This is a spin-off in the Brainage series made by chillv64. Instead of featuring activities that trains your brain, it features activities that give the brain a break.


This is a list of activities in relaxation mode that Brain Age Relaxation Training offers.

Germ Buster

Similar to Dr. Mario, in this game you have to move and rotate pills and the portions on the same color germs to clear them.

Bomb Blast

Similar to Wario's Woods, in the game you have

Music Appreciation

In this activity, you listen to soothing music while looking at relaxing animations and pictures.

Sound Appreciation

In this activity, you listen to soothing sounds while you look at relaxing scenery.

Mental Challenge

In this game, you have to do instant action challenges similar to WarioWare.


In this activity, you have a blank canvas and you are able to paint whatever you like on it.


In this activity, you are able to gaze at stars and make your own unique constellations


In this activity, you cast a fishing line and wait for a fish to bite.

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