An in-depth listing of all jobs and job abilities in Bravely Venture.

Returning Jobs


Description Ability Move Info
A job classification for those who do not possess an asterisk. Freelancers are all-around in terms of stats, but their abilities are all over the place in terms of capability, including their useful enemy-scouting Examine move.


Description Ability Move Info

White Mage

Description Ability Move Info


Description Ability Move Info


Description Ability Move Info

New Jobs


Description Ability Move Info
A powerful physical attacker with a unique take on spending BP- thanks to its Valor ability, it gets increasingly more powerful as its BP reaches the negatives. The lower it goes, the more damage it's capable of dealing!


Description Ability Move Info
Using various special herbs, this healing support class utilizes Aromas, which are delayed support effects that trigger after certain conditions have been met. They do possess limited immediate healing abilities, but Herbalist is built around preparation.


Description Ability Move Info
This tanky gun wielder utilizes attacking items such as Bomb Fragments and Antarctic Winds to power its grenade attacks, which are powerful and are a great way to dish out elemental damage. Stay stocked up!


Description Ability Move Info
Using ancient and mystical Runic-type magic, the Mystic is a strange offensive spellcaster who starts off with rather weak abilities. However, via its secondary Absorbtion skills, the user can level up their magic abilities mid-fight and make them more powerful.


Description Ability Move Info
A dark and ominous swordmaster set out on a quest for revenge. Specializes in setting up a Blood Feud with a single enemy, enabling it to focus on their object of vengeance for massive localized damage.


Description Ability Move Info
An agile fighter reliant on chance. It's got a lot of techniques that are based off of the results of a slots machine, so the user is able to manipulate the odds somewhat... The Gamble move, however, is truly and utterly random.

Decay Knight

Description Ability Move Info
A nuclear powered job with the ability to enter Meltdown mode. This stance drains the user's HP over time (real time, not by turn), but drastically increases stats and allows access to powerful nuclear-charged abilities.







Robo Knight





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