class, the classes being power, defense, magic and speed. Click on a character to visit their moveset, taunts, costumes, victory theme, and more.

Characters with blue backgrounds are default, otherwise known as being available from the start. Characters with red backgrounds are unlockable, to see how to unlock those characters click on their respective pages. DLC characters have green backgrounds and can be bought for $1.50, 1.40 euros, €1.34, or £0.96, depending on the area.

Botf Image Keil
BotF Image Scotch
BotF Image Oshian
BotF Image Echeno
BotF Image Crymsia
Botf Image Strike
BotF Image Endal
BotF Image Bowie
BotF Image Ashe
BotF Image Ethan
BotF Image Crimson
BotF Image Frozerade
BotF Image X
BotF Image Samantha
BotF Image Fandro
BotF Image Ono
BotF Image Ghasja
BotF Image Frink
Botf Image Zadico
BotF Image Bob
BotF Image KrunchKake
BotF Image Pierce Hazel
BotF Image Fandraxono
Botf Image EP


There are 42 stages in the game, 14 default, 21 unlockable, and 7 DLC.  Stages with a boss are marked by (!), those marked with (H) can be played in Hunger mode, (NH) means they can't.

All of these stages come from the series' franchises, save for Zonar Core and Sorrow Temple, which are outside the franchises but have much to do with the Zaxina universe which is where all of the Fandraxonian Enterprises' franchises take place.

The DLC stages all cost $0.75, 0.70 euros, €0.67, or £0.48, depending on the area.


Western Forest
(!) (H)

Wild Rapids

Fandro RPG

Aquatic Temple
Fandro RPG

Papaya Plains
(!) (H)
The Realm of Dreams

Pinball Alley
The Realm of Dreams

Eterna Forest
Crimson el Roserade

Midnight Ruins
(!) (NH)

Sapphire Mines

Gear Gates
(!) (H)
Fandro RPG

Airship KrunchKake
Fandro RPG

Lifeless Stream
Ghasja's Quest

Wafer Works
(H) (!)
The Realm of Dreams

Dragon's Grotto
(!) (H)
Crimson el Roserade


Dark Melody
(!) (NH)

Endal's Headquarters

Fandro RPG

Pretzel Plant
(!) (H)
Fandro RPG

Bloody Jungle
Ghasja's Quest

Echeno's Lair
The Realm of Dreams

Knight's Road
(!) (NH)
Crimson el Roserade

Unlock Encounter Vortexaine in Solo Quest. Complete Novices' Mode in Solo Quest with Endal. Unlock King KrunchKake. Play as Fandro, Ono, Bob,  and KrunchKake 5 times each. Play as Ghasja 10 times. Complete Pros' Mode with any character. Win 5 matches in a row as Crimson.

Deep Hell

Maha Desert
General's Journey

Chaotic City
General's Journey

Mutated Jungle
General's Journey

New York
Ordinary Mailman

Midnight Terrors
The Realm of Dreams

Zonar Core
Brawl of the Fandraxonians

Unlock Win 10 times as Endal. Play the Chaotic City stage at least 8 times. Unlock General Scotch. Complete Solo Quest (Rookies' Mode) with General Scotch and Oshelia. Unlock Frink. Unlock all of the costumes that Ethan and the Echeno have. Complete Pros' Mode in Master Quest.

Mountainside Terror

Alien Hideout
(!) (NH)
General's Journey

Regal Gardens
(!) (H)
Nature Warrior

Split Personality

(!) (NH)
Split Personality

Evil's Mind
The Realm of Dreams

Sorrow Temple / Fandraxono's Core
(!) (H)
Brawl of the Fandraxonians

Unlock Unlock X. Play all the other General's Journey stages 5 times. Win 5 matches in a row as Crymsia. Play 5 matches with Pierce Hazel. Win five times as every character barring Fandraxono. Win 30 matches as Ethan. Complete Masters' Mode in Solo Quest with Bowie.

