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Bravely Venture
Developer(s) Square Enix, Pyro Enterprises, and Silicon Studios
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Midas
Release Date(s)
December 20th, 2018
1 player story mode
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) RPG
Series Bravely Default
Predecessor Bravely Second
Media Included Midas cartridge

Bravely Venture (fully titled Bravely Venture: Faithless Wings) is an RPG developed by Pyro Enterprises as part of the Bravely Default series. It is said to take the original game and the sequel, Bravely Second, and improve upon and enhance the basic gameplay.


Prologue: The Lost City

The game begins with a CG trailer, looking over the land of Luxendarc from the sky. Everything seems to be calm at first, but eventually a bit of the ocean begins to glow golden. A square portal opens up among the waves, and an object resembling a golden pyramid emerges from the portal. Various glyphs appear on the structure as it begins to glow, but then the pyramid begins exploding, strings of blasts chaining across the structure. The pyramid begins sinking back into the portal as a dark-skinned girl wielding a dagger-like weapon watches from a distance. The girl then begins talking, presumably in her head.

My name is Hadi. If anybody tells you it's not, they're just as crazy as my mother. This is the name I was born with, not Izaloti or whatever it is she calls me by now. My mother... Something has happened to her. She went from a simple herder in Anchiem to... the heartless woman controlling this city. I swear, on both my life and all of that on Luxendarc, I will find a way to save my mother from the monster she's become... Even if I die trying.
Hadi, Prologue: The Lost City

The trailer then shifts focus to an icy tundra, where a young boy wearing thick woolen clothes is shown digging through the snow vigorously alongside other similarly-dressed people. They eventually uncover a young girl, frostbite covering her body; the boy begins hugging the unconscious and possibly dead girl. It then cuts to the inside of a rundown tent, a small fire warming the two children up. The boy keeps watch over the girl until she slowly wakes up, and the two share another hug. The two sit around the fire as the boy speaks in his head.

I'm Seiger Volkov, and this is my sister, Osha. We've been living in the settlement of Kustura ever since we were born. Then again, living isn't the right word here. It's a frozen wasteland where every day is a battle for life and death, especially for kids like us. With Mom and Dad gone, it's pretty much us fending for each other at any given time. ...Is it too much to ask to leave?
Seiger, Prologue: The Lost City

Night falls, and Seiger has fallen asleep inside the tent, the remnants of the fire crackling beside him. Osha, however, has awoken, and leaves the tent with little more than a thin dress on. She stares up into the night sky, filled with countless beautiful stars, and sits down in the snow, taking a handful of the white powder and watching it blow into the wind.

I'm Osha. I assume you've already met my brother, Seiger. My big brother's always looking out for me, and I honestly couldn't be happier, but... I agree with him. We're dying out here. Either he'll be killed protecting me, or I'll just die of hypothermia. Heh... Y'know, your mind goes crazy places when you're thinking about death. You wonder what'll happen afterwards, if you'll be remembered, what your family will do... Seiger would be heartbroken, but in all honesty, I just want to see Mom and Dad again...
Osha, Prologue: The Lost City

The trailer cuts to a ruined castle in the sky, moss growing over the wreckage of what was seemingly once a beautiful city. A small girl with grey hair steps down from a piece of rubble, her happy expression portraying a carefree innocence as she climbs around the ruins. Following after her is a young man in gleaming monochrome armor and dark red hair, carefully following after her to ensure she doesn't hurt herself.

Name's Burkhard. Former star pupil of St. Floria's Academy and current Guardian to the Vestal of Earth. Oh, this scamp's the vestal. Lilia DeRosso Oblige, 12 years old and only in the position because she was the only option. It's my duty to keep her safe... No, it's my everything. I want Lilia to prove she has what it takes to be a true leader of the people... Even if this precious innocence winds up disappearing.
Burkhard, Prologue: The Lost City

The screen goes black, and a small fairy with blue morpho butterfly wings and a sky-blue dress appears, a slightly annoyed expression on her face.

So... these are the losers you want? I don't see why you didn't just go with your usual suspects this time around. Y'know, Tiz Arrior, Edea Lee, those guys? You've used them enough, and they're at least somewhat aware of your existence... So why go through the trouble of having me round up new warriors of light? I mean, it's not like I can DISOBEY you or anything...
Alice, Prologue: The Lost City

Seek out the new Warriors of Light.

