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 Bracelets Race 2 is the sequel to Bracelets Race for the Fusion Eternity and Element Alpha. It introduces anti-gravity races, new racers, and other new mechanics.


One-Player Modes

  • Tournament Mode: Race through 6 different cups and win trophies to show off to friends.
  • Story Mode: This story stars the Golden Bracelets as they try to stop Darkreon, the dark god, from taking over Metronia Land, a new land south of Galactican Land.
  • Time Trial: Race against the clock to beat records. You can record ghosts and send them online for other players to challenge.
  • Capture the Flag: Play with and against CPUs and try to capture the other teams flag. There is 6 different areas to play at. You can play this online as well.
  • Other World Challenge: A extremely long race in the Other World that has a lot of checkpoints. You can choose to save when at checkpoints. There is also a online version of this challenge.

Online Modes

  • Other World Grand Prix: Race with players across the world through the Other World. You can't save through checkpoints, but you do get 1 hour rest stops you can use each checkpoint to temporarily pause the challenge so you can use other modes.
  • Capture the Flag: Use Weap Disks and other items to capture the opposing team's flag. You can choose to play for fun and play on a random course, or play for glory and play on the Hades Palace Arena without items.
  • BoB TV: You can choose to record races or Capture the Flag challenges and share them online. You can also see other players recordings and save them to the SD Card.

​ Characters

Starting Characters

Unlockable Characters

Rival Racers


Weap Disks and Other Items

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