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  • B-man

    Box-Man and Tri-Guy

    This has nothing to do with Smosh's Box-Man

Box-Man (ボックスマン) also known as Box Boy, is a living box creature who is apparently a man. When his name is mistaken he often gets VERY upset, most people confuse him for a square/cube. He also has the ability to take almost anything out of himself (because he is a box).



Tri-Guy (三角形) is Box-Man's best pal in the whole wide world! He is basically a stick man with a triangle head instead of circle.

B. Polar

B. Polar (B.ポーラー) also known as By Polar (ポーラーによる) is Box-Man and Tri-Guy's friend/foe, he hates Box-Man and Tri-Guy but they seem to be quite fond of him. He is like box man only a circle shape. B. Polar's attitude according to his name, is very by polar. First he is happy then sad - nice then mean.


Fri-Guy (火災ガイ) is Box-Man's old friend and Tri-Guy's enemy. Tri-Guy is upset with him because onetime Fri-Guy took the place of the best-friendship between Box-Man and Tri-Guy. Fri-Guy is basically fire with a face but no arms or legs, yet he still is able to move. He will die is he is sprayed with Fire Extinguisher or Water, yet he always has a happy and positive attitude.


Dereck (死) is Tri-Guy's evil twin/clone, he is an enemy of Box-Man and Tri-Guy mostly because he tried to destroy the world over 30 times. Any suggestions go to Hougi's Page.


To be Episodes

  • Box-Man Becomes a Man (Pilot)
  • Man Privileges
  • Hippies “R” Us
  • Language School
  • Happily Hillbillies
  • Reality
  • Kiddie Collage
  • Money Lovers/Lemonade Stand
  • Flower Power
  • Gender Swap
  • Tri-Guy the Clown
  • Test Monkeys
  • Mr. B Polar
  • Box-Man Dansen [PROJECT]
  • Tri-Guy’s Brother
  • The Wig
  • Contaminated
  • Box-Rental
  • Two Many Boxes
  • Derek Strikes Back!
  • Box-Man the Boxer
  • Pretty Flowers
  • Potato Potato
  • The Box-Man Vacation™
  • Story Time
  • The Hypnotist
  • Pixie Dust
  • Chicken Strips
  • Expensive Sodas
  • Serious Artists


The name Box-Man has a strange resemblance to Pac-Man.

Box-Man and Tri-Guy's looks have a resemblance to SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick Star.

Dereck is named after Tri-Guy's German name Dreieck.


English - German - Spanish -

Box-Man - KastenKopf - Hombre-Caja

Tri-Guy - Dreieck - Hombre Triángulo

B. Polar - Durch Polare - ___________

Fri-Guy - ___________ - Fuego

Dereck - ___________ - ___________

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