King's Chamber
Fandro RPG

General's Journey

(!) (H)
Nature Warrior

Overwhere Castle
(!) (H)
Cage Warriors

Hyperspeed Tunnels
Cheesy Assault


There are a total of eighteen items in the game as well as a total of thirty assisting cards.  Items can be toggled on and off while managing your match setup.  In this game, items can either heal you, harm others, or simply help you in a different way.  Each item is unique and does not act the same.

Golden Candy


If eaten, the player recovers 20% of their health.


Monkey's Tail


The monkey's tail will add extra defense to a character for 10 seconds.


Fandraxonian Pistol

Fandro RPG

This item can be used to fire bullets at opponents.  There are 30 bullets inside, and each does 1% damage.


General's Cap

General's Journey

When worn by someone in combat, it increases powers of moves by 1.2x.


Dark Red Orb

The Realm of Dreams

Boosts your power by 1.2x, but also shortens your attack range.


Legendary Hygeine

Fandro RPG

Best.  ITEM.  EVER.

When squirted out of its tube, it forms a ghost in the image of Fandro, and does a massive slash at the foe, doing 50% damage.  

However, the player receives 20% damage out of shock.


Dark Gem

General's Journey

This item can be thrown at an opponent to damage them.  It does damage equal to 25% of a player's full health.


Dannious Poponious Script

The Realm of Dreams

If this script is read by the player, it adds explosions to physical attacks for the rest of the fight.


Smartass the Patrat

Crimson el Roserade

As an item, it gives useless advice, clogging up the area around the opponent.  This makes it hard to see.


Stage Bomb

Brawl of the Fandraxonians

When used, three holes are created in the stage.  If a player falls into a hole, its instant death.


Weapon of the Mailman

Ordinary Mailman

This mysterious gun fires one, big dangerous bullet, which does massive damage, but it also creates an explosion that may hurt its user.


Crimson's Armor

Crimson el Roserade

Obtaining this gives the player 2.0x defense, but 0.5x speed.  Effect lasts for 15 seconds.


Dark Hands

Split Personality

The player gains two shadow hands, which try to take an opponent and strangle them, poisoning them.


Personality Prism

Split Personality

This item splits the player into twelve different parts, whereas each of the player attacks.  All split parts have 0.08x the power of the original, but they all hit as a group, making it hard to endure.  The parts merge after fifteen seconds.



Nature Warrior

The ultimate stabbing weapon.  It stabs yourself as you go, but it deals massive damage to those it touches.  Be careful when using.  Proceed with caution.  Etc.


Monster Heart

Brawl of the Fandraxonians

When taken, you recover 30% of your health, but you become dizzy.


Nega Heart

Brawl of the Fandraxonians

When taken, you lose 15% of your health, but you gain boosts in a random stat category.


Sacred Power

Brawl of the Fandraxonians

Your character receives a golden sword, then when the attack button is pressed you home onto an opponent and attack with massive power.


Muscle Card

Brawl of the Fandraxonians

Summons a powerful character to unleash a powerful attack on the foe.


Tank Card

Brawl of the Fandraxonians

Summons a character that acts as a shield. The shield has attacks, but they're very weak.


Recovery Card

Brawl of the Fandraxonians

Summons a character that can help the player in miscellaneous ways.



Muscle Tank Recovery



Sabeuxo attacks with powerful electricity jolts.  If they miss, Sabeuxo becomes surrounded by an electric fence and rams straight into the opponent.



Windi stands in front of the player and takes attacks until she is destroyed.



Oscargen fires a confusing ray onto the battlefield, distorting the controls of opponents for 10 seconds.



Gary fires a powerful ice blast onto the battlefield, turning it into ice.  Then he makes ice particles jump out from it and sends the opponents flying.



Roberto stands in front of the player and guards them from attacks until he has taken 50% damage.


The Realm of Dreams

Jake comes along and hacks into the battlefield's code, then gives his summoner an advantage over the others.



Malvio will use her psychic powers and toss an opponent rather far away, dealing 20% if the foe is close enough.