Grumble... So you're serious, then. Alright, Master. Your faithful servant Alice is ready and... willing to serve. Call me when you need me.
Alice, Prologue: The Lost City

Alice flies offscreen, and the trailer ends.

Gameplay begins with Osha waking in her bed, Seiger tending a small fire and cooking a small pot above it. He notices his sister is awake and pours a thick soup from the pot into a pair of bowls, giving one of the piping hot meals to Osha. The brother asks the sister how she's feeling, which she replies with a monotone "The usual." Seiger says that he wants to eventually see his sister feeling better, and that he'll take care of her until she was strong enough to overcome the many ailments that plagued her. For the moment, however, Seiger needed to leave to assist the adults of the village with excavation, and he needed Osha to head down to the market and get supplies for the night's dinner. He left Osha, the girl getting up and leaving the tent to fulfill her task.

Heading into Kustura Settlement, Osha ventured into the market, where the townspeople peddled both weapons made from the meteoric iron the Kustra Archipelago was rich in and the few vegetables they could manage to grow in the cold and frigid wastes that made up their home. It took strength, will, and determination to do anything here- and the former was something Osha had lacked all her life. Venturing through the market further, however, she came across a robbery- a strange man that she had never seen before was stealing the purse off of a woman in the street. Successfully running off with the goods, the thief escaped out of the market and into the tundra. Osha, in a strange burst of focus, decided she needed to catch the thief, and ran out of the settlement to chase him.

Pursuing the thief into the snowy wilds, Osha ran as fast as she could, battling off the few weak monsters that managed to survive the environment. She couldn't feel the cold or wind on her body, and she was just focused on catching the thief... Only to lose track of him at the rim of a mysterious crater that hadn't been there before to her knowledge. The thief looked like he had run off scared, leaving the purse on the rim of the creater. Osha grabbed it, but something in the back of her mind was pushing her to enter the crater, with some mysterious metallic object inside. Fear purged from her body, she left down the edge of the crater.

After climbing down the side of the crater and making her way to the bottom, Osha came across a small metallic object that almost resembled a cocoon- it was pulsing with red light, beating like a heart and giving off puffs of some gas that was making her sleepy. Brushing off the effects, she slowly walked towards the cocoon, weapon brandished and prepared to strike. The pod burst open in a flash of light, revealing a single organism inside- a small woman with blue wings like a butterfly.

Alice:Yaaaaaaaaaaaawn... Finally. Made my way to Luxendarc. Now I just have to- Ughhh. Already. It'd be nice to not have to deal with these Luxens.
Osha:W-Who or what are you?!
Alice:That's none of your concern unless you're one of the people I'm looking for. So forget you saw anything and be on your way.
Osha:No! Tell me what kind of monster you are and what you're doing! I-I'll attack! I will!
Alice:*sigh* I'm not here to hurt anybody. I'm on a mission from my master, the great and powerful Celestial. Something evil's coming to your puny planet, and they have deigned to once again descend upon it, helping the Warriors of Light to once again save the world.
Osha:The Warriors of Light? You mean the people who saved the world from that giant space dragon thing? I thought they were just stories my big brother told me...
Alice:Stories?! Wow, you really are ungrateful for everything those Luxens and my master did for you, huh? Well, luckily for you, little girl, they're looking for a new batch of warriors this time around! No clue why they aren't just using the old ones but I have no room to budge here... Oh, for the love of-

The two were soon assaulted by a group of enemies, which Osha brandished her weapon against and fended off. Alice, scared and out of breath at the threat of violence being directed against her by someone other than a Luxen, reluctantly accepted the girl's outstretched hand in a gesture of friendship and sympathy. Osha said that if Alice needed to help find someone to save the world, she'd do it, but also asked her to explain what exactly was happening; she didn't feel as though anything monumentally evil had shown up at all. Alice refused, saying that her mission was sadly saved for "whatever rabble the Celestial decided to make the new Warriors of Light."

Once Osha arrived back in Kustura, Alice decided it best to hide in her dress for the time being. When asked why, the fairy explained that her kind wasn't exactly welcome among Luxens for reasons she'd rather not explain. Osha walked around until she found the woman who had lost her purse, returning it. The woman burst into tears and began hugging the girl, with Seiger walking through the square finally noticing his sister had returned.

