Bowshroom, as she appears in Mario & Luigi: Rivals in Adventure
Full Name Bowshroom
Current Age Unknown
Gender Female
Class Queen
Family and Relations
King Frosty
Princess Shroongi
Main Weapon(s) Fire Breath
Ability/ies Fire Breath

Fire Ball Thunder Horns Strong Punch

Queen Koopa
Latest Appearance Mario & Luigi: Rivals in Adventure
And my daughter, my sweet, lovely, beautiful, daughter, I WILL AVENGE HER!
Bowshroom, Mario & Luigi: Rivals in Adventure

Bowshroom is a fictional boss in the Mario & Luigi: Rivals in Adventure game.


Bowshroom is known as a crazy mad creature. She looks like Bowser with the exception of big sharp smiling teeth, large purple evil eyes, and a spiky red shell while Bowser's is green. She normally focuses on taking Bowser and Peach's castle hoping to make it her own.


Mario & Luigi: Rivals in Adventure

She is known as Princess Shroongi's mother and serves as the game's 2nd main antagonist first appears in the scene where Princess Shroongi dies. Peach tells the Mario Bros. and Wario Bros. that she used the Milennium Star's power to destroy Princess Shroongi, but she missed and destroyed Bowshroom instead. With the weakened princess dying breath, she reanimated her mother, and Bowshroom has returned and the Mario Bros. battle once again. After her first form is defeated, Bowshroom tranforms into a dark form. After you beat her, a "Kab-Omb" comes. Mario shoots a fire ball at it, and it runs to them and explodes. Bowshroom laughes and inhales the bros. You go through an adventure in Bowshroom's body. And then, when you reach her heart. You fight the evil within Bowshroom, her core. After you defeat her. She spits out the Mario Bros. and she dies.


It is unknown wether Bowshroom will make in another appearance in a Mario game.