General's Journey

Mega trips on the stage, burying an opponent into the ground.


The Realm of Dreams / Ace of Spades

Danni comes about and fires a healing pulse to the player, recovering 33% of all damage taken.

General Syande

General's Journey

General Syande places down a bomb, forcing all players besides the summoner outward with great knockback.

Admiral Twix

General's Journey

Twix will summon an army of his soldiers, protecting the summoner until all 20 of them disappear by being attacked one by one.


The Realm of Dreams

Once she is on stage, she'll sing to everyone, making all but the summoner fall asleep.

Heap of Trash

Fandro RPG

This heap of trash can spew toxins all over the field.  The player can easily deflect with shields, but otherwise he's tricky to get around.


General's Journey

Brook will use his massive strength to defend his summoner.  Anyone who hits Brook will be hit with twice the amount of power.  After ten seconds in the field, Brook will disappear.


The Realm of Dreams

Aidan will descend and draw a fruit for the player to use and heal themselves with.


Fandro RPG

Tim throws a stinky egg at an opponent, doing a ridiculous amount of damage - 40%.


General's Journey

Deathine drags her scythe in front of the player as a shield, blocking attacks, then takes up the damage and lashes it out at 1.5x the power.  Is only out for five seconds before her counterattack.


The Realm of Dreams

Samantha hugs the person who summoned her, boosting attack and defense for 10 seconds.


Fandro RPG

Ari hacks his way through the stage using his bloody axe, slashing everyone that gets in his way but the player who summoned him.


Fandro RPG

George creates a small mech, then supplies the player with it.  The mech follows the player around and shields him/her from attacks until it receives enough damage to explode.

Frink's Postal Service

Ordinary Mailman

Frink's PS comes along and heals the player with tons of coffee.

Bob 2.0

Fandro RPG

A clone of Bob appears, distorting the stage just because he's there.  When he leaves the stage goes back to normal.

Lord Tyranitar

Crimson el Roserade

Lord Tyranitar protects the player that summoned him for five seconds, then leaves with a burst of damaging fire.


Ordinary Mailman

Sam comes along in his truck and crashes into a wall, making a huge explosion, filling the summoner with extreme power.  You can hear him saying in the background "Doh I missed!"


Ghasja's Quest

Revensko will come on stage and attack with a burst of energy, dealing 40%.  However, she leaves the player with recoil damage of 10%.


Crimson el Roserade

Red will defend the player with a wall of vines, then do minor attacks with the vines before disappearing.


Nature Warrior

Nightlight goes around the field and heals his summoner, reflecting incoming attacks with a mechanical shield.

Elder Heracross / Elder Pinsir

Crimson el Roserade

These two old fellas go onto the battlefield, wait for an opening, then attack with Megahorn, dealing 25% to those they attack..


Crimson el Roserade / Pokémon

A normal roserade comes and surrounds the player with a strong veil of aroma, protecting him/her from three hits.


Nature Warrior

Astri will come onto the battlefield and shift gravity, then allow the player to float in place while the other opponents get slightly screwed over.


Split Personality

Clair will use her psychic powers to hold a foe in place, then brutally smash them into the ground before disappearing.


Nature Warrior

Zie will analyze the opponent's weak point and then display it to you on a holographic screen.


Nature Warrior

Lance will stab himself, draining himself of life, then hand over the drained energy to the player.


Split Personality

Syi comes in and turns an opponent or two into a scarerow for five seconds, allowing for easy combos.


Split Personality

FDX comes in and places a large shield upward, deflecting any attacks. After three seconds, the shield disappears along with FDX.


Master Crim

Crim will float over to an opponent, then accidentally heal them, whilst powering up the other players.

Xiane DLC


Xiane sends a huge burst of wind, severely damaging opponents.

Asher DLC

The Realm of Dreams

Asher places up an amazing shield, defending opponents from attacks, whilst granting the summoner full health.