The two talked together inside, with Osha trying to explain what had happened without mentioning Alice. Seiger said that he was concerned about his sister, having run off into the hostile wastes with barely any strength. He began berating her for not doing anything to build up strength or survive in the place where they lived, saying that he was tired of having to do everything for her and that she needed to start taking care of herself. On the verge of tears, Osha was silent... Then, the two were suddenly interupted by a pair of travelers, a young man in armor and a small girl with grey hair, who looked confused as to what was going on.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

The End



Name Description

Hadi Nejem
Unwilling Savior
A 19-year-old girl from Ancheim. Hadi was once the daughter of a goat herder out in in the western parts of the Cheim region, living out a simple life with her single mother Kalida. One day, her mother fell in love with a foreign man, who was in search of a lost city said to be filled to the brim with treasure. Kadila decided to follow this man for both his love and the chance to escape her dreary life, and young Hadi was taken along for the ride, not knowing why they had left her home. After a long time searching and searching without end, the newly married couple and Hadi finally discovered the thing they had been searching for for years- the lost city of gold, a land they dubbed La-Armua.
Hadi began living the life of a princess as her mother and new father ruled the city of La-Aruma as king and queen, taking over the abandoned land as they were tended to by the reawoken robotic servants placed across the city. While Hadi was happy and content with her life at first, as she grew older and her parents spent more and more time in the city, she began to feel as though something was off. It all came to a head when Hadi caught Kadila, struck with a strange frenzy and wearing a beautiful yet terrifying outfit that she had never seen before, slaughter her new husband in some sort of ritual, dark energy flowing into her from the corpse of the man. Though Kadila kept up her typical motherly personality around Hadi, she had seen enough to know something was wrong... And one day, stealing an ancient dagger from the vault of the lost city, she ran away, vowing to end the threat she knew her mother had become.
Hadi is a young woman who puts up the facade of a brave, unflinching warrior in order to face the challenges she knows she has to face during her journey. Often taking the role of the serious face of the party, she is the one who does her best to be the leader, forging plans, intimidating foes, and trying to strike negotiations. However, beneath this facade, Hadi remains a highly emotional child, and is secretly scared of failure and leaving her friends and mother to suffer. Luckily, one can use this child-like side to their advantage by making her happy, which puts her in a bright emotional state similar to that of a younger girl.

Seiger Volkov
Kind-Hearted Brother
A 17-year-old boy from Kustura. Though born in the immortal city of Eternia, his parents were the famous explorers Pyotr and Alyona Volkov, and were among the head of Grand Marshal Edea Lee's expedition force sent to explore and colonize the icy Kustra Archipelago. Seiger was a mere 1 year old when he joined his parents in the colony that they helped create, the village of Kustura, and though like many, he struggled to adapt to the frigid climate at first, he quickly grew to survive in the dangerous wastes, becoming a strong, kind, and caring young boy, this feeling growing within him at a young age when his frail sister Osha was born about a year and a half later. Seiger was growing up to be a proud member of the first colony in the Kustra Archipelago...
Then, one day, Seiger's parents went missing. When the then six-year-old and the rest of the village got the news, they discovered that Pyotr and Alyona had gotten lost inside a snowstorm, with no trace of them left... They were presumed dead. Seiger, with no real parental force left in his life, and living inside an extremely harsh and punishing wasteland, decided that he needed to help his baby sister survive above all else. He became one of the most hardworking and kind members of Kustura's community, effectively acting as Osha's parental guardian and taking care of her to the greatest extent that he could. As time has passed, Seiger has gained the realization that no matter what he does, he and his sister still reside in the most hostile place on Luxendarc; they needed to leave, no matter what they had to do to escape.
Seiger is a hardworking individual who does everything within his power to make those he loves comfortable and safe, even if it puts his own being and livelihood at risk; seeing others happy is what brings him confidence and happiness. Though he can occasionally be a bit coddling and over-protective, he means well for everyone, an attitude that Hadi has embodied in his nickname of "Team Mom". Seiger is also somewhat of a pacifist, not wanting to cause harm to anybody unless it is absolutely necessary... This often clashes with the ideals of his own sister, Osha, who is willing to put herself in any kind of danger if she thinks it will accomplish something greater.

