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Pyro Enterprises
Well, welcome to Bravely Venture, a fangame made by me, Pyrostar.

Please do not edit it without my permission, but you are welcome to comment or talk to me on my userpage. That said, enjoy the page!

Bravely Venture
Developer(s) Square Enix, Pyro Enterprises, and Silicon Studios
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Cryogon
Genre(s) RPG
Release Date(s)
December 20th, 2018
1 player story mode
Age Rating(s)
Series Bravely Default
Predecessor Bravely Second
Media Included Cryogon cartridge

Bravely Venture (fully titled Bravely Venture: Faithless Wings) is an RPG developed by Pyro Enterprises as part of the Bravely Default series. It is said to take the original game and the sequel, Bravely Second, and improve upon and enhance the basic gameplay.


Prologue: The Lost City

The game begins with a CG trailer, looking over the land of Luxendarc from the sky. Everything seems to be calm at first, but eventually a bit of the ocean begins to glow golden. A square portal opens up among the waves, and an object resembling a golden pyramid emerges from the portal. Various glyphs appear on the structure as it begins to glow, but then the pyramid begins exploding, strings of blasts chaining across the structure. The pyramid begins sinking back into the portal as a dark-skinned girl wielding a dagger-like weapon watches from a distance. The girl then begins talking, presumably in her head.

My name is Hadi. If anybody tells you it's not, they're just as crazy as my mother. This is the name I was born with, not Izaloti or whatever it is she calls me by now. My mother... Something has happened to her. She went from a simple herder in Anchiem to... the heartless woman controlling this city. I swear, on both my life and all of that on Luxendarc, I will find a way to save my mother from the monster she's become... Even if I die trying.
Hadi, Prologue: The Lost City

The trailer then shifts focus to an icy tundra, where a young boy wearing thick woolen clothes is shown digging through the snow vigorously alongside other similarly-dressed people. They eventually uncover a young girl, frostbite covering her body; the boy begins hugging the unconscious and possibly dead girl. It then cuts to the inside of a rundown tent, a small fire warming the two children up. The boy keeps watch over the girl until she slowly wakes up, and the two share another hug. The two sit around the fire as the boy speaks in his head.

I'm Seiger Volkov, and this is my sister, Osha. We've been living in the settlement of Kustura ever since we were born. Then again, living isn't the right word here. It's a frozen wasteland where every day is a battle for life and death, especially for kids like us. With Mom and Dad gone, it's pretty much us fending for each other at any given time. ...Is it too much to ask to leave?
Seiger, Prologue: The Lost City

Night falls, and Seiger has fallen asleep inside the tent, the remnants of the fire crackling beside him. Osha, however, has awoken, and leaves the tent with little more than a thin dress on. She stares up into the night sky, filled with countless beautiful stars, and sits down in the snow, taking a handful of the white powder and watching it blow into the wind.

I'm Osha. I assume you've already met my brother, Seiger. My big brother's always looking out for me, and I honestly couldn't be happier, but... I agree with him. We're dying out here. Either he'll be killed protecting me, or I'll just die of hypothermia. Heh... Y'know, your mind goes crazy places when you're thinking about death. You wonder what'll happen afterwards, if you'll be remembered, what your family will do... Seiger would be heartbroken, but in all honesty, I just want to see Mom and Dad again...
Osha, Prologue: The Lost City

The trailer cuts to a ruined castle in the sky, moss growing over the wreckage of what was seemingly once a beautiful city. A small girl with grey hair steps down from a piece of rubble, her happy expression portraying a carefree innocence as she climbs around the ruins. Following after her is a young man in gleaming monochrome armor and dark red hair, carefully following after her to ensure she doesn't hurt herself.

Name's Burkhard. Former star pupil of St. Floria's Academy and current Guardian to the Vestal of Earth. Oh, this scamp's the vestal. Lilia DeRosso Oblige, 12 years old and only in the position because she was the only option. It's my duty to keep her safe... No, it's my everything. I want Lilia to prove she has what it takes to be a true leader of the people... Even if this precious innocence winds up disappearing.
Burkhard, Prologue: The Lost City

The screen goes black, and a small fairy with blue morpho butterfly wings and a sky-blue dress appears, a slightly annoyed expression on her face.

