Six laps?! Do we get a Super Star or something?
Brad to Mr. Jomone

Full Name Brad
Current Age 14
Date of Birth March 19, 2001
Gender Male
Location Nintendo Island
Current Status Alive
Class Student
First Appearance Nintendo High School
Latest Appearance Nintendo High School

Brad is one of the two main protagonist in Nintendo High School. He and his brother, Jason, wished that they could go to Nintendo High School.


Brad is very smart when it comes to street smarts and video game smarts. Despite this, he gets along with his twin brother, Jason, very well. He is always optimistic, and was considered the "cool" one in 8th grad according to Jason.


Brad is a 14 year old boy with orange, spikey hair, blue eyes, an orange shirt with an SNES controller on it, but sometimes appears without a controller, black pants, and black shoes.


Nintendo High School

  • He is one of the two main characters in the show.



Jason is Brad's best friend. They get along really well, and while they deliver zingers to each other from time to time, they ultimately love each other.


Peach is Brad's girlfriend, and they seem to like each other a lot. She also seems to think Brad's cool.


Since Brad is dating Peach, Brad and Mario are enemies. He tries to steal Peach from him and he even tries to sabotage there first date.


  • He is a huge fan of video games.