Osha Volkov
Death Seeking Child
A 15-year-old girl from Kustura. Younger sister of Seiger, her older brother has essentially been her surrogate father for her whole life, barely having any memories of her real birth parents. She loves her brother with all her heart, and didn't seem to mind the fact that her parents were absent from her life for a long while. Unfortunately, Osha's unusual lack of physical strength, contributing to a pale complexion and wiry frame, meant that Seiger had to do double work to support himself alongside her. Realizing that her brother was suffering and that she was being a burden on him, Osha went to the first option she could think of... Suicide.
Osha tried drowning herself in the frozen waters off the coast of Kustura; in her eyes, dying would not only make Seiger's life exponentially easier, but she'd be able to see her mother and father once again, her fading memories being proof of how she needed them again deep-down. Before she could actually pull through and do the dark task, she was rescued by Seiger and some other townspeople, who believed she had slipped in. Osha, formerly bright and full of childlike wonder, became jaded by the incident, slipping into a sort of depression. Though time and love from her brother have helped her, she is no longer the little girl she once was.
In contrast to her older brother, Osha is jaded and cynical, acting like a world-weary woman ten years older than her actual age. At times, she can come across as borderline emotionless, though she can form bonds with people and merely expresses them in different ways. Osha's suicidal tendencies carry through how she acts; she has no regard for personal safety, wearing nothing but a simple thin dress everywhere and challenging everything she sees as a threat to combat, never backing down. She's far more intelligent than most people her age, or even older, but often uses this intelligence for what might be considered the wrong reasons.

Burkhard Wächter
Orthodoxy Guardian
A 21-year-old man from Eisenberg. Burkhard grew up in a relatively wealthy family, born to a famous opera singer and a military weapons specialist. He grew up in the lap of luxury, with almost every need tended to by his loving parents; he wanted for nothing and spent his time trying to give back to them and the community of Eisenberg. He spent tons of money on other people and helped out around his town constantly doing his best to help people out. Unfortunately, the idea of karma didn't wind up helping him out when he was framed for a crime he did not commit; the murder of a young girl his own age, her body found burnt to a crisp in the magma surrounding the town. Sentenced to death despite the shock and horror of his parents, he was saved at the last minute by an unlikely figure... Duke of Eternia, Alternis Dim.
Seeing the boy about to be sentenced to death, the dark knight interjected, saying that he had heard stories about the boy acting as a veritable saint to his town; killing him didn't seem right. Alternis then came up with an alternative method of Burkhard doing time; after his wife's reconstruction of the Temple of Earth, she had set up a new system alongside the Crystal Orthodoxy known as the Guardian program, taking brave warriors to serve as the bodyguards to vestals and protect them from harm. With a young new Vestal of Earth having been chosen, she would need a Guardian of her own, and Alternis decided having Burkhard as one would be an ideal option. His parents in tears, Burkhard agreed to act as the Guardian to the young vestal, and was taken to Eternia to serve his sentence. Upon arrival, he was introduced to the 8-year-old vestal, Lillia DeRosso Oblige, and the two hit it off extremely quickly- Burkhard has served as her faithful Guardian for years now, a servant of the Orthodoxy and protector of one he considers more close than his family.
Burkhard is strong, imposing, and almost frightening to those who look at him; an ideal bodyguard and trained warrior, to be sure. Beneath his tough and intimidating exterior, however, Burkhard is a bit of a softie, and those who get to know him can truly know about the sweet and helpful person he really is deep down. He's not too intelligent, but he has heart and will do anything to protect those close to him, especially his "little princess" Lilia.


Name Description
Servant of the Celestial
A fairy with beautiful blue wings, and an ethereal being not of Luxendarc, but of the Celestial Realm. Like all fairies, Alice was created to serve a god as their loyal servant, carrying out any task their masters desired. Alice was meant to be the same, serving alongside her sisters Airy and Anne in carrying out their god's will, but Alice is less happy to serve her master, the Celestial- in fact, she hates following orders and would rather be doing anything else. When the Celestial sends Alice out to find new Warriors of Light, the snarky fairy, asking why they didn't just get the older and more experienced Warriors, heads down to the mortal realm of Luxendarc in search of new heroes.
Alice is extremely sarcastic and uncaring, barely giving a crap about the important task she has been assigned simply because she'd rather be doing anything else. She has no concern for any of the Warriors she is supposed to be guiding and protecting, and in some cases wishes that the mortals were dead, saying it'd make it easier on herself. While she does want her master's will to prevail, she is of the belief that the heroes of the past, the original Warriors of Light, are much better suited to the task, and squeals with a fangirlish delight if she happens to meet one. In short, while she wants to succeed, when it comes to the party's odds, she's rather faithless.She should warm up to them with time, though... right?