Jeff and Geoff DLC

Fandro RPG

Jeff and Geoff dance together, then drain a bit of energy from every opponent and give it to themselves.

Heth DLC

Master Crim

Heth fires a huge punch at foes, knocking them out instantly. However his punch is extremely obvious and if dodged he flies out.

Silver DLC

Nature Warrior

Silver fires multiple elements into every defensive lasers, defending the player, damaging opponents that touch the lasers.

Chezen DLC

Cheesy Assault

Chezen brings twelve gerbils on the field that do minor damage - and I mean very minor - but then Chezen fires a large blast of cheese, killing the gerbils whilst healing everyone.


There are a total of fifteen bosses in the game, thirteen without DLC and fifteen with DLC, each one being found in either a certain level or can be found by chance in any level.  The bosses all have a certain amount of health you must deplete, and once that is done the boss faints and dies on the ground.  Here is a table of bosses.

Stage Locked

Fudgebuckets & Ripe





Fandro RPG

Plant Core

Fandro RPG


The Realm of Dreams

Darcious Mattorium

The Realm of Dreams


Nature Warrior


Split Personality

Vaw (DLC)

Nature Warrior

"Final Boss" (DLC)

Cage Warriors


Core of Fandraxono

Brawl of the Fandraxonians




Lord Garchomp

Crimson el Roserade

Commander Alien

General's Journey

The Silver Knight

Crimson el Roserade

Solo Quest

Solo Quest is BotF's equivalent to classic/adventure mode in the Super Smash Bros. series. You start out with three lives and must try to make your way to the end. If you lose all three lives, you receive a game over. You can earn lives by beating a stage in under forty five seconds with one opponent, a minute and a half with two, and two minutes and thirty seconds with three, or defeating a boss without losing 75% of your health.

Novices' Mode

A normal mode with six levels, the first five being randomized matches between one or two default characters on default stages. The sixth level is Darcious Mattorium, who is fought if you lose a stock at any given point. However, you may fight Vortexaine instead if you lost no stocks.

Rookies' Mode

(Unlock Bob, Frozerade, Scotch, and Oshelia)

It's very like Novices' mode, but now you have ten levels to go through.  Midway, at the fifth level, you fight Fudgebuckets and Ripe as a midboss.  The ninth level is a fight against a Metallic Bowie and the tenth level is either a fight against Guardian if lives were lost or Lord Garchomp if lives weren't lost.

Pros' Mode

(Unlock Endal, KrunchKake, Echeno, Frink)

Pros' mode is more difficult, having ten or fifteen levels to complete, depending on what route you take.  The eighth level is a fight against Plant Core, and winning against it without having losing a stock along the way brings you to the longer route.  If you did lose a stock in your journey, the ninth level is a Metallic Bowie fight and the tenth is a battle against Gary.

However, if you do beat Plant Core while not having lost a stock, you get to take the long route.  You must not lose a stock still though as you will be ejected out of the mode without any rewards.  The fourteenth level is a battle against Endal, KrunchKake, and the Echeno, and the final level is a battle against the Silver Knight.

Masters' Mode

(Unlock all characters and stages, sans the final character and Sorrow Temple)

This mode has twenty levels total, full of high difficult opponents.  The fifth, tenth, and fifteen levels have Elias, Ludro, and Commander Alien as bosses respectively.  The nineteenth is a battle against (?) and defeating that boss grants access to your final battle, Draxan.

Defeating Draxan opens up a stairway that leads to your victory.  Take the red gem sitting atop the stairway.

Vehicle Assistants

Rarely in battles, if they are turned on in the options menu, vehicle assistants will come into the playing field and wander around.  When one is touched by a player, they automatically join him/her and engage battle with the opponents. Each one has different functions and different advantages and disadvantages. All of them last on the field for fifteen seconds.

Once a vehicle assistant is in play, the player character will go into an unpoppable bubble for the duration of those fifteen seconds.

Assistants can be turned off and on in the stage's options and are always absent in online battles due to their large size and ability to cause lots of unwanted lag.

