Bowser Jr. Graffiti Mayhem
Bowser Jr Graffiti Mayhem Box Art
European Box art of Bowser Jr. Graffiti Mayhem.
Developer(s) Shawn212 (tbc)
Publisher(s) Nin10
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Japan 2012
25px-Flag of USA 2013
25px-Flag of Europe 2013
25px-Flag of Australia 2013
1-4 players
Age Rating(s)
ERating  3Rating  USK6  OFLC-G  CERO A
Genre(s) Action, Platform, Adventure

Bowser Jr. Graffiti Mayhem (also known as Bowser Jr. Paint Mayhem) is a 3DS Game. Bowser Jr, plays the main character in this game.



Playable Characters

Image Name Description Unlockable by...
BowserJr.SMB64 Bowser Jr. Bowser's little child plays the main part in this game! His rainbow coloured paint brush comes handy as he paints his way to victory! Default Character


This game includes 7 main worlds with 3 extra world that can be unlocked.