Box Adventures
Developer(s) TerrariaBoss
Publisher(s) TerrariaBoss
Platform(s) Pc on steam
Release Date(s)
Options, New Game, Load Game
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) RPG

Box Adventures is a RPG game released only on Steam for Windows. It costs $5.00.

Story Edit

One day in Boxland, a tiny box named Tim was wandering through the forest with his pal, Gunny, who was carrying a box gun that shoots cardboard bullets. Suddenly, a robot box named Dee Dee ran through and beat up Tim! He stole his super-secret briefcase with super-secret information that only Tim could have or else he could be controlled! So Gunny & Tim chased after Dee Dee meeting another box who would help them named Bob.

Characters Edit

Playable Edit

Each character has a level cap of 30

Name Attacks Stats Image
Tim (Unlockable at start at level 5) Slap (LVL 1) Jump (LVL 2)  10 HP, 3 ATK, 1 Defense \[]/
Gunny (Unlockable at start at level 1) Slap (LVL 1) Jump (LVL 2) Snipe (LVL 3) Triple Shot (LVL 10) Landmine (LVL 20) 5 HP, 6 ATK, 0 Defense []-
Bill the Plastic Box (Unlocked in 5th dungeon at level 10 Slap (LVL 10) Jump (LVL 12) Wrap (LVL 15) Suffocate (LVL 20) 100 HP, 20 ATK, 10 Defense {}
Jill the Athletic Box (Unlocked by doing a sidequest, found at level 15) High Jump (LVL 10) Running Kick (LVL 12) Stamina Restore (LVL 15) Meditation (LVL 18) Bang! Gun (LVL 24) Veggie Throw (LVL 30) 350 HP, 50 ATK, 20 Defense \[]/

Non-Playable Edit

Name Image Quests Rival
Johnny Food [] Food Rivalrys (Give Johnny 10 of Bill's Sundaes) Bill Foo
Bill Foo =[]= Food Rivalrys (Give Bill 10 of Johnny's Sundaes) Johnny Food
Dee Dee [=] None  Tim, Gunny, Bill the Plastic Box
Jim Fee


Fishing Time (Catch 10 Fish with the Average Fishing Pole) None
John Fee []_ Expert FIsher (Catch 20 Fish with the Omega FIshing Pole) None
Bill Bullet - Bullet TIme (Finish 50 enemies using Snipe) Bullet Bill
Bullet Bill -- Everyday i'm bulleting (Finish 250 enemies using Snipe) Bill Bullet
Bee Bee *Insert bee picture* BZZZ (Defeat 10 enemies as Tim with the Bee Stinger attached) Dee Dee
Mii Mii /[]/ Mii Mii? (Bring 1 MeMe Concert Poster) None
Singing Pete []/ Fanpocalypse (Speak to all his fans) None
Ego Raptor *Insert picture of a raptor with a big head* RAAAAAWRRRRRR (Find the computer and go on youtube) Egoraptor (Hacks his account after quest)
Mel Gibson Too stupid to have a image YAMIHATE (Defeat his computer in battle) Yamimash (Whole reason why he destroyed his computer)
Box Box \[]/ Brotherly Love (Do all his quests) All you need is flowers (Defeat 20 flowers in battle) Butter Time (Defeat 10 sticks of butter in the kitchen) None
Bull Ball <> None Tim, Gunny, Bill the Plastic Box
Evil Box-O-Clone \[]/ None Tim
Water Bottle *Insert picture of Water Bottle* None Bill the Plastic Box
Smiling Pete :D None Everyone
Frowny Pete D: None Everyone

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Development Edit

Beta Elements

Box Adventures was started in 2012 as a side project. It was announced in january, 2013, and many changes went through the game. It was finally released as Box Adventures.

Ratings Edit

IGN gave the game a 5.2/10, saying that the RPG genre has gotten bland and this game brings nothing exciting to it. A unknown game review company said it deserved a 7.50/19 for it making fun of some RPG's, having a nice GUI, but falling flat in terms of characters and the graphics were a bit outdated.