Name Description


Similarly to its predecessors, Bravely Venture is a turn-based RPG with a battle system focused on the game's job system. The game uses a system of stocked points called "BP" which characters use to gain extra turns. Every character has their own set of BP. When using the "Default" command, a turn is skipped in order to stock a BP, and the "Brave" command uses that BP to move up to four times. Players can move twice and drop into negative BP, which will result in a combo of turns; however, this gives the enemy several turns in a row.

Another battle command is the "Friend Summon" system, where players can summon the characters of other players using either data transfer between the player's friends or Cryogon Streetpass system between strangers. Summoned players also arrive in the (TBD) Menu, allowing the player to construct shops faster and obtain more items.

The job system is similar to that of Final Fantasy V in that characters learn abilities from using jobs. Job commands are the special skills of that class, such as Magic and Attack. Support abilities are automatic skills like "HP +10%" or "Cover". Job commands can be set with abilities learned from other jobs, allowing mixed characters with multiple skills. Support abilities can be customized, but there is a set "cost" as to how many support abilities can be placed on one character. Growth in job mastery is represented by job levels. As characters use a class more frequently in battle, their job level increases.

Limit Break-style attacks called "Special Moves" are powerful finishing moves based on weapons not unlike Weapon Skills from Final Fantasy XI and can only be used under special conditions. Each of the 14 weapon-types has 1-5 levels of attacks for a total 70 Special Moves. Furthermore the attack names, dialogue when used and effects (such as status effects, special triggers, elemental properties, better damage versus certain enemy types) of Special moves can be customized.

After a Special Move is activated, the background music will change to a unique theme based on the character and the move effects can stack. All weapon types have set proficiency that affects the learning rate and damage of each weapon and Special Move. They are ranked S-E and vary from class to class: for example Freelancers have a B rating in all weapons. The effects of special moves are time-based and will last for approximately a minute and a half until the special move theme is finished, regardless of whether the player is attacking, selecting the commands, or doing nothing.

Venture Commands

The most prominent new feature of Bravely Venture is the Venture Command system. Venture Commands are said to be an extension of the Celestial's power in-universe, and acts as a secondary menu option that can accessed at any time by pressing the X button. This feature acts as a replacement and expansion for the Bravely Second mechanic from previous games, expanding on the basic time-stopping mechanic while also expanding the player's options.

Activating the Venture Command menu pauses time while the menu is active; unlike the Bravely Second mechanic, the Venture Menu also pauses animations, meaning an enemy animation can be paused to prepare a counter-attack before the attack actually strikes. Once the menu is activated, the player can select from a list of options, each costing a single point of the Venture Menu-exclusive resource known as BP. Players can pick a combination of up to four options and spend up to a maximum of 4 BP before pressing X again. This causes the player's chosen options to play out in selected order before time resumes and the battle continues.

BP, like in Bravely Second, slowly regenerates over time. However, the regeneration time for 1 BP has been drastically reduced from 8 real-world hours to 30 real-world minutes, making it more common in exchange for its more integral and wide-spread usage.

Job System

Similar to the previous games in the series, Bravely Venture's combat and gameplay is heavily focused on the job system. There are approximately 60 jobs in the game, each with a unique skillset, stat distribution, and abilities. Only 13 of the jobs are found during the main story, as the rest are discovered via sidequests.

A more accurate listing of job skills can be found here.

Returning Jobs
New Jobs
Warrior Herbalist Grenadier Mystic Vigilante Harlequin Decay Knight

World Map




See here.


  • The game was rebooted on July 24th, 2016, due to the creator gaining new ideas about gameplay as well as obtaining an actual copy of Bravely Second for himself.
    • The reboot is meant to possess an "Aztec-like" design and spirituality, inspired by an implied South American-esque culture on Luxendarc mentioned in the bestiary description for the boss Vucub-Caquix.

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