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  1. Tarry            A Toad With One Rainbow Star On His Head With Magical Bucket
  2. Tet              A Toad With Sonics Shoes A Red Rings On All His Fingers
  3. Toadsworth            Toadsworth     With Multipule Poision Mushroom Buckets
  4. Yosh         A Yoshi Just Purple And A Sourd          Mario Jr   With The Toad Mobealacle
  5. Yoshi          Yoshi With Multipule Spikeballs
  6. Boshi           Boshi With A Net & Ankers           Mario Jr  With  The Egg Mashine
  7. Luigi             With Multiple Ice Flowers And Spike Mushroom
  8. Grand Mario  Grand Luigi   Both With Altra Flowers & Invinsable Stars 

8. Mario Jr  With The  Mind Messer Luigi Jr With  The Toad Mobeacle And Baby Yoshi With The Egg Mashine



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