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Developer(s) Untitled-1
Publisher(s) Fantendo Logo Orange
Platform(s) Nintendo Wii
Genre(s) Trivial Game
Release Date(s)
2010 September 1st in all regions
1-4 Player(s)
Age Rating(s)
Media Included Wii Disc

Brainstorm (Named ブレインストーム! In Japan), is a Trivial Game for the Wii which, Like most trivial games do, Have a neccecity to Master each topic on a Pentagon chart.



A Mii being told the first question. (Blue Dome)

From the Main Menu, The player must first choose their Profile, If the profile is empty, The Player must name the profile and Select the Mii the player wants to use for the game.

You will then see the Tournament Select. Your goal is to get Master Class on every Topic and beat the Final Dome. The Tournament Select has Five Domes, Which each represent a Topic. More Details about Domes are listed below. When you click a dome, You can choose a Mode, These Modes are listed below:

  • Practice Mode (Unlimited questions, Does not Affect IQ Points.)
  • Tournament Mode (A Full Four on Four Tournament or Two on Two match, You can Ajust the Player number to 1 To 4 and choose the settings for what is what. (Players and AIs))
  • Frenzy Mode (Answer as many questions as you can in 2 Muinutes (Begginer Mode), 1 Muinute 45 Seconds (Intermediate Mode), 1 Muinute 30 Seconds (Expert Mode) or 1 Muinute 15 Seconds (Insane Mode))
  • Rush Mode (Answer the Mode's amount of questions as quickly as you can without getting 5 wrong.)

Then, You can choose a difficulty, They are listed below:

  • Begginer Mode (10 Questions, 30 Seconds to answer each question. Gives 1-6 IQ points if completed on this mode. AI's get a score ratio of 40%-70%)
  • Intermediate Mode (15 Questons, 25 Seconds to answer each question. Gives 3-9 IQ points if completed on this mode. AI's get a score ratio of 50%-80%)
  • Expert Mode (30 Questions, 20 Seconds to answer each question. Gives 6-11 IQ points if completed on this mode. AI's get a score ratio of 60%-90%.)
  • Insane Mode (42 Questions, 15 Seconds to answer each question. Gives 9-14 IQ points if completed on this mode. AI's get a score ratio of 70% or Higher. Only Acsessed via earning Master class on the topic.)

Playing in a tournament

First, Determined by the Order the player set, The First one on the Left will get first go. There stats from the current Tournament will be displayed, Such as the number of Right Questions, Wrong Questions and the Score Ratio (Which is determined by the difference between the Right and Wrong question displayed as a precentage). Also, The IQ points of the player will be displayed. Once the first player is done with the go, It swaps to the next and so forth. Players can choose to forfeit the tournament and not be included for the rest of the Tournament, The white flag on the top screen represents the button for it. Once the tournament is done or only one player is left, The final score Is dispayed, From 1st on the top, To the last place player on the Bottom, The statistics and IQ Points earnt from the tournament are displayed. The higher place you are, The more IQ Points you earn.

IQ Points


The Pentagon Chart as Displayed in BrainStorm!

IQ Points are the main collectibles in Brainstorm!. As you collect more IQ points, the Pentagon chart lets the point facing the topic on the Pentagon go further. One line represents something called 'Master Class' This point requires 90 IQ points in that certian topic to get to the Limit. This Master Class gives acsess to Insane Mode, Which is one of the Hardest difficulties in the game.


Each Dome represents a topic, Each one of these Domes is defined by color. The Domes are listed below:

  • The Blue Dome Represents General Information. (Abbreviated as 'I') General Information combindes Common topics such as Math and Grammar and some questions from other domes.
  • The Green Dome Represents Scientific Knowlege. (Abbreviated as 'Sci') The Green Dome uses Scientific questions from various Scientific topics.
  • The Red Dome Represents Sport. (Abbreviated as 'Sp') The Red Dome uses information from Worldwide Sporting tournaments and lets the player answer questions based on Times which the event was done or questions about sport players.
  • The White Dome Represents Artistic Knowlege. (Abbreviated as 'Art') The Art dome asks questions about various art.
  • The Orange Dome Represents Entertainment. (Abbreviated as 'E') The Orange dome uses all kinds of entertainment questions, From Movies to games.
  • The Black Dome Represents all Topics. (It has no Abbreviation) The Black dome uses Almost Every question from the other domes, can only be played On Insane mode and is Unlocked from getting all the Other Domes to Master Class.

Nintendo WFC

Via Using the small WFC Icon on the Dome Select Hub, You can play online with other players, There are two Options, Start a tournament, Or Join a tournament:

  • Using Start A Tournament, The Player can choose all the room details, Such as the name of the Room, The Genre ,the Minimum IQ points in order to enter. (If you choose the Black Dome's Touranament, The Minimum must be 90 IQ points of Over.) and the Difficulty
  • Using Join a Tournament, The Players can view all the rooms, The Minumum IQ points will be displayed along with the Genre. The Topics, Difficulty and minimum IQ can be filtered. Also, There is a Leaderboard on a tab next to it to view the best overall, Or the leaderboard can be filtered for a certian topic.Once in a full room, The game will start. It is like online, But playing with players around the world globally.

Sales and Reception

Ratings for Brainstorm
Publication Score
IGN 8.5/10 B+
Gamespot 8.9/10

After it's first day in all stores, BrainStorm! Sold approximatley 5013 Copies of the game, Beating out other various games in sales. The game recived various reviews, Mainly positive. Gamespot rated it a high 8.9/10, Praising it for being 'Untique Wii Game'. IGN rated it a close 8.5, Saying that 'If Offline bores you so much, Try Online.'. Rated it a B+.


In the Game, Various glitches are hidden throughout the gameplay these include:

  • The Leaving And Play Glitch is a glitch activated while sombody is waiting for more players, He/She Exits right when the game is about to start. The Player who left will be replaced with a shillouete of a Mii with a ? Mark on it's head
  • The Dud Glitch Is a glitch activated when sombody uses a cheat device and setting all the stats to only to 100 IQ points. However, With this, You cannot earn any more IQ points until you remove the Cheat Device from the console.
  • The Finale Glitch Is a glitch activated when sombody times the hit on the Skip button just before it announces your the winner, However, This will usually cause the game to Freeze.


During certian times in certian areas of the world, Tournaments comprising of players at the same destination compete in rounds of BrainStorm!. The Difficulty is enhanced per division (All Peliminaries are on Easy mode, Quater Finals are on Intermediate ect.) and the only modes used for tournaments are Frenzy Mode (Semi Finals and above) and Rush mode for other lower rounds. More details are listed below for each Tournament.

Tournament 1, September 2nd 2010-September 3rd 2010, Japan

Main Page for the tournament

Tournament 1 was the first Brainstorm tournament held worldwide, With the amount of players being 100. The first day consisted of the Peliminaries and Quater-Final Rounds. The second day only consisted of the Semi-Finals and Finals. The winner of the tournament was a 21 Year old Girl whom came from the tournament's region.


  • In Insane mode, There are 42 Questions. This is a reference to the Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Where they say 42 Is the answer to All Life and the Universe. This actually makes some sense, As Insane mode is the Hardest Mode in the game.

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