The Bowser Valley Soldiers are a professional FHL team founded by Lemmykoopa24 (tbc). It is the founding team of the FHL. Their logo consists of a green soldier with a purple silhouette. The Soldier jersey is green, purple, and black.


  • Neo Koopa - Center. Team Captain.
  • Austin - Goalie.
  • Brandon - Center.
  • Gorgo - Defenseman.
  • Korey - Forward. Secondary Captain.
  • Harley B. Koopa - Defenseman.
  • Battle Skull - Defenseman.
  • McBones - Center.
  • Tommy the Penguin - Defenseman.
  • Cosmic - Forward.
  • Crawler - Forward.
  • Dupmal - Center.
  • Sweetster - Forward.


The Omega Hockey Centre. Cap. 7877


The Bowser Valley Soldiers' logo.

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