Box World is an upcoming game on Nintendo DS that was started by Twenty-Second Choice and taken by Omegaverse Jake from Omegaverse Corp. It stars a character named Kube, and a villain named Trangel.


Kube wakes up in bed. He sees a Trinagle named Trangel appear before him. He rushes to Air Arena, and says, "Soon triangles will rule over squares!" Kube wakes up and follows.

Gameplay Types


The game plays like a Mario game while performing platforming parts of the levels. It also has various switches and levers you can use, creates you can push, and other things which the Mario series lacked.


One of the interesting features of this game, certain parts of the storyline involve skateboarding. This experience is rather unique. You speed up by going right, slow down by going left. You can grind by jumping onto a surface you can grind on like a bar or even the top of a car. You can also perform tricks by pressing the directional buttons in the air in a certain order.


In this game, you can fight your opponents in a play style similair to 2D boxing games, fused with fighting games such as Super Smash Bros. It plays with four directional movement, but you can use four direction special attacks and jump like in Smash.

Tactical Command

You can play in a way similair to RTS games during one or two places in this game. You basically select your units, tell them where to go, and they go there. You can also tell them to build things, dig, etc.

Turret Defense

During the game, you can set up turret defense like perimeters around areas at certain times. To do this, you select a turret then select where to put it. As enemies approach, you gain money for them being defeated for you to buy more turrets, etc.


There is also parts where you must tap on the screen to shoot, when you have to solve puzzles, and various other things which aren't a game mode in their own.


  1. Square Town
  2. Downtown Street
  3. Downtown Skatepark
  4. Air Arena BOSS: Triangle Necromancer
  5. The Dark Cloud
  6. The Mountain of Measurement
  7. Sky Battle
  8. Sky War BOSS: Triangle Battle Commander
  9. Parachute Down
  10. Ninja City
  11. Skateboard Escape
  12. The Battle for Ninja City BOSS: Ninja Triangle
  13. Trangel Tower BOSS: Ghost
  14. Floor One: Platforming
  15. Floor Two:Skateboarding
  16. Floor Three: Fighting
  17. Floor 4: Tactical Command
  18. Floor 5:Turrut Defense
  19. Attic: More Challenges
  20. Danger Room BOSS: Trangel
  21. Trangel's Crypt BOSS: Demon Trangel

Boss Strategies

Boss Description
Triangle Necromancer The Necromancer of triangles! He can raise dead squares from the nearby graveyard.
Triangle Battle Commander The battle commander! He can direct Triangle Soldiers to attack Kube.
Ninja Triangle The ninja triangle is FAST! He can dash right through a square in an instant.
Ghost Ghosts! Very powerfull, he can posses and hide in inaminante objects.
Trangel Trangel is the main villain in the game! He gets fought today, and he's not holding back!
Demon Trangel It's Trangel... IN HIS STRONGEST FORM!

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