Vehicle I (BotF)Vehicle II (BotF)Vehicle III (BotF)Vehicle IV (BotF)Vehicle V (BotF)

Trivial Corner

Welcome to the Trivial corner! Here, we release facts that are hardly known to the public, or facts that might be worth reading at least. Feel free to take a look around.

The Trivial corner is an existing area in Brawl of the Fandraxonians, accessed from the title screen, directly under "press start".

The Trivial corner is unlocked once all Challenge Medals are collected.

Did you know that...

  • ...Bowie is almost as old as the creator of his franchise? Bowie's been around since around 2000, and projects around him by his owner have started around 2008.
  • ...Fandro was originally created by Indigo HyperFire as a comic star? Difficulty of coming up with jokes led to Fandro's revamp as an RPG character.
  • ...General Scotch was developed for the canceled Fantendo End project, and was later used for his own centered fiction?
  • ...despite being based upon his creator, Ethan actually has muscles? The creator has a very weak body, much contrasting to his creation.
  • ...Crimson was originally not a Roserade, but a human knight? He was made from the scraps of the cancelled The Final Knight product.
  • ...Ghasja was originally a Fantendo exclusive character, but had most of his character development moved to the Zolaran Archives, just due to his shape?
  • ...Frink was actually named after the Simpsons character named Frink, but has nothing in relation to him whatsoever?
  • ...Crymsia originated from a Japanese exclusive anime?
  • ...Pierce Hazel's first name came from one of the creator's old nicknames on an old website before it got shut down? The name of the website was forgotten.
  • ...Fandraxono was originally a hero character, but became the evil alter ego of Pierce? Fandraxono was even going to be the star of Split Personality!

Did you know that...

  • ...BowieQuest went through several revamps? It went through the names of BowieQuest, BowieQuest X, and BowieQuest: Origins before finally going through as BowieQuest α.
  • ...Bowie was named after David Bowie?
  • ...Ashe was originally depicted as very fat, but came out as slightly wider than Bowie to prevent controversies over obesity?
  • ...Endal's previous name was Bananas before the creator deemed it too stupid?
  • ...Despite the Fandro RPG game "Stray By Me" having zero chronology to the Fandro RPG franchise, Ono is playable in this game?
  • ...Bob originally looked just like Fandro, but had a major redesign revamp so that no one could confuse the two?
  • ...Oshelia, Mega, Keil and Snickers were each developed by different people? They were developed by Neon the Spelunker, Kirbymariomega, Atomic1upchickia, and Indigo HyperFire of Fantendo.
  • ...General Scotch was originally taller than every other main character in his fiction, but was shortened for fun just so he could be the shortest of his team?
  • ...Commander Alien was previously a BowieQuest character?
  • ...Everyone in the Realm of Dreams is based off of the creator and his brothers and relatively few friends?

Did you know that...

  • ...The Echeno was developed off of a haunted bookshelf that appeared constantly in the creator's nightmares?
  • ...The dream setting of the Realm of Dreams is set off of the creator's desire for food?
  • ...Frozerade is a recolor of the Pokémon named Roserade, but was co developed by Game Freak?
  • ...Lord Garchomp originally had a lot of vulgar language, but had most of it cut down?
  • ...Frink's game wasn't going to be dark or gritty in the first place, but was made that way eventually so that the game could appeal more hilariously and receive more purchases?
  • ...Crymsia was originally a villainous character? To appeal more to the Zolaran Archives, she was made a hero and Nightshade replaced her original role.
  • ...Ludro was originally a joke character but later became a monstrous villain in Nature Warrior? He was also originally a member of the Dark Matter Resistance...
  • ...Despite having no relation to Silver the Hedgehog, Silver from Nature Warrior was named after him?
  • ...The universe of Split Personality is the embodiment of the creator's nightmares?
  • ...Elvis and Pecan were starred in two totally separate franchises, Human Devastation and Cage Warriors?

Did you know that...

