Bramball is a enemy in the Super Mario series, moving by flipping over themselves in a Slinky-like pattern. A Bramball's arms are harmful brambles, and their orange head is a weak point from the top and bottom. Hitting the head from below stuns the Bramball and causes it to drop a coin.

They make their debut in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. In "Mario and Bowser 2 War!" Bramballs guard Daisy's garden along with Pirhana Plants. They trap Wario in a hidden tunnel guarded by a secret tube.


Mario & Sonic All-Stars

Bramball is a playable character in Mario & Sonic All-Stars.

Mario All-Star Volleyball

He is a unlockable character in Mario All-Star Volleyball.

Super Mario Kart X

A Bramball appears as a playable default character in Super Mario Kart X.


  • Shooting out of a Cannon Pipe into a Bramball's head defeats it, causing it to drop twenty coins.

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