This is LK24's fangame. I'm still working on this so don't delete.

Brandon's Wizard Trial is a Simulation game or the Wii being made by Koopa Kastle Productions. In this game, the player must follow Brandon's rules about becoming a great wizard like him.


When you start the game, you are taken to Brandon's shack and greeted. Brandon introduces himself and then asks your name (you type your name in there). Brandon then makes you an honorary member of his band of wizards. Brandon then leads you to the starting room and you get your equipment such as a wand and a robe. He then tells you to meet him in the potion room. When you meet him there, he leads you to two different colored potions, one red and one purple. He then tells you to pick them up and he then leads you to a giant pot with strange, orange goo inside it. Brandon then tells you to pour the red potion into the pot, then the purple, and then stir it with a giant spoon. Brandon then pours some of the liquid into a big cup and tells you to drink it. You then turn into a moose, Brandon tells you it is only temporary and will transform back to normal soon. When you turn back to normal, he tells you to mix the same potions, except put the purple potion in first and the the red.

Rest TBA...

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