A Bowser Mushroom.

A Bowser Mushroom is a kind of Mushroom that turns Mario into Bowser Mario. Mario wears a Bowser-like suit, which he can use for harsh Ground Pounds, fire breathing and sliding like a shell. Mario cannot be stomped from upside when sliding, since the shell has spikes.


New Super Mario Bros.: Superstar Adventure

In it's debut, it could let Mario only slide and hide and breathe fire. The item appears in just a few levels.

Super Mario Bros. 2010

Just like in its debut, the Bowser Mushroom let Mario hide, slide and breathe fire. Also a very rare item.

New Super Mario Bros: 3

The Bowser Mushroom appears somewhere near the final battle in New Super Mario Bros: 3. Not only can Bowser Mario breath fire, do powerful ground pounds, and hide in his shell, but he can also control the minions!


  • This may be a mixup of the Blue Shell and Fire Flower with added effects.
  • If Mario rides a Yoshi while he wears the Bowser Suit, Yoshi will drop Mario off and run away in panic, like you hit an enemy.

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