  • ...The third title of the Fandro RPG series, Sorrow Harvest, was named after the Metallica song Harvester of Sorrow?
  • ...General's Journey was originally titled The Adventures of General Scotch?
  • ...Despite his rude manners and intentions, General Snickers has an enormous crush on Keil?
  • ...Crimson el Roserade was originally a fighting tournament game in the style of Sonic the Fighters?
  • ...X, a villain from the BowieQuest franchise, was based off of Bowie's design from the no longer canon BowieQuest III: The Dark Vortex?
  • ...Flare, Windi, Sabeuxo, and Oscargen were originally titled Samantha, Shelia, Paul, and Jonathan before the creator found the names too generic when compared to the names of Bowie and Ashe?
  • ...Bowie once died in his own franchise?
  • ...Split Personality has many links to General's Journey? It's honestly not much of a surprise as the two are said to cross over eventually.
  • ...Pierce's thoughts are greatly inspired by the creator's childhood?

Did you know that...

  • ...Ghasja debuted in this game before in his own game? His game had technical issues.
  • ...Ghasja's name has no real origin to it?
  • ...This game is not only inspired by Super Smash Bros, but also inspired by games such as Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, despite sharing relatively few similarities to them?
  • ...A few famous singers, such as Ozzy Osbourne, were going to develop the game's music for the most part? All the singers can be found in the game's credits despite their songs not being included.
  • ...This game was almost canceled before completion? The creator was worrying a lot about the relatively few glitches this game might offer.
  • ...Despite BowieQuest: Origins no longer being canon, its stages are still present in the game?
  • ...Frink's truck is somewhat inspired by the famous G.U.N. truck from Sonic Adventure 2?
  • ...This game was originally going to be a large racing game instead of a fighting game?
  • ...Fandraxono is both a boss and a playable character in this game?
  • ...Pierce's original name was Crimson but was renamed just so this game didn't confuse them?


These tiers are based upon how much a character is used in competitive activities and its gameplay strategies.  Characters in the A tier are known for being great, characters in the F tier...not so much.

Brawl of the Fandraxonians: Tier List
BotF Image Oshian BotF Image Endal BotF Image Bob BotF Image Fandraxono BotF Image Pierce Hazel
BotF Image Scotch BotF Image Ghasja BotF Image X BotF Image Keil BotF Image Crymsia
BotF Image Crimson BotF Image Samantha BotF Image Ashe BotF Image Zadico BotF Image Fandro
BotF Image EP BotF Image Frozerade BotF Image Bowie BotF Image Frink BotF Image Echeno
BotF Image Strike BotF Image Ethan BotF Image KrunchKake BotF Image Ono



When first released, Brawl of the Fandraxonians was met with positive reviews from critics.  The game is noted for its challenge factor and enjoyable, comical gameplay.  The roster received a lot of praise for its "outstanding gameplay quality" and "fair" selection between all of Fandraxonian Enterprises' franchises.  Criticism is often drived towards the game for its Smash and Street Fighter styled gameplay, being stated as "somewhat unoriginal".

Once the DLC was released and the game was fully up to date, the game received critical acclaim, with gameplay being "much improved" and with "more enjoyable modes, with much more balanced characters".


The game has been widely criticized and heavily discussed for its inclusion of the make belief creature known as Satan. Despite the fact that Satan is a disguise for someone else, the idea was still critically panned and led to beliefs throughout the world that Fandraxonian Enterprises is a worshiper of Satan itself. To stand up against this, Fandraxonian Enterprises modified Satan's appearance to look more like a cartoonish, gritty character in a future update, and was renamed Draxan.

Speaking of the term "gritty", the game has been also criticized for its unneeded violence and its roster not fitting well with that, especially not with characters such as Oshelia and Bob present, whom are meant to mean no harm.

