This page is dedicated to the story of Bravely Struggle.

Prologue: Final Breath

It was a peaceful time on the fair planet of Luxendarc.

The defeat of the false god Providence by four brave heroes ushered in an era of progress and tranquility for the world. After so many years of inactivity, the planet's moon began contact directly with the planet's leaders, and relations were fully cemented upon the marriage of young Luxen Yew Geneolgia and Lunarian Magnolia Arch. The Glanz Empire, formerly feared across the world, became allied with the Duchy of Eternia and the Crystal Orthodoxy, and the three nations lived together in relative harmony.

As the cycle of royalty must go on, Edea Lee, warrior of light, followed her father's footsteps and became the duchess and ruler of Eternia. She took on Alternis Dim as her consort, a childhood friend and the legendary dark knight of her home country.

Yew inherited the position of ruler of the Glanz Empire from his brother, the nation's founder. With Magnolia at his side, the empire rose from a mere military power to a true nation, a massive nation built in the ocean after years of hard work and study.

Agnès Oblige, former vestal of wind and pope of the Crystal Orthodoxy, wished to pursue her her love as well. Tiz Arrior, the boy who had aided her in her quest to restore the four crystals... the boy who saved her when she was captured by the sinister Kaiser Oblivion... the boy she loved with all her heart...

Alas, it was not to be. Agnès's position as pope kept her from being with her true love, and the two never truly saw each other during the following years. Their memories drifted farther and farther apart...

The Heroes of Light had won the day, but the bonds between them had been eroded by time and distance. They still continued to help the world in their own ways...

...But a new battle between light and darkness demands a new generation.

Chapter 1

Set in Harena. More info TBA.

Time Mage/Astrologian Sidequest

Merchant/Patissier Sidequest

Chapter 2

Set in Florem. More info TBA.

Nekomancer/Ranger Sidequest

Summoner/Spell Fencer Sidequest

Chapter 3

Set in Eternia and Caldis. More info TBA.

Spiritmaster/Wizard Sidequest

Vampire/Guardian Sidequest

Chapter 4

Set in Wa. More info TBA.

Swordmaster/Ninja Sidequest

Red Mage/Fencer Sidequest

Chapter 5

Set in Wa. More info TBA.

Performer/Valkyrie Sidequest

Monk/Pirate Sidequest

Chapter 6

Set in Wa. More info TBA.

Outsider Sidequest

Onion Knight Sidequest

Chapter 7: The Final Struggle

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