So... these are the losers you want? I don't see why you didn't just go with your usual suspects this time around. Y'know, Tiz Arrior, Edea Lee, those guys? You've used them enough, and they're at least somewhat aware of your existence... So why go through the trouble of having me round up new warriors of light? I mean, it's not like I can DISOBEY you or anything...
Alice, Prologue: The Lost City

Seek out the new Warriors of Light.

Grumble... So you're serious, then. Alright, Master. Your faithful servant Alice is ready and... willing to serve. Call me when you need me.
Alice, Prologue: The Lost City

Alice flies offscreen, and the trailer ends.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

The End



Name Description
Hadi Nejem
Unwilling Savior
Seiger Volkov
Kind-Hearted Brother
Osha Volkov
Death Seeking Child
Burkhard Wächter
Orthodoxy Guardian


Name Description


Name Description
Servant of the Celestial


Similarly to its predecessors, Bravely Venture is a turn-based RPG with a battle system focused on the game's job system. The game uses a system of stocked points called "BP" which characters use to gain extra turns. Every character has their own set of BP. When using the "Default" command, a turn is skipped in order to stock a BP, and the "Brave" command uses that BP to move up to four times. Players can move twice and drop into negative BP, which will result in a combo of turns; however, this gives the enemy several turns in a row.

Another battle command is the "Friend Summon" system, where players can summon the characters of other players using either data transfer between the player's friends or Cryogon Streetpass system between strangers. When a Friend Summon is used repeatedly, they will grow in "Affection" and become stronger.

Two new commands have been added alongside the previous abilities, known as "Donate" and "Venture". When a character uses the "Donate" command, they will use up 2 of their own BP to add one to an ally, the cost effectively becoming 1 BP after the turn's end. This can be used to help an ally get back into action after spending mass amounts of BP, or simply to give more to an ally that needs it.

Using the "Venture" command switches the character from their current job skills and equipment set to a secondary one also customized by the player. This is the main feature of the game, and is designed to create an extra level of strategy in terms of party construction.

The job system is similar to that of Final Fantasy V in that characters learn abilities from using jobs. Job commands are the special skills of that class, such as Magic and Attack. Support abilities are automatic skills like "HP +10%" or "Cover". Job commands can be set with abilities learned from other jobs, allowing mixed characters with multiple skills. Support abilities can be customized, but there is a set "cost" as to how many support abilities can be placed on one character.

Growth in job mastery is represented by job levels. As characters use a class more frequently in battle, their job level increases. Bravely Default features a special system called "Abilink", which allows players to borrow the job levels of their friends' characters.

Limit Break-style attacks called "Special Moves" are powerful finishing moves based on weapons not unlike Weapon Skills from Final Fantasy XI and can only be used under special conditions. Each of the 14 weapon-types has 1-5 levels of attacks for a total 70 Special Moves. Furthermore the attack names, dialogue when used and effects (such as status effects, special triggers, elemental properties, better damage versus certain enemy types) of Special moves can be customized.

After a Special Move is activated, the background music will change to a unique theme based on the character and the move effects can stack. All weapon types have set proficiency that affects the learning rate and damage of each weapon and Special Move. They are ranked S-E and vary from class to class: for example Freelancers have a B rating in all weapons. The effects of special moves are time-based and will last for approximately a minute and a half until the special move theme is finished, regardless of whether the player is attacking, selecting the commands, or doing nothing.

Job System

Similar to the previous games in the series, Bravely Venture's combat and gameplay is heavily focused on the job system. There are approximately 60 jobs in the game, each with a unique skillset, stat distribution, and abilities. Only 13 of the jobs are found during the main story, as the rest are discovered via sidequests.

A more accurate listing of job skills can be found here.

Returning Jobs
New Jobs
Warrior Herbalist Grenadier Vigilante Harlequin Decay Knight

World Map




See here.


  • The game was rebooted on July 24th, 2016, due to the creator gaining new ideas about gameplay as well as obtaining an actual copy of Bravely Second for himself.
    • The reboot is meant to possess an "Aztec-like" design and spirituality, inspired by an implied South American-esque culture on Luxendarc mentioned in the bestiary description for the boss Vucub-Caquix.

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