Brain Age U also interpreted as Brain Age for the Nintendo Wii U is another entry in the Brain Age series. The game is developed and published by Nintendo. It features all of the activities from previous brain age games and some all new activities as well. Also, since it is a console game, it has additional features so families can join in or just watch at anytime. Dr. Ryutu Kawashima also returns as the mentor for the player. The Nintendo 3DS version is also available soon.


Brain Age U offers a variety of modes. Most of them return and a new Amiibo interactive feature will also be in the gameplay.

Brain Age Mode

In this mode, the player has to complete brain training exercises and their "brain age" will be presented.

Traditional Mode

In this mode, the player is able to practice activities as much as they like. In addition, they are able to practice the "Devilish Training" exercises. A feature that is not present in Brain Age: Concentration Training

School Mode

In this mode, you play a variety of brain training exercises. However, instead of your brain age being calculated, you get a grade based on how many right answers you get. If you keep playing this mode, Dr. Kawashima will eventually give you report cards of your work.

Test Mode

Similar to the SAT test, the player(s) must complete a test by using the wii u gamepad you fill in circles. They can always go back and check their answers. This mode has two settings for it.

Prep Mode

In this mode, there is not time limit and your score is will not be registered in your data when you take the test.

No Time Limit

This mode has no time limit. The player is able to take his or her time and submit the test whenever they feel like it. Their score will be presented on the next day and will be registered.

Time Limit

The player is allowed to choose a time limit for their test. Their score will be presented on the next day and will be registered.

Classic Games

This mode features a list of classic games that keep the brain active and the whole family can join in and play. Some are Mahjong, Peg Solitaire, Reversi, Memory Match, Jigsaw Puzzles and more.

Relaxation Mode

In this mode, the player can choose from a variety of activities to relax their mind.

Competition Mode

In this mode, players can compete in a variety or activities to see either who can score the most points, who can solve the fastest or who can do better.

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