Version Differences

  • October 28, 2020: 1.1v: Fixed a few glitches, notably the Indefinite Jump glitch.
  • November 4, 2020: 1.2v: Added online gameplay, and skins for characters were added.
  • November 9, 2020: 1.3v: Fixed most glitches, and nerfed Endal and Oshelia a bit, and heavily nerfed Bowie, who was top tier.
  • November 20, 2020: 1.3.1v: Fixed nearly every glitch and all characters have been nerfed and went to the point of not broken (although some players say that Endal and Oshelia are still somewhat broken).  A demo of a story mode has been released, said to be completed in a future re-release of the game.
  • November 24, 2020: 1.4v Satan's appearance was changed to look less gritty and was made more cartoonish looking. This was said to reflect on the controversy regarding Satan's rather realistic appearance before this update. He was also renamed to Draxan.
  • November 29, 2020: 1.5v: Added online play.
  • December 8, 2020: 1.5.1v: Fixed a few bugs, nerfed some characters, lag has been removed for the most part.
  • May 17, 2021: 2.0v: Most if not all normal lag has been removed, this version considered the complete form.
  • May 23, 2021: 2.0.1v A piece of coding within the game has been removed due to revealing some important data that should only be seen when the time comes.  The coding that has been found was titled "KLSTKEPZDI".
  • July 6, 2021: 2.0.2v Many tournament breaking glitches and strategies have been patched up and many of the characters were either nerfed or made more powerful to balance the metagame, especially in Ono's case.
  • September 15, 2021: Keil has been added as DLC.
  • September 29, 2021: Zadico has been added as DLC.
  • October 8, 2021: Strike has been added as DLC.
  • October 22, 2021: Elvis and Pecan have been added as DLC.


Amiibo has been released for this game, one amiibo for each character.  So far, each amiibo adds another costume to a character.  Further use of amiibos has yet to be revealed.


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Concept Art

Official Art


Game Parts


  • Originally, there were only eight characters, but complaints from audiences led to the roster being well enlarged in size, more than double.  The original roster was Bowie, Ashe, Fandro, Bob, Ethan, Crimson, General Scotch and Ghasja, the last two being unlockable.
  • Asher was planned to be playable in the game, but was turned into an assisting card instead due to Crimson the Fandraxonian fearing that he himself may over represent The Realm of Dreams, which is not big of a franchise on its own when compared to BowieQuest and Crimson el Roserade.
  • Despite the game mostly using canon characters, it oddly uses Ono from Fandro RPG: Stray By Me, which is not canon to the Fandro RPG franchise.
    • Crimson eventually announced on April 13, 2021 that he needed a unique character to use for the fourth Fandro RPG representative, so he forced himself to choose Ono for it.
  • Data in the game's files reveals character data for "SLV KGT" and "WDI", suggesting that the Silver Knight from Crimson el Roserade II: The Silver Knight and Windi from BowieQuest may have been intended to be playable, but were scrapped.  Likely, they were scrapped in favor of Frozerade and Endal, respectively.
    • The Silver Knight is still in the game as a boss and Windi is an assist card.  Some of the Silver Knight's aspects and abilities were lent over to Crymsia whilst Windi's planned floaty gameplay was given to Ono.
  • Oddly, this game was released before Ghasja's Quest, meaning that Ghasja makes his Fandraxonian Enterprises debut in this game rather than in his own series.  It's often speculated this is the case because Ghasja's Quest had technical difficulties during production and Brawl of the Fandraxonians was ready to be released earlier than expected by the creators.
  • A DLC pack has been created for Brawl of the Fandraxonians, starring 12 unplayable Fantendo characters that have crossed from all over Fantendo to battle the Fandraxonians in Fantendo All Stars Melee mode.  Once all 12 of those characters are defeated, a much more powerful form of Bowie (Shadow Bowie) will appear on the field.  If defeated, Shadow Bowie becomes a skin for Bowie (but he does not obtain its immense power).
    • The characters are Unten, Pesh, 3.14, PalmMan, McBoo, Nightwolf, Mylan Starlight, Henry the Moose, Reese, Justice Shield, Cookie Crumble, and The End.